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A/N: This chapter was written by the fabulous Domestica12!

Chapter 30


Edward endured a long six days in his tiny cell just as Mr. Justice had instructed him to do. All Edward could do during those long nights was think about the plan over and over again. Everything had to go according to plan.

"Edward, if we're going to pull this off we need to make them believe that they're going to get what they want. Do you understand? We're going to have to play by their rules for now." Mr. Justice had told him during their quiet visit last week while Esme stood nearby in her guard's uniform twirling her night stick.
"Ok, let's go over this one more time." Edward said as he leaned over compulsively scrubbing out the orange of his jumper hoping to make it a lighter khaki color.

"Open Cell #17" Esme roared over the noisy inmates the next morning. Just as she did Jacob rolled up with his breakfast cart.
"Here, Edward. This one's fresh." he greeted as he pulled out a tupperware of bright crimson elk blood. "Bella sent it herself."
Edward begin to salivate uncontrollably. Sweet vampire Bella. He hadn't fed since he was caught in the woods. He quietly apologized to his now-dead inmate. Apparently she was in for being an internet skinhead on his favorite website--a conviction that was hardly acceptable to Edward.
As he inhaled his elks blood savagely Jacob turned to face the outside of his cell as to hide Edward from sight which wasn't hard to do with his massive height.
"Bella and Mr. Justice also sent this..they said you would know what it's for.." Jacob said quietly. Edward could see Esme hovering a few cells down looking away as if not listening to them.
Edward opened up the heavy brown paper bag. It's perfect, thought Edward.
"So did you guys ever find Mike?" Edward asked.
"Yeah, don't worry about that. Esme told me they found him last night.
"Ah, that's so good." Edward said as he pictured his perfect Bella sound fake-asleep with Mike draped over her. Of course his eyes would still be wide open with flies sticking to them but if that's what Bella wants then she'll have it. He must be like a beautiful stitched quilt to Bella, Edward thought. Literally. He did feel bad that both Mike's arms managed to be ripped off after throwing his body into the forest. Apparently his stiff limbs hooked onto some trees as his body continued straight in between them. (Thankfully Carlisle was able to reattach them.)

"Well, thanks for the package, Jake. I really owe you one. I heard about you getting married too, man. I hope that really works out for you." Jacob quickly pulled his breakfast cart in front of him as to hide something. Oh wait, Edward knew that feeling well since it had to do with his favorite meal--human blood.

Later that night Esme snuck up to Edward's cell and asked if everything was going ok.
"Esme get the fuck out of here! You'll blow your cover!" Edward hissed. He turned back around to his disco Cullen poster. He couldn't believe he managed to get the same cell Bella had while she was in here. He pulled up the bottom corner of the poster and went back to work. He picked up his tool--his beautiful bright white disco shoe. I can't believe the only plan vampires would come up with was to use the heel of a disco shoe to chip through the cell wall hidden under the Cullen poster. According to the plan, Edward would climb through the wall, out the sewer and into the stream where his family would be waiting for him. He thought about his sudden freedom which urged him to work even harder.

Suddenly the warning siren went off and all hell broke loose! There was a crowd of inmates on the lower level of the jail ambushing the door to try to break free. Who was at the head of the crowd??? Jake???
Edward hurried down the steps and quickly got to Jacob in the front.
"What the fuck are you doing?!" Edward yelled at Jacob over the noise of the crowd.
"I gotta get out of here, Edward!! I can't stay here anymore! I want to be with the Hutt! She IS my life now! Edward, didn't anyone tell you what I did?? When I found out about the cops looking for you and Mike I put myself in the middle of all of it." Jacob yelled back. "I didn't want Mike to be found so to be found so Bella could get him back. She's my bff, bro. I gave them some bogus information. It helped divert from where Mike's body was but it was so fake that they locked me up here, man! I was able to keep my job but they fucking stuck me here! Fuck this! I can't stay here anymore! The hutt is waiting for me, Edward. Home..alone.. Listen, I know we had a plan for you and all but if you left and Esme left who would be here to help me??" Jacob gave one more desperate growl before pushing the guards out of his way.
Edward was stunned. He could barely get his legs to move but when he did he ran back up to his cell to retreive his disco heel and his only pair of khakis which he was using as a pillow.
It was over. All of this was over. Edward had Bella, even a vampire Bella! And Bella had her dead Mike back and her beautiful Edward and all was right with the world. Infinate disco. Infinate khaki. Infinate corpse blankets. All was well and will always be.

Goodbye, TK. I'll love you and it's fellow authors forever for creating this with me.