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"The pre-engagement"
By: Taiko

Two men stood behind their wives. The first wife, Nyx Slytherin, had long silver hair, stunning and beautiful that matched her curious eyes of icy purple. The secound wife, Jazmin Gryffindor, owned eyes of devine honey color, her hair a light brown, that brought life to her eyes. Nyx had with her, a two year old son.

The son's name was Salazar Slytherin. He possesed silver tresses and shocking emerald eyes. The combination brought texture to his skin, making him look very healthy and youthful. The boy looked frightened as he stared into the optics of Jazmin.

She was of child then, though for very much longer was uncertain, for the date of birth was drawing nearer. She patted her stomach slightly, a smirk on her lips. Nyx placed her hand on top of her husbands foundly."Your positive it's a girl?" her voice was soft and questionful.

Jazmin nodded."That's what the docter told me." Nyx's face gained a look of uncertainty. "Are you sure we can trust him? He's not exactly..you know." Jazmin nodded."Yes, but it's the only person we have to tell us." Nodding her agreement, Nyx sat a white rose on the table."Then when the time comes, we will meet again.."

Kaizer, Nyx's husband, with raven black tresses and vivid emerald eyes, helped his wife to her feet and bid farewell to Demios, Jazmin's husband. Demios's red optics flicked slightly as he helped his own wife to her feet. Four wands were held into the air and clicked together.

Words were muttered to seal the bound, that would never be broken. Red sparks emitted from their wands, then gold sparks. After all the sparks had dispersed, they tucked their wands back into their pockets. After they had left, Jazmin looked to her Demios."I hope the docter was right for once.." she wispered, turning to look at the velvety rose laying on the table.

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