^_^ Ok part Five to Grim Britter's story. So Godric and Salazar have met the evil

that is Helga, and the calmness that is Rowena. Godric was running in fear of Helga, Rowena

and Salazar walking calmly after them. heh.

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"Rabid, Calm, Relaxed, and Hyper don't mix."

By: Taiko Kamiya

Godric continued running down the street, turning and hiding down a dark alley. He saw

the blond female run by screaming happily. Godric let a soft sigh of relief. Looking the opposite way

down the road he saw Salazar and Helga's companion, walking calmly after them. Godric glared at

his fiancee and ran up to him, hiding behind the taller male.

"You let that thing chase me!" The brown tressed male exclaimed, glaring at Salazar.

"Hmm, so I did...oh well." Salazar smirked, emerald optics watching Godric. Godric pouted."You aren't

a very good fiancee." He informed. Salazar laughed."Where did it say I have to defend you?"

Godric stared at Salazar with his honey eyes and pouted once again. He wasn't enjoying being chased by a rabid blond. She seems so...skitzo. Godric looked to Rowen with quierosity."Why aren't you chasing after her?" He qeustioned the female. Rowena shrugged calmly."It's not my business to take care of her now is it?" She replied.

Godric sighed. He wasn't exactly feeling loved at this moment. Everyone seemed to be against him.At that moment, Helga appeared once again, and stared at Rowena, Salazar and Godric." Rowena! You found them!" She exclaimed, reaching towards Salazar and clinging to his leg. Salazar twitched in annoyance.

"Will you get off!?" The emerald eyed male exclaimed. Helga stared at him with enjoyment. A huge smile passed upon her pink tinted lips and she replied." You're so silly!" Salazar sighed, allowing

silver tresses to fall down into his eyes."Why must you be so...idiotic." He stated.

The blond stared at him for a second, blinking in confusion. Suddenly, she shrugged and continued her clinging session. Salazar looked to Rowena for an answer. Rowena, however, had opened up her book again and was compleately obsorbed with her book. Godric stared, wondering how anyone could love one book that much.Salazar then began to shake his leg, causing Helga to fall flat on her arse upon the ground.

"How could you do that Sallie!? After all the love I gave you!!" She exclaimed, and began to release huge dry sobs. Salazar blinked."Don't call me Sallie..." He stated. Godric, however, began to panic." Salazar!You upset the girl! We're going to get in trouble!" With that, Godric attempted to comfort the sobbing blond.

Rowena looked down from her book to Helga. Sighing, she dug into her pocket and produced a pill. "Helga..take this allready." She stated, handing Helga the pill. Helga stared at it for a second, before swallowing the little white pill. Suddenly, she began to calm down. After about a moment, She stood up and looked at Salazar and Godric.

"Hello. I'm Helga Hufflepuff. Who might you be?" She questioned, as if she had never met them before in her life. Godric stared at her with utter amazement. Rowena sighed."Helga. Are you ready to go home yet?" Helga shook her head."No...i'd like to know who these two gentlemen are." She stated. Rowena shrugged. "The brunette is Godric Gryffindor and the other male is Salazar Slytherin." Helga stared with much calm about her.

"I'm afraid I don't know you two, but you seem like charming men. We should get together some time soon to talk and such." She informed them, a smile upon her lips. Godric stared at her with his honey eyes."Are you ok?" He questioned. She nodded happily." I'm quite fine Mr. Gryffindor...Should there be something wrong?" She asked him, slightly worried. He shook his head, causing brown tendrils to move with him.

"Well then..what sha'll we do now?" Rowena questioned Helga. Helga shrugged her shoulders. "I haven't the faintest idea...what would you like to do? It is a very lovely day." Godric's eye twitched slightly at the blond. "Are you sure you're all right?" The Hufflepuff nodded, smiling once again.

Salazar looked to the trio, wondering slightly what he had gotten into.'My fiancee is a guy, this blond is skitzo, and this Rowena acts as if everything is normal...' he thought to himself. A pale hand moved up to his forehead and rested there for a moment. He had no clue of what he was going to do now. Helga, at this moment, spoke up.

"I would so love for you two to become friends with us..why don't we go down to the Leaky Cauldron for a spot of tea, and get to know each other?" She questioned, placing her hands into the pockets of her robes. Rowena looked to Salazar and Godric." Helga..I think the two of them would like to leave." She stated, brushing a strand of hair away from her eyes. Helga frowned slightly.

"Why would they want to do a thing like that? I haven't even got to talk to them." She stated, flashing her eyes towards Rowena. Rowena shrugged." I think you might've scared them earlier." The blond female sighed."I always seem to do that and I don't know how..." She muttered. Godric nodded, and grabbed onto Salazar's arm."Yes well we really should get home...got to see the folks about planning the wedding.

Helga stared slightly shocked at the two of them."Are you two getting married?" She asked. Godric nodded."It was a mistake upon my mum's part..." Salazar replied in his calm and unfaltered voice. A sound of knowing escaped Helga."Ah. I know just what you mean..same happened to us." Rowena sighed.

"Not to us. To you. You're mother is a twit...she engaged you to the neighbor girl..even though she knew the neighbor was a girl. My mother never arranged a marriage for me..i'm to choose as I wish." She informed the males. Helga frowned.'But aren't you the neighbor girl?" She questioned.

Rowena raised an eyebrow to Helga."You live in Hogsmeade...I live in London...I'm not your neighbor.." Godric covered his mouth with his hand to hide his amusement with the duo. Salazar rolled his eyes."Well now that we've proven that blonds really are stupid, Why don't we go home now?" Godric stared at Helga for a minute, then to Rowena before replying."Yes...perhaps we'll meet again someday?" He asked the darker haired female.

Rowena nodded slightly."Perhaps.." With that, she led off the blond who was waving happily back to them. Godric waved back slightly, before turning to Salazar."What do you think?" He asked, turning honey colors eyes towards the taller male. Emerald optics looked back toward the other.

"I'm not sure...but I have a feeling we'll meet them again someday..."

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