Harry made it through the second task of the Triwizard Tournament and was helped out by Hermione out of the water. Unfortunately , the Lake shook and dropped Harry and Hermione into the water. While they were in the water , a small whirlpool began to form right under them and sucked them. Everything blacked out after that.

They woke up in a small fountain with the same clothes they've been wearing. Hermione looked up to her chest and saw that a sharp blade was pointing directly to her heart.

But , then , A young looking maiden talked to the women holding the blades motioning them to stop. The language was weird though.

Hermione managed to catch the words "Princess Ilya" and "capture".—

"Oh no , they're going to capture us. What should we do? Harry , do you think we should run?" she said but Harry wasn't able to answer her question because it was interrupted by a white horse which was ridden by a small girl who went down and talked to the young girl they've seen earlier. She walked up to Harry and released some blue energy to his head and did the same to Hermione.

"That should make them understand us" She turned to the girl and said , "Lady Ulrike , thank you for watching them. I'll take them to the Castle to meet his Majesty. And please tell Shinou-Hekai to come and see Murata and me**. Good-bye"

She did something to a little seed and whistled a soft tune. She also motioned Harry and Hermione to ride on her horse who obliged.

They were on their way to a large castle when Hermione finally whispered to Harry "We have to get away from here. We'll wait for the right opportunity to use our wands at the same time on the girl"……….

Ulrike said to that maiden , "I'll call Princess Ilya from her task to capture Arlnura berries"

*I only made up Arlnura berries which are able to run around land and move their roots from one place to another

**Uh-Oh!! Looks like Shinou's got some explaining to do!!

Off-set actios:

Ilya: "Geez, Shinou is really getting on my nerves!"

Reporter Arzen: "Ne, Ilya, how does it feel like to be a King's babysitter?"

Ren: "More like- an irresponsible and careless King"

Ilya: "Why don't you ask Murata?"

Reporter Arzen: "Daikenja, how does it feel like to be a King-no, two Kings' babysitter?"

Murata: "It's tiring , of course. Add even the additional work you get from the priestesses."

Yuri: "Stop complaining. Look at me, stuck in my office with tons of paperworks AND an insolent fiance"

Ilya: "Bad Omen. Here comes Wolfram- a head-fuming Wolfram by the way."

Wolfram: "What do you mean by 'insolent fiance'? HENNACHOKO!!!"

Yuri: "Hennachoko yuu na!!"

Reporter Arzen: "Well, that ends it for this episode. YOu do not want to see how Wolfram wrestles Yuri and with Ilya and Ren laughing, of course."