Gundam Wing-Total GS

by leejeeg

Disclaimers: I own no part of GW. It belongs part and Parcel to Bandai. No profit, no gain, I only seek to entertain.

A pwp (sorta)

pairing: the usual duo, er, Duo and Heero-you know what I mean.

Once again the braided pilot has come under the evil experimentation of oz-but with decidedly unusual results.

Originally the GS stood for gratuitous sex, but the powers that be demanded more. I'm keeping the title anyway, because I like it.

And here I go with ultra-short chaps again.


Duo planted all of the bombs and set them off. The problem was that with all of the incendiaries detonating at once, the smoke screen was considerable and he lost sight of his escape route.

Heero waited as long as he possibly could, but it became clear that Shinigami was not going to make their rendezvous. Not again, baka, Wing's pilot thought, irritated. He motioned for Quatre to get going.

When they were airborne Heero checked Duo's remote tracker. He had placed it in the collar of the braided boy's ubiquitous priest shirt. Duo knew nothing of the device, Heero having planted it surreptitiously because the occurrence of his capture by Oz was more frequent then all the pilots put together and since he could not bring himself to shoot him the first time he was captured, Heero thought this a sensible solution.

Wing Zero's com device crackled to life. "01, status?" That was Trowa, waiting anxiously in Heavy Arms.

"Ready to commence strike, 03."

"02?" Chang wanted to make sure they didn't inadvertently blow the nuisance up along with the Ozzies.

"I have him locked, 05. Fire at will," Heero answered irately. It seemed as if Chang doubted his judgment. He sighed wearily. He would not willingly harm Duo. He was more than just Shinigami, he was what kept the other pilots from losing their sanity, with his good will and wild sense of humor.

Literally seconds later the Oz base was completely destroyed. No weapons would be manufactured at this location again. Heero accessed the private line to the rest of the Gundams. "Retreat back to BO."

( Over time the pilots had developed a system of private codes. BO referred to base of operations: read current safe house. The code was Duo's suggestion and Heero acknowledged it as one of his better ideas, despite the fact that Duo giggled incessantly about them having to deal with "body odor".)

"What about 02?" That was Quatre. He and the boy who referred to himself as Shinigami were close-best friends.

"I will retrieve him. Rendezvous at NBO. Will rendezvous a.s.a.p."