Heero stepped in through the door with a bundle of firewood in his arms. He set it down by the fireplace and went over to his laptop to check for missions. There wasn't any, but there was a comuniqué from Quatre. He and Trowa would be arriving at the safe house in approximately four hours. A beep sounded from the machine. There was a new message, from Wufei. It read: 05 here, am 6 hours from NBO. It is my assumption that the ridiculous 02 has been retrieved. It is also my assumption that unless I hear otherwise all is status quo. 05 out.

Heero logged off and chuckled to himself. He walked into the kitchen where the ridiculous baka-correction, his ridiculous baka, was spooning something into a pair of cereal bowls. "What is this, baka?"

Duo smiled. Baka had now taken on the connotation of an endearment. "It's rice pudding. I made it from last night's leftover rice."

Heero swallowed a spoonful. "Hn. Not bad."

Duo was pleased. He handed Heero a cup of tea and when their fingers brushed, Heero caressed him lightly. "The others will be here in a few hours," he said, trying to sound nonchalant.

Duo's smile faded a little. No more alone time. As though he was reading the braided boy's mind Heero said, "you're going to have to get your screaming under control, koi."

Duo launched himself onto Heero's lap and kissed him stupid. He had been afraid that Heero would not want to continue their new relationship. "I'll try, but it won't be easy."

Heero smiled up at him. "Baka. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy."