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This is my first fan fic. I read a lot of others but Ive never had the time to do one of my own so this one may be short. Please review it will help me with my personal stories. Much love

~The Gypsy

You know those nights when it seems like someone just cut a hole in the sky and all the water was falling out? Well that is how it was this night. All that you could smell was wet earth and water. Not a creature wanted to leave the safety of its den, well save for one, a small black panther. Its feet pounded into the ground as it tore its way through the dense woods. Every now and again it would pause as if to check for a sent. Suddenly it was surrounded by the biggest wolves you've ever seen and they were slowly approaching the panther. When they have the panther fully surrounded, a man steps out from the shadows. "Well, well. I see you thought that you could escape us? None of you can escape us. Now it's your turn to die like the rest of the traitors." But before the wolves could pounce, the panther disappeared into smoke. "Oh goody" says the man, "this one will give us a challenging hunt." He laughs and then becomes one of the wolves and they begin their chase. Meanwhile, the panther continued it towards its destination with grim determination.


The music in the club was pounding and the people inside were oblivious to the rain that was pounding outside. Vampires were playing with the humans that were desperately trying to get their attention. But one sat impassively at his "thrown" looking out at the masses. Every night was the same for Eric. Humans are the most pathetic things I have ever seen he thinks to himself. His glance passes over to Pam his second. She smiles, but there is no warmth in it. Secretly he wishes that he could be somewhere else. But unfortunately his duties as Sheriff require him to oversee this. Suddenly his attention is captured by a young woman coming to him. She reeked with over confidence. Apparently she was a favorite among the vampires and thought that she was worthy enough to come up to the most powerful one in the region. And she was dead wrong. A quick glance over to Pam and the problem will be taken care off. And so the night continues. Eric is getting more bored by the second desperately wanting something to happen. You should always be careful what you wish for.


The lights from the bar shine like a beacon in the night. A figure drenched and muddy makes its way towards Fangtaisa glancing all around. A car comes and the being crouches down in the brush. After a few minutes it rises and looks around more anxious. "Damn, I still can't get use to those things. Oh well here it goes."


Eric feels like he can't take it anymore. Maybe if I just give into one the rest will leave me alone? No, I'll never hear the end of it from Pam if I do. I wish this night was over. Suddenly the front door smashes open and a young woman wrapped only in a muddy sheets comes to a skidding halt into the bar. She looks around confused at first then her gaze meets Eric's. "Shit"


Well that's it I hope you like it. Yeah i know it's short, but in my defense it looked a lot longer on word. I'm still not sure how this one will go. I'm torn between an Eric or a Sookie centric one. After a few I'll let you know.