Set directly after Ten falls into the pit in The Satan Pit and up to when he wakes up. This is what I think was going through his mind while he was unconscious. See how many references to Old Who you can find ;)
The title is the Spanish translation of "dreams" which was the original title of this fic
Dedicated to DanaeMariSkywalker and lycangoddess who are now starting to watch Old Who :)

Doctor. Was that his name? Seemed to be if he was to trust the many voices calling out to him from inside his mind.

Even with all the noise the darkness surrounding him was remarkably soothing. He knew that if he wanted to he could stay within its grasp forever. It really was a tempting thing to do but something inside shouted that he really shouldn't. He ignored the annoyingly high-pitched voice for the time being and let the fractured thoughts in the darkness beckon him back.

Memories of a blue box bigger than it looked, sometimes white and sometimes orange inside, shaking and spinning around, filled with laughter.

A face in the mirror, sometimes young and sometimes old.

A tin dog who called him 'Master.'

Lengthly scarves and floppy, wide brimmed hats.

A flight attendant who insisted on short skirts and high heels no matter where they went.

Colourful jumpers and heavy leather jackets.

A young woman who enjoyed destroying things with nitroglycerin and a baseball bat.

Sticks of celery and cricket balls.

A conman with an unexpectedly big heart.

A beautiful yellow car.

A bearded man who laughed evilly.

Long, black recorders.

Powerful but peaceful people in elaborate clothing.

Umbrellas covered in question marks.

A warrior who could put Xena to shame with her knife skills.

Screwdrivers that were sonic.

Long velvety cloaks.

A brilliant scientist who created a terrible race of metal machines.

Paper that could read minds.

A boy genius, lost forever.

A glowing orange sky and silver trees, gone in an instant.

And images of a shop girl with yellow hair and her very frightening mother who kept flitting through his mind. She was important, he knew-at least the girl was. Somehow all of these memories were. He just couldn't remember why at the moment and didn't really feel like trying to either. He decided not to think about them anymore and surrendered again to the darkness.

Maybe it was the partially remembered feeling of falling or the sense that something was terribly wrong somewhere outside the quiet comfort of his own head that were shoving at him to wake up but he finally decided to have a look around at whatever was outside his head. He thought that he could wake up a just a bit and that if whatever was out there was too awful he could easily go back to sleep. Rose would surely wake him up when it was safe.

Rose. The thought of her brought a swarm of memories flooding in and he found himself being unwillingly pulled back to full consciousness. Pain shot through his head and he shifted it slightly to hear the crunch of glass under his broken helmet.

Wait. Broken glass? From a broken helmet? His broken helmet?! He shot upwards, hands scrabbling at the open space between his face and the outside for a moment before his brain finally caught up to the immediate primitive response of his body. He breathed heavily for a bit, just relishing the fact that he hadn't died again, then raised his head to glance around where he was.

Oh wasn't this lovely? He was in an entire room made of rocks as far as he could see, lit by some unseen source of light with no discernible exit. Wonderful. He was stuck.

Well, at least Rose was safe back on the base, even though they were still trapped on a planet orbiting a black hole without the TARDIS and the Ood were going a bit odd.