A new story. Inspiration strikes you know?

Deidara: It strikes EVERYWHERE un!

Any who…

Life is difficult.

Man. I hate my life. My brother made us move into this annoying little town called Akatsuki. The hell kinda name is that? Ugh. New school, no friends, life is suckish.

"Aw come on Nee-chan!" says our little brother. I turn to Sasuke who, unlike me, is excited about the move. "Yes, come on Kari," says my older brother, Itachi, "think of it as a new experience."

I glare out the car window. We stop in front of our new school. I start to hate everything just by looking at it. Why did our parents have to die in that stupid car crash? The three of us get out of the car and Sasuke waves at us while rushing inside. I glare at weasel one last time before heading for the main office. He follows closely, making sure I don't start a riot.

"Kari, we're already different. We just don't want anyone to KNOW we're different. Don't ruin this opportunity for Sasuke. Please?' he begs. I just nod. I don't feel like talking to him…


I enter my first class. Thank Kami that Itachi is a couple of grades ahead of me. I won't have to deal with him 24/7. "Ah, you must be Uchiha Kari." States my math teacher. His name is spelled on his sleeve. Mr. Mustang Roy. "Why don't you have a seat next Mr. Katsu?" he says pointing at a bored looking blonde in the back.

I go and sit in the empty seat next to him, trying to keep a bored look on my face. The blonde looks over at me. His ocean blue eyes seemed to be analyzing me. 'You got a problem with me blondie?" I growl knew what he was staring at when his eyes locked into mine. The sharingan.

The blonde scowled, "Don't call me blondie un. My name is Katsu Deidara un. Got it un?" I roll my eyes, "I don't care blondie. Deal with it." I could feel him glowering at me. A paper ball flew and hit him in the face. He glared at the person who threw it. The person had red hair and eyes. He seemed younger, like 14 or something.

They stared at each other for a few seconds, then Deidara nodded and the redhead turned to face the teacher. After 40 minutes of boring history, the bell rang.

I was looking for the books I would need in my locker when Deidara and the redhead appeared next to me. "Uchiha Kari. My name is Akasuna no Sasori…"said the redhead, "you…..hmm…well, that's all I had to say. Come on Deidara, we're gonna be late for our next class. You'd better hurry up too Kari. None of us like to get on Pein-sama's bad side." And with that, they both walked off.

I saw Weasel through the corner of my eye as he gave me a look and walked to his next class. The look he'd given me was the question running through my head. Just who were these guys?

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