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The Palace

After we finish eating, we head for Lucifer's palace. "So….any thought on how we're gonna get in?" asked Sasori. I shrug, "I have my ways." I say. Sasori just nods. I guess the guys are getting used to my way of getting what I want. It wasn't that hard. Not when you can see into a person's soul with the sharingan.

We arrive at the front gates. "Ok, guards….hmm…" I start to scan the area. I didn't really feel like having one of Lucifer's guards see me. They might try to grab me like they did my brothers. I walk up to the side wall. Too high. I sigh. I didn't see- a vision flashes through my eyes. "Kari-chan!" My little 9 year-old self turns to see Axel and…Deidara? The blonde stuck his tongue out at me and I see his infamous smirk. "Hi Axel! Hi Deidei!" We were standing inside of the gates. "Ready to sneak out un?" asked the blonde. I nod and Axel pushes on the wall. A secret passage!

"KARI-CHAN!!!!" I snap back into reality to Deidara shaking me. "Huh!?" He had a worried look on his face, but it turned into one of relief when I reply. "We thought you were under some kinda fuckin' genjutsu or somethin'." Explains Hidan. "Yea un! You were totally fazed out un!"

I just stare at them. These visions are becoming more frequent. But I'll think about that later. "There's a secret passage over here." I state and push on the wall. "SWEET UN!" exclaims Deidara and we slip inside.

~Itachi's POV~

"LET ME OUTTA HERE YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!!" I yell, trying to kick the door down. Had this been a normal day where I'd just won a vacation, I'd be enjoying this room. After all, it was nice, big, and fancy. The bed was huge. Unfortunately, I wasn't on vacation. I was at the hands of the devil himself. Also, Lucifer believed that Sasuke and I were his sons. How creepy was that?

"Forgive me your highness," I heard the guard say from the other side of the door, "but your father ordered us to keep you in here until he finds a way for you to regain your true nature." The hell did THAT mean? I sigh, frustrated by the entire situation. Every single person here thought I was Lucifer's son. Why? It didn't make sense. My father was Fugaku Uchiha.

My thoughts drifted to Kari. Was she all right? Had she escaped? She must have, considering that I hadn't seen her. "Those three had better be taking care of her." I said under my breath. If anything happened to my sister, I was going to go Susanoo on all three of them. And where the hell did they put Sasuke? I felt a huge headache start. All this stress wasn't good for me. As if I hadn't had ENOUGH problems.

The door to the room opened, letting Lucifer in, followed by a man with strawberry blonde hair. "Well, well, well, look how much you've grown little weasel." said the man with the strawberry blonde hair. I sent a death glare at him. Only Kari and Sasuke are allowed to call me weasel. I aim a roundhouse kick at him, but Lucifer held me back.

"Calm down Itachi." he demanded, "Kenji is only here to remove the genjutsu." I shift my glare from the so called Kenji to the man calling himself my father. As I did, I saw that stupid redhead from the festival, blocking the exit. "And what a powerful genjutsu it is~!" sang Kenji. Mad scientist much? Kenji took out a laser pointer. At least I thought it was. Moving as fast as lightning, Kenji appeared in front of me, placing the pointer on my forehead.

I felt as if something in my mind shattered and visions flashed through my eyes…

~Kari's POV~

I pull Hidan behind a wall and held up a hand, signaling Deidara and Sasori to wait. A guard walks by. After a few seconds, we run into a storage closet. "Damn un," said Deidara, "there are so many guards un." Sasori nodded in agreement. At this rate, we'd Never find my brothers.

I saw Axel walk by through the crack in the door. What is my connection with this red head? Why do I keep having visions involving him? It confuzzled me. What? It's a word! It's a mixture of confused and puzzled! Deal with it. Follow him. What the hell was that? I turn to the guys. "Did you say something?" They shake their heads. Hidan had a look that said he was worried about my sanity. What a baka. I look out the door an=gain and see Axel round the corner. "Come on," I say as I sneak out. The guards that we'd seen a few seconds before had vanished.

'Why are we following the guy that took your brothers un?" asks my blonde friend. Honestly, I didn't feel like saying 'a voice in my head told me to' for obvious reasons, so instead, I say, "He must know where they are. He might lead us to them." Deidara nodded in agreement, but Sasori whispers, "And if he doesn't?" Why was he always so logical? It makes things so much more difficult. "Then I kick him in the head and we drag him to the nearest storage closet." I whisper in response. Hey, it was the best I could come up with at such short notice.

We follow Axel down another hallway. He walks into a room. I signal for the guys to wait and peek into the room. "Come on in Kari-chan." I jump at Axel's voice. He knew I was here? How? I had hid my chakra fairly well. "You coming in or not?" Before I could answer, something pulls me inside and the door slams shut behind me. I am now standing in a black and red room. The bed has black sheets and the carpet is red. A desk with a computer sits in the corner and a flats screen was on the wall to my left. Axel stood in front of a large window to my right, his eyes locked on me.

"Hello Angel." He says so low I almost couldn't hear. I stare at him. He just seems so….familiar. But why? I had never met him before last night…had I? Those visions…could they be memories? Axel walks up to me and touches my face. I lean into his touch for a second before pulling away, confusion apparent on my face.

"What's the matter? Confuzzled?" How did he know that word? I feel a sharp brain pain. It's like something is trapped deep in my mind and it wants out. Axel puts his arms around me, "You all right Angel?" Another vision flashes through my mind. I'm sitting in a prison cell. It's dark and cold and I really don't wanna be there. "Axel..." I whisper. My head shoots up as I hear an explosion. I see Axel walk in through a hole in the wall. "Kari!" he yells as I run over to him. "What took you so long?" I hear myself ask in a mocking tone. Axel laughs, relief written all over his face. The vision changes. I see myself. This time I'm my actual age. "Hey." I turn and see the present Axel come up to me. I feel myself smile at him. "Hey redhead." I say, "Where have you been?" Axel kisses me. "Your father wanted to speak with me. Nothing too interesting." I hear myself giggle and see Axel grin at me, affection in his green eyes.

I can feel myself falling. "Angel!" I feel strong arms catch me before I hit the ground. "Angel? Can you hear me? Please, answer." Is that…Axel's voice? It sounded so…worried. Why? I groan and open my eyes. At least the massive brain pain had vanished…I was right. Axel WAS worried. It was written all over his face. Although, it quickly changed into relief when he noticed I'd opened my eyes. "You gave me a scare Angel." he said softly.

Why was he being so gentle with me? He's the enemy! The enemy's supposed to attack you randomly until you kick their ass! Suddenly, the door opens. I see some guards pushing the guys in. Following them was my older brother.