- - - - - - - - - -Prologue: "Valentine's Day"

[Valentine's Day Scene in BBF, when Yi Jung took Ga Eul's chocolates…]

"Ga Eul…" Yi Jung spoke when he finally grabbed hold of Ga Eul's hand after she ran away. "I hope you don't misunderstand. Acting is just acting. It can't be real." He said. His eyes bore into her with a sense of finality and foreboding sadness. "For now, I'll take this… I'll take this until you find the man whom you will love and who will also love you…" He took the paper bag from her hand which contained the chocolate she had personally prepared for him as a gift for Valentine's Day. He took one last look at her face. He imprinted the image of her beautiful face filled with an expression of anguish inside his mind and slowly turned to walk away.

He was a man who lived most of life receiving love from women but he was also a man who always kept a broken heart inside himself. His heart was so broken that it can only take love but not love anyone else. He perfectly knew this but he was helpless about it. His heart refused to heal with time.

"Oppa? Are you okay?" The catty woman sat beside Yi Jung as he settled himself on the sofa and caressed his handsome face.

Yi Jung looked at her for a moment and suddenly grabbed her by the back of her neck and began kissing her profusely. The woman moaned leisurely, signaling consent for his sweet ravaging of her lips. She was about to take her coat off when Yi Jung abruptly stopped kissing her and stood up with a disturbed expression on his face. His hand was covering his temple, trying to ease out whatever emotion that was bothering him.

"Oppa?" The catty woman asked questioningly. She stood up as well and encircled her arms around Yi Jung's waist, rubbing her body against him suggestively.

"Get out." Yi Jung ordered in a menacingly low tone.

This frightened the catty woman so she immediately took her exit with a distraughtly puzzled and disappointed expression on her face. Clearly, Yi Jung's sudden change of behavior affected her. It also meant that he was not going to be the man to share the Valentine's Day with her.

Meanwhile, Yi Jung continued to sulk for some unexplainable reason. He decided to drink some liquor to calm himself but it only proved to be ineffective. "Damn it…" He cursed under his breath. 'This was the problem about nice girls. He thought. "Aish… What a bummer…" He cursed again.

He picked up his phone and contemplated whether to call the other F4 or not. After a few minutes, he decided not to. They were probably busy with their own businesses. And they probably think that he's with some new chick right now. Yi Jung sighed. He took off his coat and tie, and decided to mold pots instead. It had always been an effective way to clear his mind.

As he sat by his usual seat inside his pottery room while mounding wet clay, his mind suddenly began to wander off and think of Ga Eul's beautiful face with a hurtful and pained expression. His hand suddenly jerked in reflex and the pot that he was molding was disfigured. It no longer looked elegant. It was no longer a masterpiece. It annoyed him but he tried again. This time, he placed in more effort in beautifying the pot.

He began to softly hold the clay as it was spinning in place in front of him. Minute by minute the pot began to take form. Yi Jung decided to make it curvy with soft wavy lines as its contours. The wavy contour of its body depicted both softness and elegance. The bottom part of the pot would be larger than the rest of its body for better foundation and balance. It depicted solidarity in principle and being strong-willed. The mouth of the pot became oval shaped with the longer curve of the oval lower than the shorter curve. If you look at it in one prominent angle, it looked like it was a smiling. If you look at it in another angle, it looked like it was frowning. The smiling angle depicted positivity despite odds. The frowning angle depicted inner sadness. The smiling angle was more pronounced and more prominent to look at than the frowning angle because it signified that positivity outweighed inner melancholy.

It took a few more spins for Yi Jung to be finally satisfied with his masterpiece. When he was done, he washed his hand and fondly stared at it from afar. He slowly lifted the tray where the newly molded pot lay and carried it to the kiln. He placed it inside and began the heating process which was to harden the soft clay. Yi Jung continued to stare at the pot as it was heated. It looked more like a vase than a pot with its long, slender and wavy body. It was clearly not his usual style in pot-making. The design didn't even look like he was the one who made it. It was rather simple and could easily be overlooked, however, if you looked at it with eagle eyes, only then will you be able to see its gentle beauty.

A small and satisfied smile creased itself on Yi Jung's lips as he stared at his newly made masterpiece. He would wait for it to finally harden and then, he would carefully paint its body with an artisan's experienced hand. He could already vividly picture how it would look like the moment he's finished with it.

All too suddenly, the smile on Yi Jung's lips was erased.

A realization suddenly hit him and he was caught unprepared.

He spent his Valentine's Day alone, molding Ga Eul's pot.

To Be Continued…

- - - - - - - - - - Preview of Chapter One: "A Little Boy"

"Ga Eul-ah! So, to whom did you give your chocolates?" Jan Di peeved as she and Ga Eul sat by a table inside the porridge shop. There were currently no customers and everything was perfectly in place so they had nothing to do.

Jan Di's question caught her off guard but she wasn't eager to tell her friend the truth. She only smiled sadly. "Well… I gave it to…" She was hesitating whether to tell Jan Di the truth or not. Jan Di would surely think that she was in love with one of the two most prominent playboys of F4 if she told the truth. It would definitely make Jan Di panic beyond reason. "I gave it to a little boy!" Ga Eul lied.