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BONUS PROMPT: Surprise (Buffy)


And They All Lived

Cami smiled from the doorway as she watched Agent Hotchner and her mother. Emily had barely left the man's side since they'd admitted him to the hospital, concerned for his shoulder wound and the knocks to the head Agent Hotchner had taken in his altercation with George Foyet.

That had been the man's name. Cami had cajoled all of the information out of various members of her mother's team while they sat around Agent Hotchner's room, no one willing to budge. Internal Affairs was going to be doing an investigation, but the whole thing was on tape at the Bureau office, so it seemed like no one was too concerned for their job. It had been a good shoot. It had been a good save.

Cami found her heart warning as she watched her mother and Agent Hotchner. She'd long known her mother's feelings were changing, but watching them together gave her hope. All she wanted was for her mother to be happy, to have someone in her life she could share her love with. It was love that had been lavished on Cami for so long and she was honestly happy to see Emily was starting to share herself with Agent Hotchner too.

"They're good together, aren't they?"

Cami smiled at JJ, cradling little Henry. "Yeah."

"It's been a long time coming," JJ said. "We've been watching it happen. It just needed this little kick. And I think Foyet being gone will open him up. He won't be so guarded."

Cami let out a snort. "Have you met my mother? There's no way she'll let him be guarded." She paused a beat. "He wouldn't make a terrible step-father."

"He'd treat your mother with love and adoration," JJ agreed softly. "They're a lot alike, you know."


"Mmhmm. Even Hotch… He's got so much love to give. He gave everything he could to his ex-wife, but it just wasn't enough for her. She always wanted more. I can't see your mom demanding anything more than he can honestly give."

"He'll take good care of her?" Cami asked JJ, her concern obvious only in her voice.

"He'll take excellent care of her, Cami. You will never have to worry about that."

As she was waved into the room, taking in the smile on her mother's face and the one she could see in Agent Hotchner's eyes, even Cami had to admit that maybe everything was going to work out for the better. Maybe her mother would end up with her own happily ever after. After all, Prentiss women were not fools, they were not stupid and Cami doubted her mother was about to give up an opportunity like Agent Hotchner, good or bad, ups and downs.

That was enough for Cami.

Short little ending, all from Cami's POV.

Let me know if you liked the whole thing guys. I really appreciate it!