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The next day Chaos and Mizuki woke up a little late. The day before had been quite stressful so they were still a little tired. Envy was somehow still her bright and chipper self.

"So, what are we going to do today?" she asked Chaos, smiling. Chaos sighed.

''I don't know Light Ninja-chan.'' The girls entered the school to see a bunch of girls crowding a portion of the wall. They came a bit closer to see they were all swooning over a 5 tailed fox. Mizuki rolled her eyes. Chaos growled.

''Even in Troy they have players....'' Soon he stepped away and the girls followed him. In the space they saw a large poster proudly proclaiming a song/dance competition. They looked at each other.

''Interesting...'' Envy smirked evilly.

''Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if C.A.'s best were defeated by a team of ninjas...'' Chaos added darkly.

''And look at the competition.'' Mizuki noted. On the sign up list was a team called 'Team Troy', in its member list was, Leader- Echo Lionheart, Members- Yoko Spinio, Marcus Ambrosues...Caracticus Dexterous-Maximus Spinio, and Donna Spinio. Chaos turned her nose up at her team mates.

''So...'' Mizuki and Envy sighed. They couldn't admit they were kind of friends with the knights, for Chaos's wrath. Besides...their old boyfriends arriving made things even more complicated. Mizuki took another look at the poster.

''Onee-chan, It says here we need a team of 5.'' They all looked at the poster. Indeed, that is what it said and evry team signed up for it had 5 members. Envy clapped her hands together.

''No problem.'' She pointed to the fine print. ''It says only 3 need to be from this school. And any guests need to be immediate family of one of the contenders.'' The sisters blinked twice. Envy giggled.

''We can invite Lusty and Hanyou to join us.'' Chaos and Mizuki looked at her shocked.

''That..that's brilliant.'' Chaos choked out.

''Great idea.'' Mizuki complemented. She then put down 'Team Ninja. Leader-Envy Element. Members-Chaos Keeper, Lust Element, Mizuki Keeper Hanyou Element' She put the pen down and the girls walked to class. Once there they saw an uproar in the back of the room where they and the boys sat. That 5 tailed fox was speaking to the women about something they couldn't understand for it was in Latin. Echo and the others were sitting behind him paying no interest. As soon as the girls entered the five fox pointed to them and said something they didn't understand. The women started snickering trying to hold back their own laughter. Chaos growled and tried to jump the fox but Mizuki held her back. At the same moment Echo stood up and grabbed the fox by the collar, then yanked him against a wall. This caused the girls in the room to shout at him but he only responded with a growl and some more indiscriminate Latin. Whatever he said seemed to have an effect however and the girls went to their seats. The ninjas took their seats and waited for the teacher. Mizuki however was bold enough to start a conversation with Yoko.

''Um..Yoko-kun, what was that about?'' Yoko blushed out of embarrassment.

''That was my older brother Spinicus.'' Mizuki barely caught herself before she screamed....Yoko's brother was a player?

''Y-you're Nii-san is a player?'' he sighed.

''Yes and no. He is famous around here for having made out with every single girl at C.A. his freshman year. For some reason they all love him. But he insists that he isn't a player no matter how many girlfriends he has because he never has 2 different girlfriends at the same time.'' Mizuki blinked twice.

''That, kinda makes sence...'' she whispered.

''Yeah, I mean...is it fair to call him a player if he doesn't cheat on girls?'' Mizuki shrugged.

''What about the other people on your entry sheet?'' Yoko's eyes widened.

''Y-you're entering too?..Th-that's great.'' Mizuki gave him a playful punch in the arm.

''Don't change the subject.'' Yoko grinned.

''Caracticus Dexterous-Maximus Spinio is Spinicus's full name, and Donna is my sister.'' Mizuki smiled.

''Can you all sing?'' Yoko smirked and leaned closer.

''I guess you will find out this weekend.'' They both blushed at how close they were until Chaos growled and made Mizuki sit upright.

That class went by like normal after the teacher came in. In Envy was so bold as to speak to Marcus.

''Hi, Marcy....san.'' she decided to call him 'san' instead of 'kun'. He turned slightly red at her renaming him.

''Marcy-san?" Envy blushed slightly as well.

''You're new nickname.'' They looked at each other blushing for a moment before Chaos grabbed Envy and pulled her to the other side of the room and yelling at her in Japanesse. Envy sulked over to the chair where Marcus slipped her a cookie under the desks. She looked at him startled and he smiled at her. She smiled back. The teacher came in and during the class most people were more focused on the talent show then the class. This is what happened for the rest of the day. Even at lunch people were talking about nothing but what they were going to sing. The ninjas already had lots of songs in mind so they didn't need to do too much preliminary planning. Echo brought te group to a table behind the ninjas' table So he and Chaos had their backs to each other.

"I heard you and yours were entering the contest." Echo said.

"Yup." Chaos replied.

"Must be a lot of pressure, bring thee first ninjas ever to compete in a C.A. only event."


"Aren't you going to give me anything more than that?"


"You are, very pretty."

"Shut up." Echo laughed. Chaos growled. Her friends looked worried.

"Chaos-chan, maybe you could make some new friends?"

"Why Envy-chan?" Envy shrugged.

"Cause it's nice..." She sneered.

"I'll show you nice!" She snarled and turned to face Echo.

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