The final strum of my electric guitar sounded like thunder, as it was amplified to double the volume, and sent back towards the screaming fans. My ears protested against the noise, but I was too caught up in the excitement to care. The mosh pit was crowded, and people were pushing against the stage, trying their hardest to reach out and touch us. Everyone was soaked in sweat, myself included, and I couldn't help it as my eyes wandered over to Alex. Halfway through the gig he had taken off his shirt, leaving his torso exposed, and glistening with sweat. I caught his eye then, and it was enough to make me turn away quickly. I was very thankful for the darkness the mosh pit provided because my face had begun to burn with the warmth of a blush.

"Thank you all! We fucking love you!" Alex screamed into the microphone, and the crowd screamed back frantically.

I laughed when the bottom piece of pink lace lingerie came flying onto stage from somewhere in the front of the crowd, and looped around the headstock of Alex's guitar. He unhooked it carefully from around the pegs, and then shoved it into his pocket.

"I'll keep these for later," He grinned. The crowd went insane; including a few distinct giggles from the direction the underwear had come from.

I shook my head in amusement, and tried not to picture Alex running around our motel room in the pink lace. A small shiver of pleasure ran down my spine while my mind lead me to other fantasies. Alex waiting for me on his bed, naked and fully erect just for me, my favourite crooked smile of his lighting up his face…


I blinked, looking up into Alex's face. My mind whirled, and it took me a few moments to recover before I realized I was still standing on stage, only the crowd was wolf whistling and calling out loudly. What had happened?

"See someone nice in the crowd?" Alex asked lightly, his tone suggested he was trying to hint something obvious.

I just stared at him dumbly. The corners of his lips twitched, and then his eyes flashed down to the floor and then quickly back up again. He did this twice more before I understood, and glanced down. Oh my god. My entire face burned as I moved my guitar not so subtly to hide my straining errection from the crowd. It was only made worse when the friction the guitar made against my jeans, made me impossibly harder.

By now the crowd had given up the calls, and had started up a group chant. I didn't bother to try and follow what they were saying. Much to my embarrassment, all I could think about was Alex's bare chest inches away from me, and what might be running through his head. Did he think I was stupid? Or, could the sight of my errection straining against my jeans possibly even arouse him? Of course, the thought only made me blush more fiercely.

I hid my face with one hand, and kept the other on my guitar to keep it in place as I ran from the stage, careful to avoid the many wires that threatened to trip me and further draw out my embarrassment. Mercy was on my side, and it wasn't long before I had run all the way to the motel we had booked. It was three blocks away from where we had played, and I was exhausted and drenched head to toe in my own sweat when I asked the women at the front desk breathlessly for my room key. She gave me the key without any question except to ask if I was okay. I thanked her for her concern, then darted to the elevator, guitar still pressed against my body, and frantically jabbed the button with my thumb. I didn't stop pressing it until the doors opened. Not wasting any time, I dove into the now empty elevator, and pushed the button for my floor; which, much to my agony, was the second floor from the top. I groaned. It seemed to take an eternity for the elevator to slowly climb upwards, and in that time, I couldn't keep my thoughts out of the gutter. My eyes drifted shut when I was too tired to keep them open, and the same picture of Alex's naked body flooded my head. This time, he was wearing the pink lingerie and slowly walking towards me. His hands reached slowly for the zipper of my jeans, and I moaned softly…

The ding of the elevator told me I had reached my floor, and I reluctantly forced my eyelids open. Fatigue ached in all my muscles, and I dragged my guitar across the motel carpet, finding it impossible to try to carry.

302, 302, 302. My eyes roamed over the numbers on the doors, trying to find my own room, while I pushed myself down the hallway, feeling more dead than alive. I just wanted to get to my bed and sleep. At last, I found the number I was looking for. In my anticipation, I forgot about my dragging guitar, and full out ran for the door. The black numbers against the white paint of the door made them stand out like a target.
I almost crashed head-on with the door, but managed to stop myself, and fumbled with the key before succeeding to get it into the lock. It took a few tries, but I heard the loud click of the lock opening, and eagerly shoved myself across the threshold.
My guitar fell from my hands next to the door, causing a thud to echo through the room, and I knew it probably wasn't a good thing for my guitar, but I was too tired to care. I felt blindly along the wall for a light switch, but couldn't find one.

"For Fuck sakes," I muttered bitterly into the pitch-blackness of the room.

"Fuck… I love it when you talk like that…"

Something triggered in my mind as my senses overwhelmed me all at once. The first was recognition. I knew that voice. Only just now, it was deep and husky; like nothing I had heard it like before. The second was panic. What was he doing in my room? I was suddenly hyper-aware of my erection again, which had grown almost painful as it ached against the restraint of my jeans. I was no longer tired like I had been before, but wide-awake, and my hands had begun to shake.

"Alex?" I choked out through my panic.

Almost immediately after his name had left my lips, a lamp flashed on and lit the room up in a warm yellow glow. My heart stopped as I took in everything, and for a split second I thought that maybe it was just another one of my fantasies. He was laying there, legs crossed over each other; one hand still on the switch of the lamp, and the other drawing light circles as it rested on his thigh. But more importantly, he was completely naked. Alex seemed to read the thoughts in my eyes, and rose gracefully from my bed and came to stand in front of me, all in one fluid movement.

"This isn't one of your daydreams," Alex murmured, a delicious smile stretching across his face.

I blushed, and looked at my feet. My eyes, on their way down to my feet, caught a glimpse of his hard sex, and I gasped loudly. Alex chuckled, and took a step closer to me. I could feel him against my chest.

"You make me so fucking hard," he breathed. His breath smelt like mint bubblegum, and I whimpered softly as I became harder. "Do you want me, Jack? I've seen the way you look at me sometimes. I've wanted you so fucking badly for the longest time."

I just nodded. I couldn't say or do anything else. All of a sudden, Alex closed the distance between us, grasping my errection through my jeans. I groaned, and pushed my hips into his hand.

"Is this what you want?" he demanded, tightening his grip enough that I had to bite my lip to refrain from crying out. "Tell me, Jack. Tell me what you want."
"You," I burst out, a little louder than I had anticipated. It was almost a plea, and that was enough to arouse my further. "I fucking want you, Alex."

The next moment he had my shirt over my head, and thrown off into a random corner of the room. I kicked off my shoes; ignoring the loud thump they made, each after the other, as they hit the far wall. Alex hugged me against his well-toned chest, his length pressed against mine, and our body heat mingled like electricity between us. I shifted in his arms, and his errection rubbed against my crotch area. I whimpered into his shoulder, and heard his breathless moan next to my ear.

"You are so hard for me," Alex whispered, his hand slowly tracing down my stomach, leaving what felt like a trail of fire behind it. Despite the burning feeling his touch left on my skin, I still felt a shiver of pleasure run down my spine.
His gentle touch found the button on my jeans, and he undid it effortlessly. He moved the panel of fabric away with his hand, and grasped my impossibly hard cock with his whole hand. I couldn't control the whimper that escaped my lips.
"I think you've had these on for too long," he scolded me before pulling my jeans down to my ankles all in one motion. I stepped out of them all to readily, and Alex laughed again as he kicked them away from us. For a moment, I felt completely exposed and vulnerable in front of him, like a child awaiting punishment from a higher authority. My eyes dropped to the floor, and I blushed a furious shade of red.

"You are so fucking cute when you do that," Alex told me, his voice as smooth as silk next to my ear. "So… innocent."

I looked up into his hungry eyes, and felt my errection strain. Alex must have felt it too, because the next moment, he was pushing my shoulders down, forcing me on my knees before him.


I opened my mouth slightly, and was surprised to feel my mouth strain wider to accommodate his size as he slowly entered my mouth. At first I wasn't sure what to do, and sat there awkwardly, his errection filling me. Not wanting him to think of me as pathetic, I began to bob my head cautiously up and down. He moaned softly, and I reacted on instinct, and began to suck harder. I could feel the tip of his cock against the back of my throat, the way his fingers were wove roughly into my sweat matted hair, and how his hips had started a slight rhythm of their own. Alex's moans had become more animalistic now, and I felt him start to guide the movements of my head.

"You are so fucking good at this," he groaned.

Then his thrusts became more urgent, so that he was steadily fucking my mouth. I hollowed out my cheeks, and grazed my teeth gently against his shaft. The moan that escaped his lips was enough to make my errection painful. I felt him tense and his muscles spasm, before giving two more wild thrusts, and then his hot wet ejaculate streamed into my mouth. I swallowed it dutifully, and licked his length clean with my tongue.

"Good boy," he said with a sly smirk. "Now, stand, and lay face-up on the bed. Close your eyes, and don't do anything until I tell you to."

I nodded helplessly, feeling like a child again, and went silently over and laid back on the pillows of the bed, and closed my eyes. If I hadn't been so incredibly hard, I might have been able to fall asleep. But the picture of Alex's hard cock, made me shudder and fight my fatigue.

"Role onto your stomach. Keep your eyes closed." He ordered sternly.

I did as I was told, and rolled over. Friction between the bed sheets and my erection made me whimper, and I pressed my lips firmly together to suppress the pleas I so desperately wanted to call out to him.

"Get onto your hands and knees." He growled.

Again, I did as I was told. This time, he pulled me down by my forearms, leaving my buttocks high in the air, and my forehead pressed into the padded backboard of the bed. A spasm of fear shot through me again as I considered my position, but I didn't have time to think about it. Seconds later, I felt his fingers, slick with lubricant, enter my anus. I bit hard into my lip as he gently probed and prepared me.

"Uhh!" I gasped, despite my effort, as his thick length then filled me. It stretched me to nothing I had ever felt before, but the pleasure in it was unmistakable.
"I want to hear you scream my name!" Alex cried as one hand grabbed my thigh tightly, the tips of his fingers digging lightly into my skin. "Scream my name as I cum in your tight little ass."

The profanity coming from his mouth as he drove into me only provoked my arousal, and I began to feel my muscles spasm as I approached my climax. Sweat droplets trailed down my temples and glided over my cheeks, and sprung up in little beads on my chest and neck. My quiet moans had turned into full out cries of sheer pleasure, and Alex was just as loud from behind me, increasing in pitch with each reckless thrust.

I was close now, I could feel it building inside me, pulled at my sore muscles and made my senses overwhelm me as I took in and felt all the different emotions and sensations that pulsed inside me. My breathing came in strangled gasps whenever I had a break between the wild cries each thrust brought out.

"Scream my name, my sweet little Angel," Alex growled, as he lent forward and grasped my errection in his hand. His voice was strained, so I knew he must be close as well. In the motion of him moving forward, he was forced to enter me even deeper than before, and now the added pleasure as he stroked my straining length, was enough to make me uncontrollably fulfil his demands.

"Oh… Fuck! Alex! Please!" I cried out uncontrollably, my thighs shaking as I knew I was about to explode. "Please, I need to cum."

"Ugh," he grunted next to my ear, still working me with his hand. "I love when you talk to me like that…"

An animalistic moan ripped through me, and I grasped at the bed sheets desperately. I was so lost in the unimaginable pleasure, I could barely remember to take breathes between each cry.

"Cum for me Jack, now. Scream my name while I cum in your tight little ass."

Immediately after the words had left his mouth, my muscles contracted and spasmed as I exploded into his palm. A dreamlike state took me, and I screamed his name so loud I wondered at how sore my lungs would be in the morning. Alex let go of my softening cock, and dug his fingers in my thighs, slamming our hips together fiercely while he rode me. Soon after, he fell onto my back, and moaned loudly as he came, filling me with his hot juices. We collapsed onto the bed together, Alex still deep inside me as he whimpered against my bare shoulder.
I could only moan softly, completely spent, while he planted soft kisses across my skin. When he shifted to kiss my neck, his cock shifted inside me, and it was almost enough to make me hard again. I groaned, feeling slightly sore. Alex pulled slowly out of me, and I whimpered slightly at the loss. He got off the bed, and I let my eyes flutter shut, expecting that he was now going to let me sleep.

"Don't you fucking dare fall asleep, Jack."

I jumped, and my eyes shot open in alarm as I realized I was now laying face up on the bed, my hands cuffed to the bedposts, stretching all my sore limbs. I must have fallen asleep briefly because I didn't remember him moving me.
Alex was standing next to the bed now, a long black stick of leather held in his hands. It had a loop on the end that flicked and made a whooshing sound when he would bring it down on his palm. My cock hardened instantly.

"You've been a bad boy," Alex cooed under his breath as he raised himself onto the bed so that he was sitting on my stomach. His thick, not to mention incredibly hard sex, so close to my face that it was hard to resist the urge to pull it into my mouth. I licked my lips, and he smirked at me.

"Now, now." He scolded me with the most seductive grin. "You must be patient…" he reached behind him with the crop, and trailed it slowly up my thigh, and between my legs. It trailed across my balls, and I shuddered violently underneath him. Alex chuckled, and then caught my lips in his, forcing me into a sitting position so that he slid down onto the head of my erection. I moaned into his lips, as he ran his tongue across my own, weaving his finger into my sweat-matted hair. I wished so badly to run my fingers in his hair then, and I fought desperately against the cuffs that held me to the bed. I grunted angrily, pushing myself eagerly into him, for it was all I could do to try and ease the release I craved.

As soon as I had begun to lean into the kiss, Alex pulled away. I growled at him, starting to get annoyed with his constant tease game. "Remember what I told you? You have to be patient, my sweet Angel."

He settled down ever so slightly more on my hard cock, allowing my head to just barely enter him. The leather crop he still held in his other hand flicked my balls, and he fondled my nipple with his tongue at the same time. A wet moan escaped my lips, and I shook violently with pleasure. Alex moaned his approval, and lifted his lips back to mine. This time I didn't lean in to it, and he rewarded my control by settling fully. I felt myself enter him, and the friction his tight ass caused, made my erection painful.

"I want you to work my hard cock while I ride you," Alex instructed me roughly, and a second after I felt my right hand fall slack as the cuff was undone. "I want you to cum in my ass while I cum hard all over your sweet face."

My hand flew for his straining length, and I ran my palm from base to head in one powerful stoke. Alex threw his head back, and lowered himself off me, then back down again forcefully. Steadily, he began to increase his thrusts in tempo, and I moved my hand faster to match his pace. We were both moaning and grunting together, our body heat and sweat mingled erotically between us. My hips began a pace of their own, and I rose up to meet him when he would come back down again. Alex whimpered my name under his breath.

"Fuck… Jack." I grinned behind my pleasure, a sense of pride that it was my name and my actions that made his voice so strained, so close to his climax. I worked my hips faster against him, and he cried out, but my answering plea was not far behind as he put his hand over top of mine, so that our hands were working his hard shaft together. I couldn't think to breath anymore, the muscles in my chest had contracted against me, forcing my lungs free of air.

"Please! Please, Alex!" I begged for my release, ready to do anything to get it.

"Together, fucking now. Cum Jack!" he cried.

We both came at the same time; Alex dug his hands into my thighs, and pulled my hips upwards so I was fully inside his ass when I filled him. His cum landed warm and sticky on my face, and Alex lent forward to lick it off with his tongue. I fell back into the headboard of the bed, struggling to draw breathe as my orgasm faded.

"What the fuck is going on?!"

My eyes shot open, and we both turned towards the door, where Rian and Zach were watching us with horrified expressions.