"The Dark Ranger Saga" Part 3

"Another clone?" Kimberly exclaimes as all stood, helmets removed, around the Power Chamber operations table "Then why did he act like he was Tommy? Oliver certainly doesn't."

She gestures wildly over to the man in question standing in his helmetless White Ranger armor.

"Obviously he has been completed, given Tommy's mind but twisted to Bandora's and Zedd's requirements. I fear with this Tommy we will never be able to take from their grasp" comes Zordon's reply.

All look around at each other in shock, in amazement. None knowing what to say until finally Billy speaks up "then what about the powers? Surely…"

"Bandora spent considerable time with the Great Dragon coin; no doubt she has apparently been able to 'clone' that as well" Zordon replies.

"We could sure use that tech right now" Trini remarks as the others ponder.

"And now they have all the Thunder Coins. This just keeps getting better and better. Soon enough Zedd will have a six man army with all our powers and total loyalty to him and we can't even keep our team together. And this new…twisted Tommy remembers fighting us, he moved before we could react and beat Rocky's ass!" Bill shakes his head as he falls back to sit on the steps.

"Yeah, and I won't let him do that again" Rocky speaks as he walks from the turbolift, down the steps to the main area and the others.

"Rocky" Billy stands "how you feeling?"

"Physically the droids say I'm fine" he lowers his head with a wince "but I feel empty, in pain even."

"No doubt the loss of your powers. It will subside" Zordon interjects.

"See that's it" Rocky looks up at the holographic head "I don't want it to. I want to feel this pain until I get my coin back, no matter what it takes."

"Without your powers to protect you that will be impossible. But I assure you that we will do whatever we can to retrieve all of the coins" Oliver says frankly and turns to face him "but frankly Rocky we may have to destroy them to make sure they are not used by the Zedorian's."

"Which is exactly why I am going to be with you!" Rocky snaps back "you saw how easily he ripped the coin out, just like they did with the rest. It's like a glowing target on our belts."

"I'm working on that" interjects Billy.

Rocky looks over at him for a second but is distracted as he winces and clenches his fist to his chest. Suddenly though he stops, opening his eyes and looking up slowly in wonder, nothing else seems to matter as he turns his head to look over at the operations table. There the Tyrannosaurus coin glows a bright red, his eyes then seem to reflect it, his pupils also glowing as he begins to move towards it.

"What is it?" Billy asks with a frown watching him walk toward the table, following his eye line to the glowing coin "what…the…hell?"

"Its calling to me" Rocky replies without looking away, finally reaching the table and lowering his right hand to pick it up "like my coin did. And the pain…is fading."

He picks the coin up as the other looks on in confusion, bringing it into a fist and clutching it to his chest "the pain is going. I feel…whole again."

"Maybe the coin has been gone from Jason long enough that it's started looking for a new user" Kimberly suggests.

"But why Rocky?" Trini responds.

"Perhaps it's the colour. Perhaps the red coins have a similar configuration" Billy says.

"Indeed" Zordon appears as though raising an eyebrow down at the young man "if this is true then we have solved two of our problems in one. Rocky will replace Jason for the time being. I believe it would be a good idea is we also contact Adam, no doubt the Mastodon coin may also do the same."

"Thanks" Rocky nods confidently, bringing the coin down and clicking into his empty morpher "but…what about Jason? And Zack? What happened?"

"It is as you humans say 'a long story.' But suffice to say you are now the Tyrannosaur Ranger."

Zordon's words seem to have impact on all in the room but no more than on Kimberly. Her face is filled with a multitude of emotions but the most prominent is grief. She closes her eyes and lowers her head so at to hide her face, her eyes, and turns heading out of the room by the side door. Trini looks up from the others, noticing this and follows. Billy looks after her himself and asks "Trini?"
"I'll be back in a moment, you guys carry on" She smiles for a moment and then follow Kimberly out.

"Then I'm the new leader? Not sure I am comfortable with that. This isn't my team" Rocky now says.

"No" Zordon's head shakes with distortion "in your absence I have chosen Oliver to head all teams. He is less…emotional than the rest of you and has been bred to be the perfect field commander."

"I see" Rocky wrinkles his face with aggravation and looks over at Oliver who simply stands, looking back blankly


Kimberly stands now, in darkness, in silence at the same port hole that she and Jason had shared their first and last kiss. Her arms wrapped up around her front and holding her shoulders as she looks out at the blue orb below in evident pain, her eyes damp.

"Kim?" Trini appears behind her "is everything alright?"

Kimberly lets out a slight laugh at the question "I can't remember ok Trini. It's been so long I think I have forgotten what ok feels like."

"True" Trini nods "but it's not everything that just made you leave the 'Chamber just now."

"I was just thinking" she sighs and lowers her arms to her side "about Jason. Everyone seems to have moved on, to have given up on him so quickly. To replace him so quickly."

"We don't have a choice Babe" Trini moves over now to her and places an arm over her friends back to her shoulder "he and Zack made their choice."

"Yeah…" Kimberly turns breaking her arm and sitting back now against the window groove "but we should have tried! I should have tried…to go after him. To convince him."

"Hey" Trini brings her arms up and places them on her friends shoulders "we all tried, you did everything you could. He choose to leave and we have to accept it. He'll be ok Babe."

Kimberly looks up now, tears in her eyes "thanks Trini."

"Hey" she smiles back "what are friends for?"

With that Kimberly pulls her in and the two embrace in a strong hug. A lone moment of love, of kinship between two friends who seem to have little but each other and this strange life they now lead.


"Dark Rangers?" Bandora has a bemused look on her face as she as Zedd step into the elevator.

"I feel a strike force like that needs a certain…intimidation factor" Zedd replies.

"Well we may have to start doing press conferences then. Spread their terror" Bandora speaks, as the elevator stops as their floor, the doors opening and the two stepping out onto Serpentera's Command Deck.

"Do not joke women" Zedd warns her as they walks towards the tactical table.

"I'm serious. We should at least announce their presence" Bandora tells him.

"Hmm" Zedd makes a sound as they reach the table, him reaching down and pulling up a padd that had symbols on it, asking him to read "what's this?"

"Information on the four new team members the coins reacted too. I wrote the report myself darling" she smiles slightly, passing behind him as he reads.

"I recognized the Yellow one but the others are new to me. I will read it now" he speaks without looking up "and if you call me that again I will have you publicly executed along with your irritating brother."

Bandora takes the hint and leaves him to his reading. He glances over the padd with interest as the biography of the first appears with an included picture.


Species/Sex: Galian, Male

Former Position: Communications Officer of the Imperial flagship Serpentera

The Galian he knew. His features that of any Galian; purple eyes, blue discolored skin and ridged ears that move to a point behind his head. He did not have any previous combat training and was mostly just a meek naval officer. That would change as soon as he tapped into his new powers, not to mention the slight alterations Bandora had made to those powers.


Species/Sex: Malian, Female

Former Position: Squadron Pilot of the Seventh Fleet

Her species looked almost human but for the ridges that ran from her brow to her shoulders. Green eyes, auburn hair and well built due to her former occupation. This one not only had combat training but also experience in the heat of battle. He would have much use for her.


Species/Sex: Da-Morkan, Male

Former Position: Zedorian Military Infantry

Zedorian was a combat veteran who had fought, won and survived many battles and many wars. Not in the least were several encounters during the short skirmishes the Empire had had with the Machine Empire several cycles ago. Physically he was largely built like the rest of his species. Tall, muscled and fierce. His features were much different than that of humans with extra bones and protective shells over the vulnerable parts of his anatomy. His head was bald but for a ponytail that ran independently of the front and top scalp to his shoulders. In short; a warrior and one Zedd would have much use for in the coming battles.

And finally…

RED DRAGON RANGER: Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson

Species: Human, Male

Former Position: Earth, American Military Infantry Commander

The African American Human had served for nearly ten years in the human United States Army. He had served as a squad commander for a half of that. He had all the leadership and tactical skills the Red Coin's needed and it had reacted to him when the coin was exposed to the converted Military during conversion training. He had proclaimed a strong dislike for the 'Power Rangers' and their effect on the current situation. This one may indeed be the third part of Zedd's ace in the hole.

Zedd looked up from the padd with satisfaction and called out to Bandora, who by now was talking to an officer at tactical.

"Bandora!" Zedd calls.

"Yes my Lord" she approaches, dropping what she was doing.

"Is it repaired?"

"As of eight hours ago. We returned it to the sea where we found it in" Bandora smiles some.

"Then I believe it's time to make our move, to use our new Dark Rangers. We will draw them out and then we will finally quell the last resistance on this word. The 'Power Rangers' will finally be dead!" He clenches his fist in passion and then notices the crew, Bandora included, looking at him "deploy them."

"With pleasure" Bandora smiles and nods, heading past him to do just that.


Tokyo, Japan. In many ways it had changed a lot since the last time a Green Ranger had stood upon one of its tallest buildings. Damage from the final invasion was evident, not to mention the previous damage from the aforementioned time had not yet been repaired. 'This time however' the Green Ranger thought as he stood upon the tall mass of metal and glass 'it will be different. This time the odds will be even.' With that thought he lowers his head to see his new allies standing upon the neighboring tower, about forty feet below.

There the Pink Thunder Ranger stands, arms folded in wait with the others behind her.

"What now?" Asks Thrace.

"We draw them out" Katherine responds.

"And then we kill them!" Kelborn punches his hand.

Katherine turned her head slightly to look at him for the outburst then slowly turned back to looking up at the Green Ranger who now had his dagger withdrawn.

"I love this tune" he spoke to himself and as his mouth piece withdrew he began to play.

He played the same piece his original had played before, blowing into his instrument and moving his hands over the flute like device.

Below the water started bubble, growing in intensity as the new Tommy continued playing. The bubbling continues to get larger, more in volume until finally the peak of the dragon's head rose up from the water. Soon the newly repaired Dragonzord was towering over many of the buildings themselves responding to the almost deafeningly loud music being played and giving an animated roar, its chest plate flashing its five ringed lights in response.

"Time to play old friend" The Green Ranger smiles with sinister intentions as he raises the flute again to play the command to attack.


The Rangers once again stood in the Power Chamber now in the company of Adam who had recently arrived on the same cloaked shuttle that had taken him home not too long ago. After a few minutes of banter he steps forward towards the table and reaches down to the coin, smiling as he sees it respond to him with a black glow. Rocky returns the smile, standing behind him and putting a hand on his shoulder.

"We got a second chance" Rocky smiles warmly at his friend.

"This is…unbelievable" Adam shakes his head in disbelief, examining the golden object in his hands.

He is quickly brought out of it however as sirens sound, the Power Chamber turning red on tactical alert.

"What? What's that?" Rocky frowns up at Zordon.

"My link up has found reports of a disturbance in Tokyo I think you all may wish to see. Observe the screen" Zordon commands.

All gather around the screen watching it as it flickers to a news report from the English speaking coverage of what is happening in Tokyo.

"As you can see from this footage the robotic Dragon that has not been seen in many months has returned to once again attack Tokyo. An evacuation is under way but we are getting no response from the military or our new rulers. Whether they are ignoring it or will help us is unknown but as you can see from this and another shot here taken from another helicopter" the screen shows footage of what appears to be the Thunder Rangers standing upon a building, watching the destruction "it is clear that we are being attacked by the Power Rangers."

"Those sons of bitches!" Rocky curses.

"We have to get down there now!" Kimberly is already halfway across the room.

"This team is inexperienced as a unit but we have little choice" Oliver agrees and follows with most of the others.

"I fear this is to draw you out Rangers. Once revealed to the world I cannot protect you" Zordon tells them.

"Yeah, no shit!" Adam remarks.

The only one not moving is Billy who looks conflicted, annoyed, upset but not in the way the others all are. As Trini passes him he grabs her arm and pulls her in, softly speaking.

"Trini, when we get back I want to ask your something" he tells her.

"What?" She frowns.

"When we get back. You'll like it I promise you but it's a surprise" he smiles faintly at her.

"Ok" she nods and moves in, embracing him in a deep loving kiss and then repeating "when we get back."

The two smile at each other and then move out, following the others up onto the transporter platform.

"Rangers…" Zordon speaks up to halt them "good luck."

"Thanks" Rocky nods as the others also gesture a response.

With that the team disappears into shimmers of the light, the transporter activating and sending them to Earth for what is set to no doubt be their hardest battle, perhaps even their last.