BlYsrus564: "Hello again everyone! The one-and-only BlYsrus564 here!"

Mario Bros: "Hey BlYsrus564!"

BlYsrus564: "Hey Mario Bros!"

Peach and Daisy: "Hi BlYsrus564!"

BlYsrus564: "Hi Peach! Hi Daisy!"

Mario: "Hey. BlYsrus564, can I do the Disclaimer this time?"

BlYsrus564: "Sure Mario. Go ahead."

Mario: "Thanks man. *ahem* He does not own these characters. Nintendo does. Thank you."

BlYsrus564: "That was great!"

Mario: "Thank you."

BlYsrus564: "No problem! Don't forget to review readers! Now...Back to the story..."

Chapter 6: Peach and Daisy's Letter.

(Back in Corona Mountain...)

Peach & Daisy: "Mario! Luigi! Help us!!!"

The Evil Quad: "No Way! We're not gonna help you! You're too late!"

(Then, Peach and Daisy started to write a letter to Mario and Luigi. They finished it in just 1 minute. Then...)

Mario: "Hmm? What's this?"

(He picks up the letter. and he calls to Luigi.)

Mario: "Luigi! Look what I've got!"

Luigi: "What is it bro?"

Mario: "It's a letter! Ok. It says..."

Peach & Daisy: "Dear Mario and Luigi, We need help! Please! You two are the only one who could save us! Enclosed is our love for you and we wish you the best of luck. We know you can save us! We Love you Mario and Luigi! I hope you teach those bad guys a lesson! Love, Peach and Daisy."

Luigi: "Ok. Bro! You ready to do this?"

Mario: "I'm ready Luigi! Let's go save Peach and Daisy! Toad! Yoshi! Toadette! You guys stay here ok?"

Yoshi: "Please can I go with you?"

Toad: "Yeah can I go too?"

Toadette: "Can I please go with you?"

Mario Bros: "Oh what the heck. Why not?"

Yoshi, Toad, and Toadette: "Thank you Mario and Luigi!"

(Back at Corona Mountain...)

Peach & Daisy: Mario...Luigi...Please Hurry! We need you! us!

(Back at Delfino Plaza...)

Mario Bros: Peach...Daisy...We're coming! We'll try to get there as fast as we can! "Alright then. Let's go to Corona Mountain!!!!"

BlYsrus564: "Well, that was yet again another short chapter. Sorry folks!"

Peach & Daisy: "It's ok! I thought it was a good one!"

Mario Bros: "Well that was short."

Toad: "Tell me about it..."

BlYsrus564: "Well, I hope you liked it. Don't forget to review readers!"