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"Teddie, go create a distraction or something," Yosuke said.

"What? Why me?" Teddie complained.

"How else are we supposed to get this into the TV?" Yosuke asked, pointing at the box with the dissembled picnic table in it.

"What do I do?" Teddie whined.

"I don't know, just do something," Yosuke said in an exasperated voice. "There's only those three women in the department right now, hurry up before more people come!"

Teddie scratched his chin and thought for a moment. "Fine," he said and headed over to where the group of women were standing. "Who wants a free kiss?" he said loudly. "I'll make it nice and juicy!" The three women gave him a strange look and quickly walked away. Teddie glumly walked back to the group. "They ran away," he said sulkily.

"What did you expect them to do?" Chie asked.

"I was hoping I could distract them with a good smooch while you guys threw that into the TV."

Yukiko burst into gales of laughter. Teddie sighed and looked at the floor.

"Come on, let's hurry up and get this over with before more people come," Naoto said.

Kanji and Souji picked up the box and tossed it through the TV screen, and jumped in after it. The rest of the group followed them.

The eight of them landed in the grassy plain the TV world had become.

Rise looked around, enjoying the scenery, and the pleasant spring-like weather. "It's so relaxing to come here now," she said. "It's hard to believe that it's already been two years since those murders took place."

"Yeah," Souji said. "It's even harder to believe that this place was filled with shadows and used for murders."

"I'm glad that things are back to normal, even though I do miss the investigation team." Yukiko said.

"Quit being depressing you guys!" Chie butted in. "It's Souji's first day back here since winter break, and tomorrow we all start school again! We need to have one day where we can just have fun!"

"Yes, you're right," Yukiko said.

"Would you guys quit spacing out over there and help me put this damn picnic table together!" Kanji yelled at them.

"Did you try reading the instructions?" Naoto asked looking at the messy pile of pieces Kanji had thrown on the ground.

"No, I didn't see any in there."

"There has to be instructions somewhere in the box," Yosuke said. "You just didn't look hard enough." He looked through the pile on the ground and inside of the box and found nothing. "Oh man, are you serious?" He whined.

"Come on you guys, it's just a picnic table it can't be that difficult to put together!" Rise optimistically said. "It's basically like a big puzzle right? Just put these pieces together like this!" She attempted to put two pieces together and when they obviously wouldn't fit she tried to force them to anyways.

Yosuke grabbed them out of Rise's hand before she broke them. "Those don't even look like they go together!" He yelled. "Me, Kanji and Souji will work on this the rest of you just go over there," he said, waving them away.

"At least I tried," Rise mumbled as she sat down in the grass with the rest of the group.

After about a half an hour of frustrating work, and a large amount of swearing, Yosuke, Souji and Kanji finished putting together the picnic table.

"Uh, it's done," Kanji said uncertainly.

The girls and Teddie gave him a strange look as they sat down. Yosuke, Souji, and Kanji waited until everyone else sat down, before they joined them, giving the picnic table a wary look as they did.

"Here's the food!" Yukiko said.

"Uh, you didn't cook that did you?" Chie said eying the sushi.

"No I bought it from Junes."
"Whew," Chie said. Yukiko glared at her.

"I mean uh, um too bad." Chie said and laughed nervously.

Yukiko opened her mouth to reply, when there was a loud snapping noise. The eight of them look at each other.

"What was…" but before Teddie could finish his sentence, the picnic table collapsed and the eight of them were sitting on the ground.

Yosuke, Souji, and Kanji look around guiltily.

"What the hell! You guys can't even put together a picnic table?" Chie yelled.

"There weren't any instructions!" Yosuke complained.

"Seriously, it's just a picnic table! It can't be that hard."

"Well maybe if you wouldn't have bought the cheap one it wouldn't have fallen apart!"

"I bought the cheap one because I didn't' want to use too much of your money!"

"You should have…" Yosuke trailed off. "Wait did you say my money?"

"Oh, um… oh crap." Chie trailed off once she realized what she had said.

"Did you use my card again?"

"Yeah, I forgot to mention that didn't I," Chie said laughing nervously.

"Why did you…" Yosuke began, but he was cut off by Kanji.

"Would you two shut up! I think I heard something over there."

Chie and Yosuke stopped arguing and followed Kanji's gaze. The rest of the group did as well. At the edge of the field there were a few shrubs clumped together, that was the area Kanji had heard the noise coming from. As they all waited, they heard the noise again and the bushes moved.

"Something's coming out!" Teddie yelled. As soon as the words left his mouth, a group of shadows appeared out of the bushes.

"What the hell," Yosuke muttered.

"They're headed this way! Everyone, get your Personas ready!" Souji ordered. "Rise, get behind us and give us some support!"

Rise stepped behind the group and summoned her Persona, Kanzeon. "These enemies aren't too strong, but be careful!"

The three enimies attacked first. The first one used a strike attack and landed a critical hit on Chie.

"Hang in there Chie!" Rise yelled. "If one of you can find their weakness, you should be able to defeat them before they attack again!"

The next two shadows used bufu. Luckily neither of the attaks were aimed at Yukiko who's weakness was ice.

After the shadows finished thier assault, Souji and Yosuke attacked followed by Yukiko. Yukiko used maragi and discovered that the enemies were weak to fire. "Come on, let's get 'em!" she yelled.

The group jumped to attack the now knocked down enemies and defeated them.

Yosuke walked over to help Chie up, thier argument now forgotten.

"Where the hell did those come from?" Souji asked.

"I don't know," Teddie said. "There shouldn't be any shadows here now."

The eight of them looked around the field, which now seemed eerily quite after the noise from the battle.

"I don't understand," Naoto said. "We've been coming here for the past two years and there haven't been any signs of shadows at all. They all disappeared after we beat Izanami."

Yukiko shook her head, "It doesn't make any sense."
"Maybe we should go back to Junes," Rise said looking around warily. "Who

knows if there are more of them lurking around here."

"Yeah, I guess so," Teddie said.

They walked over to the stack of TV's that was their way back.

As soon as they were back at Junes they headed for the food court. They all bought something to eat, since the sushi had been left behind during all the confusion, and sat down at their usual table.

"What could cause them to just suddenly reappear like that?" Souji said as they sat down.

"Who knows," Yosuke sighed. "We haven't seen them for about two years now, I thought they were gone."

"Maybe they were always there and we were just lucky enough not to run into them or something," Rise said.

"We'e been going back there a few times a month now for two years, if there were any shadows there before we would have almost certainly encountered them," Naoto said. "These must have recently reappeared; I just don't know what could have caused them to come back."

"We don't need to start watching for the midnight channel again, do we?" Chie asked.

Naoto sighed, "Hopefully we're just overreacting, but it can't hurt to be cautious, I think we should all see if the midnight channel comes on again tonight."

They all nodded. "Too bad school starts tomorrow; we aren't going to have time to keep an eye on what's going on inside the TV." Souji said.

"I think we should all go together, I don't know if the rest of you noticed this, but I felt like I was out of practice or something when I summoned my Persona." Yukiko said.

"Yeah, I felt the same way," Rise said.

"Me too," Kanji added.

The rest of the group nodded.

"Can we all meet up here next Sunday?" Yosuke asked.

"That's fine with me," Souji said. "Is everyone else alright with that?"

The rest of the group agreed to meet up on Sunday.

"It looks like we're an investigation team once again," Naoto sighed.

"Hopefully this will just be a false alarm," Yukiko said. "We should go home for now, it's getting late and we all have to wake up early tomorrow."

They all got up and said their goodbyes. "Don't forget to watch for the Midnight Channel," Naoto added before they split up.

Souji solemnly walked home. Why do bad things always seem to happen as soon as I show up? He thought sourly.

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