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Kagome prodded at the boiling ramen watching the lumpy mass begin to soften. She'd need to stop back home in less than a week with the speed that they were going through the stuff. She hardly noticed when everyone around her froze, it was the unnatural stillness that brought her attention away from her task.

Her liquid blue eyes took in the scene before her without comprehension. Miroku and Sango had both stilled, hands gripping their weapons tightly. Miroku glanced back at the tree line where Inuyasha and Shippo had disappeared to bring back water. Sango's gaze was directed forward in the opposite direction. Kagome followed her line of sight, her eyes shuttering to a stop when she reached a patch of white which flowed into a red hexagon pattern.

The taiyouki didn't say anything, merely choosing a tree on the outskirts of their camp and reclining against it's rough bark. He gave one sharp nod before closing his eyes and ignoring the rest of them. Behind where he had stood his retainer began bellowing and issuing commands to the two headed dragon and adorable little girl that perched on his saddle. A brilliant smile split across Rin's face and she clambered out of the saddle and raced over to Kagome.

"Rin is so happy! Rin gets to play with Kagome-sama and Shippo-kun while Sesshoumaru-sama waits for N-naraku to try to steal Kagome-sama's jewel! Isn't Kagome-sama happy too?" Rin was practically bursting with happiness at her proclamation.

It took Kagome a moment to process what she was being told but when it sank in she laughed lightly and smiled back at Rin.

"Yes, Rin. It is very wonderful! Would you like to help me with dinner? I'm making noodles, I'm sure you'll love them." She spared a quick and silent apology to Inuyasha.

She went along with her task chatting quietly to Rin and slowly both Miroku and Sango followed her lead and slipped back into their daily activities as if it was a common occurrence for the Lord of the West and his group to join them for supper. Kagome spared a glance at the tree line and prodded the fire trying to hurry the ramen along.


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