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Kagome wished that the earth would swallow her up and end her embarrassment. Inuyasha was already screaming obscenities at her and stomping her way. God she'd messed up! They'd been fighting a bear youkai who'd gotten a hold of two shards and was blazing through a forest. She'd fired an arrow, dead on for her mark for once, only to have it collide with the blazing pink of another arrow.

She hadn't even seen the dead priestess until the blast from the colliding arrows sent her slamming back into a tree and caused Inuyasha to veer off his path to catch her. The bear had roared towards where she had frozen in shock. By the time her limbs had thawed it was too late to even raise her bow.

She'd had a split second to pray for a miracle when a slash of green cut right in front of her eyes. There was a moment of unreality and then a spray of blood splashed across her chest and dripped down her front. She fell backward onto her rump and tried to stop her heart from crawling up her throat.

"Hey bitch! What the hell were you trying to do! Are you stupid or something? Keh, some priestess you are! Kikyo would have never pulled a stunt like that!" Kagome forced back tears at the familiar mantra. Inuyasha's tirade was cut off prematurely though.

"Miko. These belong to you." Sesshoumaru dropped the shards into her tentatively outstretched hand before sauntering away.

Kagome gaped a moment before choking out a hushed "Thank you." Her mind spun with Inuyasha's hateful tirade but... She had the shards, and maybe, maybe she hadn't messed up quite so badly. The shards belonged to her, and well Sesshoumaru saw fit for her to have them, not Inuyasha, and not Kikyo.