The writing is lovely, but alas it is not mine. I'm once again posting for my pally, R&R svp. XD


"It's a beautiful night isn't it? Would you care to join me this evening?" Soi Fon shivered when she heard Yoruichi's husky whisper from behind her before she felt warm, seductive lips on her neck. Slowly, Yoruichi kissed her way up. She pressed a kiss under her chin, her cheek, behind her ear. Soi Fon trembled in pleasure as she felt Yoruichi's hot breath on her skin and in her ear. Yoruichi traced the shell of Soi Fon's ear before nibbling on the lobe, her fingers gently skimming her bare shoulders, sliding down her arms, tracing the dips and bumps of the bare back before her, then wrapping them around Soi Fon's slim waist, pulling her into Yoruichi's chest. Yoruichi's lips then started their trek back down in a very slow, tantalizing manner. Soi Fon shivered as hands crept along her stomach and sides, slowly gliding upwards. Soi Fon gasped when Yoruichi's hands found her breasts, kneading them softly.

"Yoruichi…" Soi Fon breathed out, turning her head to look at the golden-eyed Goddess behind her.

"Soi Fon." Yoruichi backed Soi Fon into the opposing wall, pressing herself into Soi Fon, kissing down her neck, kissing the hollow of her throat as clever fingers gently pried the neck line of Soi Fon's top open, exposing more soft radiant skin and cleavage. Yoruichi lowered her head to kiss what was exposed of Soi Fon's chest. Soi Fon moaned and sighed deeply at her Goddess' actions. Soon said Goddess became restless and claimed her prize, kissing Soi Fon long and deeply; coaxing her mouth open so she could explore, hands still wandering.

Soi Fon's own hands began wandering the perfect body before her. Fingertips grazing perfect mounds, smooth sides, slim hips, and toned thighs. Hands slid to Yoruichi's waist, teasing Yoruichi's sash off. Soi Fon broke the kiss to attack her Goddess' soft neck, pale fingers tugging at Yoruichi's jacket, impatiently pushing the garment off her shoulders.

Yoruichi moaned softly, tilting her head back as Soi Fon traveled to her throat, unconsciously pushing herself further into her. Soi Fon was slowly but surly gaining dominance, which didn't settle well with Yoruichi. She pushed Soi Fon back against the wall, almost roughly, by her shoulders before claiming her lips again. Her hands went to either side of Soi Fon's face pulling her close and forcing the kiss to deepen, grinding her hips into Soi's. Soi Fon's hands gripping the soft skin of her lover's back.

Neither new when they had entered the bedroom but neither really cared. Clothing had long since bin forgotten and replaced by frenzied touches and heated kisses as the two collapsed on the bed. Yoruichi began to law sweet kisses along Soi Fon's throat, gliding lower to her collarbone, to her chest just above her breasts.

"Mmm, Yoruichi?"

"What?" Yoruichi muttered, not wanting to have to pause for to long, kissing the valley between Soi's breasts before taking one into he mouth.

"Yoruichi-!" Soi Fon gasped as sharp teeth bit into her. "Yoruichi, I know its Halloween but could you please lose the fangs?"