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There I was, sitting on the couch, watching TV, feeling totally bored. It was Spring Break, and I had absolutely nothing to do. All of my friends were either at camp or at home, and no one lived close to New York. My mom had suggested I invite some people over, but I was still contemplating it. Annabeth and I had patched things up after her leaving me on Half-Blood Hill a few weeks ago, but I still felt akward around her. I couldn't put my finger on it. Grover was somewhere, I wasn't sure where, and no one had seen him for a while now. Of course Thalia was off being a Hunter, Nico was probably hanging out with dead people, and Clarrise hated my guts. I guess there was Silena and Beckendorf, but a Daughter of Aphrodite was always a danger to have around. Hannah Montana somehow found its way onto the TV screen, and I decided I'd call everyone. Or Iris-Message, rather.

I grabbed some drachmas and went into the bathroom. In the end I decided to try Thalia first, cause I was 99.99% sure she couldn't come. "O Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering. Thalia, Hunter of Artemis." In a moment, there she was, punk clothing in all, in a forest that seemed slightly familiar. She noticed me and smiled. "Hey, Percy. What's up?"

I smiled back. "Not much. It's Spring Break, and I was wondering if you could maybe get some time off and come over."

Her smile broadened. "That sounds great! Who else is coming?"

"Well, I'm gonna try and get to Grover, Nico, Clarrise, Beckendorf, Silena, and Annabeth. I was pretty shocked that you could come, to be honest."

"We've been doing good lately," she said. "All the monsters in our area have been hunted down, so we're getting to relax for Spring Break."

"Oh," I said. "That's cool. See you at my place at 3:00 tomorrow? It's on East 104th and First. See ya!"

"Bye!" Thalia said as I cut the connection.

Who to contact next? Clarrise? Grover? Grover. I grabbed another drachma and made my offering again. We talked a little bit. He said he'd been in Central Park spreading the word about Pan, and was only about half-successful. In the end he said he'd come, and I wished him good luck as I waved through the mist.

I kept Iris-Messaging until I only had one person left to invite: Annabeth. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to. During normal circumstances, I wouldn't have hesitated. Now, there was something holding me back, and I wasn't sure what it was.

You love her! A voice in my head said.

Shut up! I told it, though somewhere in the back of my mind, I think it could've been right. No, it was right. I was in love with Annabeth Chase. I finally admitted it to myself. I guessed that at about then Grover's head was filled with my emotions because of our empathy link.

Time to invite the girl I loved - my best friend - to spend a day hanging out.

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