Fucking Commies!


"Oi! Boss?" A scratchy Irish voice asked of the sleeping blond as he tapped his back with a clawed hand. His only response was an snort and something inaudible before drifting back to sleep. "Boss?" He called again poking him harder. The blond only rolled over onto his back. Sighing the Darkling grabbed another Darkling by the skull and and whacked the master on the head eliciting a sharp cry of pain as he sat up and looked around for his assailant. "Man boss, you sleep like a goddamn Brute!"

Naruto groaned holding his aching head as he glared at the various Darklings hanging around his room before setting his gaze on Gnarl. "Ugh, what the hell Gnarl? I was asleep goddamn it!" He swung his legs over and kicked one of them out from under him. He looked around at his clock and found the three digits flashing at him. Mocking him. Two o'clock...It was two o'clock in the fucking morning. "This had better be important..."

Gnarl ran his hand along his bearded chin. He looked nervous...Well, as nervous as a Darkling could look. "Well boss...I was kind of talking with Lillith..." Naruto's eyes narrowed at the name of that particular Darking and Gnarl smiled nervously. "And she was wondering if I could ask-"

"No." He made to lay back down as Gnarl jumped on his pillow holding out his hands in protest.

"Just-Just wait a minute Boss! I know you two aren't exactly on the best of terms-"

"She disobeyed me." Naruto growled swatting the Minion class leader away. There were four types of Darklings he had been able to successfully create in his experimentation of his powers and then there were the modifications. Naruto's easiest summon and by far the most extensive branch of Darklings were known as Minions. They were small imp like creatures usually black in color. They were split into four sub-classes as Naruto continued to experiment and create them.

"It was in the heat of the moment! You know how she gets during a climax!" Gnarl argued. "Besides she only wants to talk to you, stretch her wings a little."

Naruto sighed grabbing his coat and standing before going to the door and creaking it open slowly. Glancing around the hall to check for anyone else awake he snuck downstairs and into the yard where he cracked his back and stretched. Then he opened his palm and focused calling forth the first Succubus Class Darkling he'd summoned in a long time. The Succubus class had taken him a long time to master summoning and a lot of research into the human body to even attempt. To the untrained eye Succubi, or in the case of their male counterpart Incubi, were normal people, although extremely alluring to their prey. They were adept shape-shifters, becoming their prey's most perfect mate in the flicker of an eye. But once they took their true form it was apparent to anyone not under their spell already what they were...When transformed their left arm shifted into a bladed whip of darkness that impaled anything that dared to threaten them. The elongated fangs they possessed were used to great effect to drain the life blood from a victim.

Their leader was Lillith. The most beautiful and first success in creating the class. Strangely she had developed a fascination with her creator, whom she affectionately referred to as her Beloved Shifu, and was always trying to seduce him into making love with her. He remembered quite clearly when he had first summoned her. She immediately tackling him to the ground, straddled his waist and had his pants half down before he was able to send her back into the shadows. This had made him very weary of summoning her the next time, in fact he did not until he had about fifty Minions Class with him as a security measure against her raping him.

As she rose from the ground her large wings spread wide as she stretched and sighed contently, as one would after a good fuck. She was dressed in a see through bustier hiding her lower regions only just barely as the line of her womanhood was just barely visible, her breasts were hidden only behind long thick black hair that fell down her chest. She took a deep whiff of the air before opening her crimson eyes to stare at him, lust filling them like the water of a dam, her mouth curved into a dark grin that showed her long fangs. "My Beloved Shifu..." She whispered softly, floating gently on her wings to embrace him to which he pushed her back roughly.

"Gnarl said you wanted to talk. So talk." Naruto growled crossing his arms.

She pouted, putting on the most innocent face in the history of mankind, several surrounding Darklings swooned and collapsed, much to her amusement and his annoyance. "Oh, don't be that way! I said I was sorry, didn't I?"

"You deliberately disobeyed me. We were only lucky I sent you back before you were seen." His eyes narrowed glowing dangerously. "Now give me one good reason why I shouldn't send you back."

She dropped down from her hover and stared at him longingly. Her crimson eyes were seductive and innocent, hiding perfectly the evil in her soul. "I've never been much for words my sweet..." She whispered softly reaching out and sliding her fingertips along his chest setting his pleasure nodes on fire. He had not been naturally immune to her charms he would have become a helpless thrall to her, livingfor her touch like so many he'd sent her after before banishing her back into darkness. "You alone hold the power to command me..." She kneeled and kissed his hand with her blood red lips and sucking on his palm leaving a small mark on it in the center of the lipstick. "But if there is anything I can do..."

Naruto rolled his eyes pulling his hand away wiping it on his pant leg. Even when asking for a second chance to work for him her only thoughts were centered around sex. "I'll find something for you to do today. Don't screw up...and I promise I'll make the consideration Lillith." He closed his eyes in exasperation as she leaped at him squealing with joy before he faded her as well as the other Darklings into the shadows, though not before she was able to kiss his neck leaving small teethmarks on the line of his jugular. When he was finally alone he began to reflect upon the days events. All things considered the three of them had taken the news of his powers rather well. Granted Hinata seemed slightly more frightened of him and Ami was now requesting him to show more of his skills. Kurenai had asked the most questions however, and he had little doubt she was trying to gather some sort of file about the full extent of his abilities for the old man.

Problem was even he didn't fully know what he was capable of that's why he was constantly running test and experimenting. His most recent work centered around strengthening himself rather than enhancing his forces. He wanted to be able to, in situations where he could not call the darkness, be able to defend himself. So far he'd had mixed results on his project. Trying to enhance his bone structure with Darkness matter, while extremely painful, was plausible even in broad daylight. The main problem was the pure amount of pain it caused him. If he could learn more about the nerves in his body that sent signals of "pain" to his brain and learn to use the Darkness to temporarily sever them, then he could possibly replace his entire bone structure with Dark Matter at will. He shook his head, that was a long ways off, however, and until he could get the necessary medical text it was a moot point to continue that particular area of research.

With that thought he shifted gears to consider what to do about the current mission. Zabuza was alive, that much was certain. He also had an accomplice, a ninja in hunter gear from Mist. This was a matter of some concern, he knew he had hurt Zabuza pretty badly, but there was a good chance he would be licking his wounds for a few weeks at least enough for him to formulate a strategy on how to deal with swordsman. However, even if the mission was a success before that time Naruto knew he had hurt the older man's pride too, and there was an excellent chance he would come to try and even the score.

But I'll fuck that bridge when I get to it...


He sighed glanced over his shoulder at the sleepy form of Hinata Hyuga standing in the doorway. She wasn't wearing her jacket giving Naruto a good view of the figure of his teammate. He wouldn't lie, she was rather attractive in her own way. She was genuinely kindhearted and soft, a rare thing among ninja nowadays, and at the same time she could be absolutely infuriating. it wasn't her fault mind you, she simply lacked the confidence to strike true when she fought. She would hesitate and try as he may he'd been so far unable to completely break her of her shyness. In the last three days since revealing his powers he would attack her at dusk to build up her reaction times, he purposefully left his right leg open for counter attack yet every time she failed to notice the opening and would blindly strike for his chest which he kept very well guarded. He'd done everything but tell her where the opening was. from leaving it uncovered from his darkness armor to making exaggerated movements to emphasize his opening at the lower right of his body.

Realizing he was staring, he answered her politely. "I'm sorry Hinata, did I wake you up?"

"I-I thought I heard someone shouting...It sounded like a woman..." She bit her lip her cheeks burning ever so slightly as her stared at her his blue eyes calm as the wind. Inwardly Naruto growled. Mentally telegraphing his displeasure with Lillith's loudness at the middle of the night. "What-What are you doing up?" he heard her ask

Naruto blinked and glanced up at the sky. The crescent moon gleaming down very close to a night of perfect darkness. "I like to watch the moon." He said quietly turned back around and sitting on the grass. "It helps me think."

Hinata could have left him alone with that and wished him goodnight, but she swallowed as much of her shyness as she could and took a step onto the cold grass of the lawn. step by step she made herself come up beside him to sit down before staring up at the moon as well. Naruto did not seem to notice or mind her presence. in all actuality there was a sense of welcomeness emanating from the cursed blond. She froze as he stretched and leaned back into the grass him hands folding behind his head. "Um, Can I ask you a question?" She felt herself say gaining his gaze again.

"Go ahead, Shoot."

"When you're looking at the moon...What-What do you think about?"

Naruto glanced at her thinking the question rather odd. But he would humor her, after all she was making progress trying to come out of her shell so who was he to hamper her? "Truely? I usually think about the Darkness. Why was I allowed this power? Sometimes I wonder how I can use it, other times I think about how I shoulduse it." She turned to look at him as he made a fist and three long black blades jutted from his knuckles making her jump. "I could destroy this whole damn planet with this power, I could conquer every civilized land and force them to serve me..." He smirked as the blades shifted in his hands becoming a beautiful black rose in between his fingers. "But then I could create...build a world where people don't have to suffer anymore...Where everyone can live together in peace." He crushed the rose making it dissolve into dust.

"Is...Is that all you think about?" Hinata asked quietly.

"No...Lately I've been thinking about my life up until now. Meeting you and Ami..." He glanced at her as she cheeks turned a rather pretty crimson. He smiled reaching up and puting a hand on her shoulder to help himself up before laughing out loud as she promptly fell back into the grass unconscious and taking him with her.

From the doorway a brunette woman smiled at the two bonding teammates before turning and heading back to bed. Meanwhile, a young purple haired Genin watched them through blinds in her window as she positively seethed seeing the Hyuga so close to her Naruto. Fucking little bitch... She had already staked her claim on the blond when they were in Konoha! She had no reason to be so close to him, especially at night! As she watched Naruto scoop up the unconscious girl and carry her inside she laid back down glaring at the shadows plotting a gruesome death for the whore that she knew she would never really carry out.


Breakfast the next morning was fairly quiet that day. Hinata was blushing through most of the meal and avoiding his gaze and Ami seemed to be attempting to destroy her eggs with her mind. Naruto, for his part, paid neither girl that much mind, he had reasoned Ami had seen him talking with Hinata outside and that had sparked her ire towards the Heiress. He smirked to himself before speaking. "Is there something wrong Ami?" He asked softly making her glance up at him in surprise. He fixed her with his best impression of Lillith and it took everything he had not giggle madly at the blush growing in her cheeks. "You're awfully quite this morning."

"N-No Naruto...I-I'm fine." She stammered uncertain why he was looking at her so lustfully. He'd seen her aunt giving similar stares to her various boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes just before they headed to her room to screw each others brains out. Was he trying to come onto her?

Naruto smiled earning a much larger blush from the young girl and a sour frown from Hinata. This was way to easy! Normally he didn't get off on messing with people's heads but at the same time it was so much fun. But before he could try anything else Kurenai finished her rice and spoke up. "Come on you two, We've got a lot of ground to cover today." Naruto didn't miss the pointed and disapproving frown from the jonin and looked at her innocently as if to say; Did I do something?

As the three left to train in the forest Naruto took the leftovers and passed them under the table to the three Darklings that quickly began licking and scarfing down the remaining meals. leaving the plates and bowl clean, if a little slobbery. As he stood to leave he decided to take the day off and decide what exactly he would have Lillith do. As he walked the streets he began to really take in just how bad these people were suffering... It also drove home the fact that this Gato was scum and he would make certain that for every child he was currently seeing on the streets looking at him pleadingly, he would make that man scream in agony.

It was then that his nose picked up on a strange scent emanating from a large building near the river. After asking around he learned quite a few things that royally pissed him off. The place was a brothel run by Gato to keep the moral of his men up. It was supplied by women, several of them younger than Ami and Hinata were now. He had half a mind to destroy the entire place himself...But no, he had made a commitment with Lillith and he figured this would be the perfect opportunity to make those men suffer... As he returned to his room, he knew he was going to have one hell of a time tonight!


Naruto flicked his hand and a circle of darkness grew from the ground as a beautiful woman with bet wings rose from the ground. She stared at Naruto lustfully. greeting him with a kiss to his hand "I can only guess you have something for me to do, my sweet..."

Naruto indicated the brothel and handed her a small black ball. "Toss that into the building before entering. The women are completely and totally off limits there. As for the men..." They both smiled. "Make them scream." She slid the ball into her bustier as Naruto continued. "Let me make myself clear Lillith. There are children in there, I don't want them any more scarred than they already are. If you screw up I swear I'll shine you."

Lillith flinched at the threat ever so slightly. It was the most painful torture a Darkling could go through. The Master would summon the offending Darkling and beginning subjecting parts of their body to highly concentrated light. then they would more to another section to allow that part of the body to repair itself. Rinse and repeat. However she giggled after regaining her composure before coming up to him and stroking his chest. She let out a lustful sigh as her other hand touched his chin. "I love it when you talk dirty..." She moved to kiss him before spreading her wings and flipping back laughing as she took flight into the night.

Naruto watched her for a while before flicking his hand to summon Gnarl. "You vouched for her Gnarl. Now you make sure she keeps her word." Gnarl nodded and scampered off after the beautiful Darkling as Naruto turned and headed back to the house. He trusted Gnarl and knew that he would keep Lillith in check while she carried out his orders. As he passed a tree he heard a soft groan and rose his eyebrow and looked around. That's when he found them. Two bodies, one a girl in a light blue hunter outfit with her mask barely hanging off her face. More interesting, however, was the heavily injured form of the Mist swordsman Zabuza Momochi. Without even thinking, a long black katana with a swastika shaped guard formed in his hand. A chain hung at the hilt and clicked about as he kneeled down to check for a pulse. Guy was dead. Rigor Mortis hadn't set in yet so it had to be fairly recent, the body was still warm.

The girl, however, had a faint pulse and had several needling coming out of her chest and back. He closed his eyes in exasperation and rose his blade aiming it at her back...Yet something stilled his blade stopping him from dealing the coop de grace. She was murmuring sominething her eyes opening slightly to look up at him. "Please...him..." Naruto regripped his weapon and sighed crushing it in his hand before scooping her up onto his back and summoning a collection of Darklings to carry the body of Zabuza.

Me and my bleeding heart...


Keep kicking ass!