Just a little note before my story. I used to write on this site A LOT, but always about the Jonas brothers. Then all that copyrighting stuff happened and I got bored of it, then stopped writing for a very long time. I had no inspiration and no reason. I used to go by Jay, I'm not sure if ANYONE will remember me, seeing as I don't write Jonas brothers anymore, I am still in touch with many of my readers, but not enough of them. So I'm starting again. Except this time, not about the Jonas brothers, clearly, I'm just not into them that much anymore. And people change. I know I have, and personally, I think it is for the better. [Sorry if I swear excessively or at all, I will/try to refrain but there is a chance I may curse once or twice. Again I'm sorry. Don't like it, then I recommend you don't read it]. This is kind of a sample I guess, but still the first chapter(: This story is inspired by Ellen Hopkins, Impulse, I love her just to let you know. Review, read, pm me. Whatever floats your boat. Well TECHNICALLY that would be water. But I'm a writer, we're creative, right?


Life hands you something,

and you don't know what to do,

to make of it.

You don't want it.

Some people embrace,

on whatever life hands you.

Others throw it away,

take things for granted.

We are greedy,



We will kill our world.

There are people though.

People who do not wish too,

see what we will turn the world into.

They do not wish to live.

They don't need to live.

It's not worth it to them.

They don't want to see the world slowly,

whither and die.

As well as themselves.

We are sadists,

We watch as the world,

drowns in pain.

So the suicides know the way out,

the only way.

But we call them,


They don't want to live,

but we call them crazy anyway.

Suicide is a choice,

and it's the choice they chose.

It seems like the smart decision,

the right decision,

the sane,


So they don't need life,

therefore they end it.

They are,

torn dreams,

tattered hopes,

broken dreams. But broken things can be fixed,

with the help of others.

Lives intersect,

without intention.

Accidents happen.

Highways collide.

Pathways cross.

Something once so familiar to you,

A road you've always been walking,

can become so confusing.

Another pathway branches off,

and endless possibilities arise.

Do you take it?

Or keep on walking.

When a speeding truck comes racing down YOUR road,

sometimes you have no choice,

but to take the other alternative.

Save yourself from more,

grief, pain.

It's an unfamiliar road,

but slowly as it unwinds,

and you travel farther down,

you'd be surprised,

with the things your old path and this path have in common.

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