I know I should be writing TILLF! I am sorry, but I'm getting so caught up in Bleach, Naruto just is not doing it for me. I will finish TILLF eventually, I swear on the entire GrimmUlqui fandom.

Sigh, still no requests. Not one single prompt.

Pairing(s): GrimmUlqui, NnoiSzay (if you squint really, REALLY hard.)

Rating: M for suggestive themes hinting at boyXboy.

Requester: Me.

Note: I've wanted to do innuendo for so long, and it just came to me!

Disclaimer: I neither own the characters, nor do I make any money by writing this. If you paid for this, you were ripped off.


Nnoitra walked down the hallway, his ever-present 'rapist smile' in place. He was on his way to the training area- until he found the Octava Espada, in all his pink glory, head pressed to the door of the Sexta Espada Grimmjow.

The fifth's smile didn't falter as he approached.

"What are you doing, Szayel?" He asked casually.

The pink-haired Espada jumped, looked up, shushed the brunette, pointed at the door, and went back. Nnoitra listened at the door, his smile dropping.

There was silence. Then Ulquiorra's voice rang out, and there was a hint of worry in it.

"I… I can't do it, Grimmjow."

Both the men's' eyes widened; and the mentioned Sexta spoke up.

"Come on, Cuarta. You know you want it."

Their eyes widened further. Then Ulquiorra: "No, no I don't! I don't want it, Sexta!"

Both men listening in were twitching.

"Just shake it, man!"

'What the HELL are they doing?!' Nnoitra mouthed to a blushing Szayel. The Octava glared slightly, until they noticed the noise from the room had stopped.

Then Ulquiorra chided calmly, "Enter the room, Trash."

The men looked at each other, 'Oh Shit' clearly written on both faces. They straightened up and opened the door.

What they saw was NOT what they expected.

Grimmjow and Ulquiorra sat facing each other on the floor, each with a slip of paper and a pen next to them. Spread between them were five dice and a red cup.

"We are playing Yahtzee. What is so interesting that you had to stand outside the door, not even bothering to mask your reiatsu?" The fourth asked blankly.

The two men blushed and mumbled useless excuses. They soon excused themselves and left.

"What the hell was THAT about?" Grimmjow asked.

"I dunno. Gives me a headache to think down to their level." The Cuarta answered.

"…Wanna fuck?"

Grimmjow was promptly slapped in the face. Then Ulquiorra climbed into his lap.

"Hell yes."