So without further ado


Harry lifted Athia into his arms while Draco handled Artimus. The two babies, six months old, were very healthy and happy. They rarely ever cried so the two parents had to place a monitoring spell over them so they knew when they were hungry or needed to be changed.

He rubbed his hand over his daughter's back as they both carried the babies over to their carriers.

Finally, Harry was seventeen years old, a father of fraternal twins, with an excellent boyfriend who helped him no matter what and treated the babies as if they were his own. His father was an excellent grandpa as well even if he didn't seem like he would be at first. (AN:// If you forgot, Snape is Harry's biological father)

Everything was going well in his life now. McGonagall became the headmistress while Professor Snape became deputy headmaster. Both allowed those with children to stay in the school which had six students in the school parents of six infants. That was write, six infants.

Only a month ago on September 3, Hermione went into labor, giving birth to her two beautiful daughters. Ron was excellent through the labor, helping her through it. Of course, the twins were expected to show up around that time anyways, only two days passed their due date. They had reddish brown tufts of hair on their head and light blue eyes, almost like ice, but they would probably darken as they became older. They were gorgeous though.

The two, who had married on July 2 during that summer, had already chosen names for the lovely little babies. Harry and Draco became godfathers of the one they named Lily Ann Weasley and Harry was honored she was named after his mother. Neville and Blaise were the proud godfathers of Molly Jane Weasley, named after Ron's mother but carrying Hermione's middle name.

Then came September 12, the day that Neville went into labor. It was that day they were waiting for in anticipation, knowing that Neville was worried about the ultrasounds. The sandy-haired male had nearly passed out when he began thinking he would give birth to a foot alongside his son.

Blaise turned out to be a very nervous father, but there was never really anything to worry about. It turned out that there were twin boys in the womb. The younger of the two was a bit mischevious and hid behind his brother, making it look like there was only one baby. Eventually, his foot revealed itself only to freak them all out a bit.

When Poppy had realized there were two, she panicked for a short moment because they didn't prepare Neville for two babies, meaning it could have turned out disatrous. Fortunately though, everything went smoothly.

So Blaise and Neville became fathers of identical boys. Harry and Draco were named godfather of the little mischevious younger twin that Neville decided to name Freddie George Longbottom. Since he was already a prankster before ever being born, the name suited him. Fred and George Weasley were pleased and proud to have the little one bare their name. The two had laughed for hours upon finding out how Freddie tricked them. Ron and Hermione became the godparents of the elder twin that Blaise named Zachary Daniel Longbottom. They called him "Zack" for short. Again, they chose to use Neville's last name considering the Zabini name didn't have a good reputation.

Though it was a little difficult to get through classes and raise children at the same time, the six students were able to pull it off wonderfully. Even Ron was doing well in his classes. Harry, Hermione, and Blaise would be going for their mastery in every subject. Draco, Ron, and Neville were going for individual masteries and diplomas in anything else necessary.

Harry would become an at-home researcher, finding information to help with the creation or recreation of new potions, cures, and healing arts to help others. Hermione wanted to be a part-time healer after Lily and Molly were a bit older. She only wanted her mastery in everything just in case she had to switch to a profession that was less time-consuming. Blaise didn't quite know what he would be doing, hence his wanting his mastery in every subject. Meanwhile, Neville wanted to be a herbologist, Ron an auror, and Draco a potions master much like Snape.

Draco and Harry were currently going to their celebration party of their engagement along with Neville and Blaise. The four would be having a double wedding where they would keep Harry's name and Neville's name rather than the names Zabini and Malfoy remaining. It had been eaisly decided.

And even though Harry would marry Draco and possibly have children by him, Athia and Artimus' father was still clear in his head: Fenrir. The werewolf alpha would never be forgotten. Harry could never ignore the fact he did exist and even if it was only two weeks or so that he stayed with him, it brought forward his two children and eventually, his growing love for Draco.

If not for Fenrir, none of it would have happened.

But the werewolf could rest easy in his grave with two wonderful people watching over his pups, and his turned pup, Remus, watching over the clan as the initiated alpha.

Life would only get better from then.