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Title: Best Laid Plans

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh

Characters: Yami No Bakura

Prompt: 064 Fall

Word Count:1290

Rating: T

Summary: After the last few posts, Bakura has made partnerships, and has teamed up with his hikari. Bakura is preparing to beat the pharaoh, his way. Now, will his plans unfold, or is this going to be a shocking twist.

Author's Notes: 1st off, please don't give me crap about "You can only gain an item if you win it from the owner or they give it to you willingly" season one, Bakura trapped everyone in their favorite card and was going to take the puzzle, but Yami YuGi took over, so they dueled.

2nd in the last post "Taps" was not a typo. In my little nick of the woods, we use it to show someone finds out information by listening to people or reading over their shoulder and such. Where as if I used he was using Ryou to keep "Tabs" to me, it would have meant Ryou was freely giving information to the pharaoh.

3rd, I never thought that this would as have many review on both sites has it does, but there are more reviews than chaps ^.^ I was also really shocked about the C2 this got

so thank you! A big thank you and hug to ladygodess, for reviewing every chap so far. ^.^



Warnings. Yami YuGi being stupid. Malik and Marik being childish at some points. Bakura point of view, so train of thought is weird, along with wording. There may be some not likely are might be some hints of pairings (Confusing, huh?). Millennium items back to who had them at the beginning of season 2. Yamis have their own bodies.

Bakura P.O.V

The pharaoh is going to fall. Malik, Marik, and Ryou have joined my side. My hikari, my dream, I had taken it as an omen. When light and darkness join sides, they are the true force of power. The pharaoh and his little friends drove Ryou to me, forcing him to make a choice, Malik and Marik are going to meet us at the game shop, to use my plan.

Ryou walks along side me. Today our wardrobes have collided. Ryou has chosen a light blue button up shirt, where I chose a red t-shirt. It is hot out today, I don't like this heat, it isn't a dry heat like in Egypt. There are dark clouds over head, in more sense than one.

Ryou keeps blowing out breaths of air. He has been nervous all week. "It will be alright. Just, whatever you do, stick to the plan." Ryou nods in reply.

We come to the game shop to see Malik and Marik standing outside, shouting insults.

"Come out starfish-head!"

"Your marshmallow to afraid to play?" I, really can't tell who yelled which. They're being childish.

"Get out of here! Your faces are scaring away business!" ah, there is the pharaoh.

I smirk walking over, dragging Ryou by the arm. He flinches, but remains silent.. "Oy, Malik, Marik. We have a deal to finish,"

The baka pharaoh blinks stupidly for a minute. "What are you fiends up to now?" he questions

"Official business, so we needed an official witness, you're the lucky official." Marik answers smiling brightly.

I move again, still dragging Ryou with me to stand by Malik. Marik moves to his yami.

"So, we have a deal, correct?" I ask holding my hand out.

"Correct" Malik answers, placing the Millennium Rod into my waiting hand. I shove Ryou towards Malik. In the blink of an eye Malik and Marik are each holding him by one of his arms. He looks like a deer caught in head-lights. A look of total betrayal and hurt on his face, priceless.

"Ba...Bakura! What are you doing? This isn't the plan!" Ryou shouts in a panic.

"Not the plan we told you!" I shout back. Walking away, laughing.

To be continued...Now


Malik and Marik came over to shout at Yami. He can handle them, they're aren't really doing anything evil. Marik and his yami really aren't that bad anymore, but we still have to keep an eye on them. Just like Bakura. He is still evil, we can't trust him. We told Ryou to kick him out, or he couldn't hang out with us anymore. Yami was mean when he told him that, but everyone else agreed.

I have to sweep up inside the shop, Gramps wasn't feeling well today.

"What are you fiends up to now?" my yami shouts from outside. That makes me raise an eyebrow and shake my head.

Silence until

"Ba...Bakura! What are you doing? This isn't the plan!" wait, that was Ryou! What has Bakura done this time? I drop my broom and head out the door in time to see Bakura walking away laughing, holding the millennium rod? My yami is standing mouth agape, as he watches Malik and Marik holding a struggling Ryou.

"What is going on?" I ask fearing the answer.

"Bakura traded Ryou for the rod." Yami answers, still just watching.

I turn my attention to the two holding Ryou. "What are you two thinking? Let him go. Why would you even want to trade your rod for him?"

"No! Because he is cute and fluffy. We could have a lot of fun together!" Marik smiles a creepy smile

"Unless, you want to trade for him?" Malik suggests


"Trade. Us. For. Him" Malik breaks down.

"But Yami!" Marik whines

"YuGi, please, help me," Ryou pleads, tears in his eyes. He was betrayed by his yami, again.

"What do you want for him?" I ask out of options

"Hmm" Malik takes his time thinking. "The God Cards" he says simply

"No!" Yami snaps out of it.

I quickly turn to face my own yami. "Yami! Give them the cards. We can get them back later, but now we need to help Ryou."

Yami, without even looking points a finger at Ryou "No, he chose to stay with the thief, he needs to learn a lesson."

"Fine, then we shell be on our way" I look back at that, Malik and Marik are walking off, kidnapping Ryou.

"Yami, do it for me. We will get them back later."

"Fine" Yami looks ready to kill as he heads into the house.

They are still walking away, taking Ryou with them "Wait, he went to get them!"

"Too late, the offer is off the table" to that, Ryou bites Malik's lower arm. The yami seem totally un-fazed by it. Yami comes back with our deck.

"You fiends are giving up the God Cards?"

"Yep." Marik answers. Yami heads after them. After of a few minutes of banter, he hands them the three cards and takes Ryou By the arm, bring him back. Ryou is crying.

"YuGi, he lied to me." He falls to his knees and latches himself onto me once Yami lets him go. Yami looks like he is trying to burn holes into the back of Ryou's head.

"It'll be alright, Ryou." I try to calm my friend.

"But, YuGi, you don't understand. I have no place to go now" He sniffles into my shoulder

"It'll be okay, you can the night here. We'll figure something out tomorrow." I glare at Yami before he can protest.

Bakura POV

I'm sitting at the kitchen table again. This time, Malik and I are playing war. I'm the stupid card game, my half of the deck had all the high cards. Marik is idly tapping his fingers on the table, next to his rod.

"Got any twos?" he asks his dark half.

", hikari, wrong game." Malik answers

"I know, just messing with you." Marik looks over to the clock and sighs "It's after 3 AM and it's raining. Do you think he is okay?" Marik questions both of us

"He is fine. If he wasn't I'd know." I answer quickly, beating Malik's 2 of hearts with my queen of spades. Baka pharaoh, didn't even notice my hikari was wearing the ring under his shirt. He wasn't even going to save my hikari. Yes, I stayed to watch, it was my plan after all. Before we can continue our game the back door to the kitchen opens. A guest of wind, followed by a wet Ryou enter.

Ryou looks at each one of us before dropping a gold object on the table. "Yami, I can't believe your plan worked." of course it worked, it was my plan.

"What took so long, my hikari worried." Malik questions looking at the object on the table.

"Waiting for them to fall asleep. Yami YuGi, didn't trust me, so he stayed up, I faked being asleep. So, now we have the God Cards and the Puzzle. What now?

"We should collect the other 4 items," Marik says watching his Yami.

"Three, I already have the Eye." I state as I pick up the puzzle.

Ryou goes to let his hair drip out in the sink. "You do know there will be hell to pay tomorrow, right? Please tell me you planed for that, yami."

I didn't think of that

"You know, we are all counting on you." Marik says smirking,

I will worry about that tomorrow. "Yes I have a plan, just do as I say." I answer him, going back to the game Malik and I were playing.