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Unlike most camping trips the Cullen family took, this one was surprisingly small. Well, actually it was only Emmett. It was a week before he tied the knot with Rosalie, again. And just like the last three or four time before, Emmett was getting cold feet.

The Cullen clan knew by now that it was best to give him his space during this time. A week before his pervious marriage to Rose, Emmett had wandered out onto the Alaskan tundra and hid out in an igloo drinking walrus blood and becoming a leading factor in the dwindling number of polar bears in that region. And the last time anyone had tried to go with him, he had picked up Edward and thrown him across a lake, cursing like the devil. Needless to say, Emmett was more animal then vampire during these few days.

It was four days until the wedding and Emmett had made his campsite on a small ridge over looking a meadow, high in the mountains. Places like this were rare and you would either have to be an animal yourself or own a helicopter to get there. There was a good reason for the absence of human life here, other then Emmett's temperamental mood; in places like this, Emmett liked to get in touch with his all natural side, and was quite fond of living according to the nudist life style. This was also another reason why the other Cullen's never came.

It was peaceful on the mountain, the sun had just set and although most day time wildlife had bedded down, most of the nocturnal animals hadn't risen. It was Emmett's favorite part of the day. He sat in the field, the long grass brushing against his nude form as it swayed in the wind, watching the sun slowly sink below the horizon. He closed his eyes and listened to the world. Everything was so quiet. And that's when he heard it. There was panting on the wind, a feral howling ghosting through the air from a distance.

The sound stuck a cord in the peaceful vampire, igniting a untamed flame in his body. Emmett smelt the air, a hot need entered his nose, making his heart race with anticipation as something came bolting through the forest toward him from the west.

It entered the meadow, slowing it's pace down to a stalking tempo, it's broad shoulder's rolling in a predator's pose. Emmett's eyes followed it intensely, watching it's every move. It was a wolf.

Emmett got into a crouch position and a growl emanated from deep within his broad bare chest. When the two "animals" were only a few feet away, the wolf stopped, and seemed to pause and admire the man before him, before starting to circle around Emmett in a possessive manner.

Emmett stood his ground as the wolf made it's way closer with each circle. There was something in it's eyes that throw Emmett off. The wolf literally seemed to be looking him up and down, observing all the fine details of Emmett's defined muscles. It was almost like being looked at by a person at the club or by a lover.

Emmett didn't like the feeling and let out another low growl. The wolf's only response was to look Emmett straight in the eyes and slowly walk forward to nuzzle it's snout in the crook of Emmett's neck.

This, however, was not what Emmett had expected and completely destroyed any logic the already slightly idiotic vampire had had at the moment. Taking Emmett's moment of shock as permission the wolf backed away slightly and licked the young man's face and neck. The feeling of the wolf's tongue making slow licks up Emmett's neck was unlike anything Emmett had ever experienced before. Emmett's eyes fluttered closed as he remained still for the very friendly wolf.

Again taking Emmett's submission as a sign of consent, the wolf started to walk around the kneeling vampire, licking up and down Emmett's bare back. Emmett, still slightly in shock, closed his eyes and decided it was better to enjoy the sensation of the moment instead of worry about it. Slowly, lick by lick, the wolf seemed to be putting the usually aggressive vampire under a spell.

As the wolf licked, his ministrations started to move lower and lower down Emmett's back to the base of his spine. Finding it hard to continue, the wolf jumped and placed it's front paws on Emmett's shoulders, pushing the bear-like vampire onto his hands and knees, doggy-style. Emmett was an all too willing participate at this point. Somehow the feeling of the wild dog's tongue of his body had given Emmett a slightly painful hard on.

Upon noticing Emmett's condition something in the young wolf snapped and his body began to change. His paws grew and spread into hands with long slender fingers. His legs extended into smooth muscular legs. Fur gave way to caramel skin. And his muzzle shifted into a face that Emmett knew all too well.

After his swift change, the newly shifted boy leaned over his pray, pressing his own arousal against Emmett's back side. Emmett; caught off guard by the sudden shift let out a yelp and turn his head to look up into the dark pools of Jacob's eyes. For a moment, that seemed to stretch out for eternity, the two males kept eye contact. Both looked into each others eyes with the same confusion and need, both knowing that this was something more. It had to mean more.

Jacob finally broke the intimate stare and leaned further in to kiss the prone god before him. Slowly as the kiss became more heated, Jacob guided Emmett's body around so he could lay on his back, Jacob sliding between Emmett's snowy legs.

Bit by bit the kiss grew more and more wild. Teeth nipped and bit at kiss bruised lips as the pair grinded their exposed groins into each other, professing each other's need. Jacob left Emmett's lips to kiss along his jaw line and down Emmett's neck. Jacob would pause here and there along the neck, biting and sucking, making sure to leave his mark upon the vampire.

"Why did you come?" Emmett asked, his voice musky and deep.

Jacob kissed his victim, "I missed you." Jacob said as he started to kiss down Emmett's jaw , "The house is boring without you. No one laughs at my jokes."

"That's because you're a pervert Jake." Emmett chuckled between soft moans.

"True." Jacob admitted as his kisses ventured down Emmett's neck, biting down hard, but not quite enough to break the skin. Emmett let out a wild and fierce sound. "But so are you."

Emmett moans reverberated through his chest as Jacob made a serpentine trail down the muscular expanse of skin. "I wish I could mark you." Jacob declared before he took one of Emmett's firm nipples into his mouth, rolling it between his teeth. "Just leave my love bites all over you. Then I wouldn't have to share you." Jacob left one nipple to give the other the same treatment as Emmett arched his back in pleasure.

Jacob continued his journey down Emmett's chest. His lips finally finding their final destination at the base of Emmett's erection. "I seem to have encountered a road block." Jacob joked.

"Oh just shut up and suck me off Jake." Emmett whined, throwing his head back in frustration.

"I'm getting there, hold your horses big boy. I've never done this before." Jacob replied as he bent his head down. His hot breath ghosting across Emmett's cool skin. Emmett let out another frustrated groan, bringing a smirk to Jacob's face. Pleased with the reaction, Jacob licked slowly up the shaft of Emmett's cock. He was rewarded with Emmett's hands winding their way into Jacob's long hair, pulling slightly. Jacob released a small moan before he ran the tip of his tongue along the slit of Emmett's dick, lapping up the bitter sweet droplets of pre cum forming at the tip.

"Oh God, Jake, please." Emmett pleaded.

Jacob chuckled to himself again before taking the head of Emmett's cock into his mouth. In his mind he was going over the steps he had read on the internet on how to give head.

After bobbing up and down a few times to get over his fear of taking all of Emmett's dick into his mouth, Jacob took Emmett in as much as he could and started to suck in his cheeks. The pressure sent shock waves through Emmett's body. In the intense pleasure of the moment Emmett started to thrust his hips upwards. Jacob quickly grabbed Emmett's hip to prevent himself from choking.

"Jake, don't stop!" Emmett moaned.

Encouraged by Emmett's moans, Jacob relaxed the back of his throat and took Emmett's cock in all the way to the hilt. The intense feeling of Jacob's throat around his cock was sending Emmett into a frenzy. Jacob knew that Emmett was close to climaxing and he knew exactly what to do to get his lover off.

As he continued his onslaught of Emmett's dick, Jacob put two fingers up to Emmett's lip. Instantly, as if he were trained to do so, Emmett took Jacob's fingers into his mouth and coated them with saliva. His moans vibrating around Jacob's long fingers.

After a few moments, Jacob removed his fingers from Emmett's mouth and guided them down to Emmett's pale pink pucker. Emmett gasp when he felt the tingle of his venom as Jacob teased his entrance. Never forgetting his deep throat bobbing, Jacob pressed a finger into Emmett, gently moving it in and out to the speed of his mouth.

Emmett's mind was going blank with ecstasy; spinning closer and closer toward orgasm. Feeling Emmett start to clench around his finger, Jacob pushed a second finger into his lover, scissoring his fingers in search of that wonderful spot in Emmett that would send him over the edge.

Finally Jacob's finger grazed the precious spot and Jacob thrust his fingers back into Emmett hard and fast. Emmett screamed Jacob's name in a cry of passion, ripping up plant life as he came. Cum poured into Jacob's mouth, it was cool and dry with a faint after taste of berries. It reminded Jacob of a white wine and he drank up the stuff like water, savoring the flavor.

After a few moments, Jacob released Emmett's now wilting cock, his lips making a faint pop as the slide off the member. Emmett looked up at the boy, his eyes spinning with the glorious feeling that was shooting through his veins.

Jacob smirked down at him. "Feel good?"

Emmett nodded, "Why have we never done that before?"

Jacob leaned down and kissed his sated lover. "Probably because all we have time for is a quick fuck in the forest every two months."

Emmett pulled Jacob down on top of him. "We had sex in the house that one time."

Jacob groaned, his erection pressed against the marble body of his lover. "I guess so."

Noticing Jacob's discomfort, Emmett glanced down as the young wolf's hard cock, an idea popping into his head. Noticing the strange sparkle in Emmett's eyes, Jacob felt his heart start to race. "Emmett…"

Before Jacob could finish his sentence, Emmett wrapped his iron strong legs around Jacob's waist and rolled them over so he could straddle his lover's lithe waist. "Shh…" Emmett said as he placed a finger to Jacob's lips. Knowing that he was already stretched as much as he cared to be at the moment, Emmett lifted his hips and penetrated himself upon Jacob's hard cock.

Jacob's face was one of utter shock as Emmett's cool tightness closed in around him. Jacob let out inaudible screams of pleasure as Emmett started moving up and down at a fast human pace. "Oh Em Em, god I love you right now." Jacob gasped.

"I know Jake. I know." Emmett moaned as he rode Jacob, looking for his prostate. Both of them knew when Emmett had found it. Emmett let out an animal roar and tightened around Jacob in bliss. The constricting pulse of Emmett's body was heavenly. Jacob's eyes started to roll back into his head as he felt the coil of heat grow tighter and tighter, begging for release. "Emmett, I'm so close!" Jacob gasp as Emmett sped up to a pace only immortals could have handled.

Emmett's cock had sprung to life again and it stood at attention, aching to be touched. Looking at the trophy before him, Jacob reached out and wrapped his graceful fingers around Emmett's shaft. Emmett let out a whimper of want at the contact. Taking this as a good sign, Jacob pumped Emmett's erection as the vampire rode his cock harder.

The pair were so worked up and so close, it only took another minute or two for them to fall over the edge into oblivion. Both letting out a howl into the starry sky above as Jacob released into Emmett's ass, filling it with hot cum. Emmett let out a spray of cum onto Jacob's glistening chest. When they finally came down to earth, Emmett collapsed onto the grass beside his lover. Their chest rising and falling with heavy breath, necessary or not.

"Wow." Jacob murmured.

"Yeah, wow." Emmett repeated.

Looking up at the stars, the pair lay there silent, slowly letting their orgasms unwind. A thin cloud passed over the moon and Emmett looked over at Jacob. "You know, I have to share you too."

"What?" Jacob asked, confused.

"I have to share you too. You know, with Renesmee. The guy from the South America said that she would be fully grown in seven years." Emmett said, a slight frown ghosting over his usually happy face.

Jacob moved closer to the immortal next to him. Taking Emmett's face in his hands, "Emmett, all that means is that we're going to have to make the next few years the best they can possibly be." Jacob smiled and leaned in to kiss the disheartened vampire. "besides, you're good at sharing."


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