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Emmett and Jacob laid happily across their bed in post-Oh-Jesus-Fuck-Me-Harder afterglow. It had been a long day of lounging about their new home between breaking in each and every room, including the garage, in the white and blue three bedroom, two bathroom town house Esme had given them as a wedding gift. And somehow after creaking the marble countertop in the kitchen and creating a Jacob shaped dent in the living room wall, they had made their way back to the place they had started their adventures; their wedding bed.

Emmett played absently with Jacob's dark shaggy hair. "You need to get your hair cut." Emmett commented noncommittally.

Jacob shrugged in Emmett's arms, "Probably, my fur is getting a little unruly when I shift."

There was a moment for calm breathing before Emmett replied, "I'll call Rose and have her set up an appointment for you… she'll know the best place."

"Cool, at least she's good for something other then figuring out a way to get Leah knocked up. And yes she already called and asked for my little soldiers and yes, I already told her no so you don't have to worry about it." Jacob answered all of Emmett's unspoken questions with a smirk. Jacob turned his head to look up at Emmett smugly.

"You're way too good at that for the common good." Emmett complimented before leaning down to kiss the darker young man's lips slow and sweet.

"Hey what can I say," Jacob smirked, hips lips a few mere centimeters from his husband's. "I'm the Alpha. I'm the top dog; I'm the master!" Jacob finished his declaration with a boyish howl.

"OH You're the Master huh? You're the master?" Emmett growled playfully, attacking his puppy with tickles and touches.

Jacob shrieked in a less then manly way, wriggling his body in a futile attempt to flee his assailant. "EMMMMETTTTT!!!! Stop it. You said you'd give me a few hours of down time."

Emmett felt the need to execute his small amount of dominance and play dumb while he continued to man handle his lover, chuckling, "OH really? I don't remember saying anything like that."

"You…you promised." Jacob groaned as he felt himself growing hard again for the umpteenth time that day. "You know exactly what you're doing to me!"

Emmett paused for a moment and leant down to lick up Jacob's throat; the flat of his tongue running over the various love bites that were scattered across Jacob's flesh. "And what am I doing to you? You should tell me; fill me in." Emmett whispered against Jacob's ear as his playful hand grabbed Jacob's half hard erection.

Jacob let out a grasp as his husband continued to molest him further, "God baby, you make me so hard, but I don't think I could cum again even though I want to."

Emmett smiled and loomed over Jacob, allowing him some reprieve. "Alright lover, I'll let you recuperate a little before I have you again. I will have you again though. I'm pretty sure we haven't done it on breakfast nook yet, but then again the few times between the kitchen counter and the tool bench are a little hazy."

Jacob laughed happily and reached up to wrap his long arms around Emmett's neck to pull him down into a long sweet kiss. "That good was it?" Jacob murmured after they parted due to lack of oxygen.

"It's always that good. Has been since the first time in the mountains." Emmett explained as he moved to lay down next to Jacob; his large arms instinctively pulling the thinner boy closer to him. Jacob gave in to Emmett's prodding and willingly moved to lay his chest on Emmett's broad chest. Emmett continued as Jacob drew lazy shapes across Emmett's abs. "Man, that was weird, never thought about doing it with a guy so much. There has to be something in your cum because after that first time in the living room I couldn't stop thinking about you."

"Is that so?" Jacob questioned as he placed slow, soft kisses across Emmett's midsection without much purpose or intent.

Emmett closed his eyes and let his partner lavish his body with kisses, "Yep, that was one of the reasons I took off for a week before the wedding. I couldn't very well think about marrying Rose if I was lusting over my best man the whole time."

Jacob paused in his ministrations before biting Emmett's abs roughly. "That was cruel. Especially after you fucked me dry the night before. You're lucky I didn't pass out walking up the aisle and all so you could marry that bitch. Which you had done like five times before anyway."

"Hey," Emmett said in defense, "That was before we were, you know, together. And the only reason I fucked you dry was because I was in the mountains; Alone I might add; and you decided that you couldn't spend more then three days in the house without me so you had to come take me again. And by the way, you fucked me dry that weekend too. How do you think I felt walking down the aisle?"

"Yeah, well you never had to explain the bark burn you gave me when you fucked me against that tree. And don't even get me started on rug burn." Jacob snapped back, sitting up and looking down at his husband like he had insulted his mother.

"No," Emmett admitted, "I have never had to deal with rug burn, or bark burn, or any other type of skin irritation due to sexual situations. However the grass stains on the knees of my foot ball uniform when you took me doggie style on foot ball field still haven't come out yet." Jacob still didn't look impressed. "oh come on baby!" Emmett groaned and reached for Jacob's body to pull it closer once again.

Jacob just batted Emmett's hands away and huffed, "No, I don't think you realize how much I went through before now and still am going through to keep my personal life away from prying eyes. I am a very private person."

Emmett sat up onto one of his elbows and looked at Jacob, "Are your serious baby? Babe, when we make love half the time I can't even hear the police banging on the door because you're screaming so loud. If anything I think you want everyone in forks to know we're going at it."

"That was one time Emmett Cullen, and we got out of that noise violation ticket the second time so it doesn't count." Emmett arched an eyebrow to tell him to continue, "And that time Charlie came doesn't count either because it was Charlie and he still thought I was with Nessie. So you see it was only one time."

"Yeah, and the police officer kicking down the door was really cute wasn't he?" Emmett teased, trying to lighten the mood and not succeeding, "Not to mention the turn on of having a gun trained to your head. I mean there we were going at it like jack rabbits in heat and wham! Down goes the front door and a man with a gun starts yelling at me to release you and back away from the 'victim'. I couldn't touch myself much less you for a week without worrying about getting shot at. Do you have any idea how freaked out I was?"

Jacob tried to contain a burst of laughter that was threatening to unleash itself from his lips. After a moment of trying to keep a straight face he failed epically and burst into laughter; falling onto the bed on his side; his face in the musty sheets. "Oh yeah, laugh it up, laugh it up, freak."

"I'm… I'm sorry. It's just it was so.." Jacob gasped between laughter.

"It was so what? It was just so what baby?" Emmett huffed.

"The look on your face when he came storming in. That poor cop. I mean I thought you were gonna have a heart attack. I mean you might have if you could have one. And the look of shock and embarrassment was priceless. You went limp in an instant. I'm sorry baby. I had to share it with the pack. They thought it was hilarious." Jacob unwittingly admitted between giggles.

"You did what!? You showed the pack that?" WHY?" Emmett stammered, growing more and more flustered.

"Be… because it was just too good. I'm sorry baby." Jacob tried to stop laughing but the more uncomfortable Emmett was getting the more Jacob laughed.

"What happened to you being a very private person?" Emmett exclaimed as he tried to remove himself from the tangle of sheets he was stuck in. Unfortunately his efforts were only rewarded by falling down face first onto the bed, causing Jacob to break into laughter yet again and Emmett to groan in humiliation.

Finally Jacob calmed down enough to explain. "Well, it's the pack. We pretty much tell everything to each other. We did everything together before I split from Sam's pack and now that's it's the three of us I run a lot of things by them. I mean it took so much effort not to tell them about us until Seth found out." Jacob chuckled as he recalled their "outting" while Seth shuttered painfully in the closet. Biting his lower lip playfully, Jacob leaned over Emmett's back and whispered in his ear, "Remember that night? When you fucked me so hard in front of Seth and he was so worked up he used that dirty toy you bought me. Remember when you bought me another one?"

Emmett groaned out an unintelligible response; his face still down in the comforter and his hands finding their way under him to grab at his hardening cock. "What was that darling?" Jacob asked teasingly, his large warm hands running over Emmett's cool tense back. "I couldn't hear you."

Emmett turned his head to the side but kept his hands firmly on his painfully leaking erection. "You're a tease." Emmett moaned as he rolled over to look at Jacob who was now laying next to him; both with their heads at the foot of their steel enforced king sized bed. Jacob leaned in and kissed his husband deeply.

"Is that so? Because I'm pretty sure I've let you have me every which way we could imagine today." Jacob pointed out when they parted.

"What can I say? I've been trying to get you pregnant since our engagement trip to the island." Emmett teased and shifted so one of his arms could reach out and sling it's self over Jacob, pulling him closer.

"Maybe someday… Oh well, we could always adopt." Jacob sighed as he scooted closer to Emmett's body.

"Whatever you want baby." Emmett replied.

They laid next to each other in silence for a little while; enjoying the closeness before Jacob randomly reached out and grabbed Emmett's persistent erection. "I'm bored. Wanna head over to Ed and Seth's and have sex in their breakfast nook?"

"Aren't they on vacation?" Emmett question but liking the idea more and more.

"That is precisely the point my love. We'll take pictures of all the places we have sex and email them to Seth's new iphone. It'll make Eddy so happy." Jacob explained with an almost innocent smile.

Emmett rolled his eyes and chuckled softly, "Whatever you say, Horn-Dog."

"You know you love it, Boner Man" Jacob responded, adding one more short sweet kiss to Emmett's lips before they both bolted from their musty tangle of sheet and went in search of clothing.

"God I love you!" Emmett cheered as they scrambled out the door in a hurry to ruin Edward's vacation.

Author's Note: So I know there was no sex or anything other then them talking about sex a lot. But this was kind of a catch up session about stuff that has happened in the story as well as giving you guys information about other events in these to adorable people's lives. I hope you guys enjoyed the randomness.



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