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Game On
Chapter 1
: Let the Games Begin

I took a seat, pulling up my pants because they kept falling down. I was lucky, getting a seat next to Tawni instead of Portlyn or Chad. Who knows if I would be able to keep up with Chad's whispering and mocking. There were only six of us, the amount that they were allowed to enter.

Mr. Condor cleared his throat, earning the looks from all of us. "Okay, you six know why you're here, right? You guys will be representing Condo Studios in the Celebrity Games. Stars like you kids, from other companies like Disney and Nickelodeon, will all be competing for the win." Even with his seriousness, the way his words came out made it sound interesting. Oh my gosh, Tawni and I competing together would be something else.

I heard Nico and Grady exchange a high-five behind me while Chad let out a sigh. Of course he didn't want to do this-he was to amazing to compete in the games. I was almost sure he wanted to do this-To beat out the other shows that were stealing our show's views. He was the competitive type.

He met our gaze, seeing if we were able to keep a straight face. I think this man was way to serious, he had to live a little bit. "There will be twenty-five teams in total. And we are representing three-which is you six. Each round, a team will be kicked off. And eventually there will just be more than one team to be kicked off at a time. The point of the game is to complete each round first. Almost like the Amazing Race, but in kid style."

Yeah. I was definitely gonna be with Tawni. It wouldn't be too bad; we each had things we could do. Tawni was good in fashion and I could do a lot of physical work. And anyways, it wasn't that big of a deal if we didn't win. It would be great to just have fun!

Chad rolled his eyes, sighing. "What is the prize?"

"A ten thousand dollar check to the charity of the team's choice," Mr. Condor replied. His secretary person was running back and forth, handing him a coffee as she ran back out of the room. Was this man really that busy? And of course Chad would ask what the prize was for the winning team. That's all he cared about. It's great that we're helping out those that need it!

"Then what's the point for us to go on if there is nothing in it for us?"

"Because you guys being on it will bring viewers to the shows! Think about it. Adults will watch this contest along with their kids, so that's more than double the viewers. If they already haven't heard of the shows, then we'll get more viewers because they will check out what you guys are in. And more viewers mean more popularity. This equals more publicity," he explained, giddy with excitement. I don't think he was happy, just…not as serious as he usually was.

"So does this mean Grady and I will be teamed together?" Nico asked, raising his hand. I don't know why he bothered, he spoke anyways. They both looked at him in excitement.

Mr. Condor sat down, waiting to reply his answer. "Well, we are deciding to change things up a little bit. But yes Nico, you and Grady will be a team. But this year we want our two most famous shows to mix a little. It will show our viewers that we all work together as a team. So Tawni," he looked at her, but then pointed away. "You will be on a team with Portlyn."

Oh. My. Gosh.

No this cannot be happening!

"Which leaves Chad and Sonny as our other team," he concluded. No one spoke. My cast mates even figured it out before he said it. Chad looked at me, Tawni leaning back in her chair so I could exchange glances with him.

"Sonny?" He stated, in that obnoxious tone he used only for my name.

"Chad?!" I retorted, adding a glare.

At that second, Nico and Grady ran out of the room. I looked up to see that Mr. Condor was gone and Tawni and Portlyn were exchanging similar glances. Honestly, I think they get along better than Chad and I do. I mean…they're both so bubbly. They too got up and walked out, talking about how they were gonna live the next few months out. At least they were some-what dealing with each other.

His icy blue eyes told me he didn't like what was happening either. I would be competing with Chad Dylan Cooper. Going around the world with him. Having to share everything with him…even a room. I shuddered at the thought. "Well Monroe, looks like we're stuck together."

"Let the games begin."

Hit or Miss?