Chapter 8B: Getting Back Together (Happiness)


"I love you too Harry. I'm also sorry, for everything."


Harry backed away a little from Ginny to stare at her eyes. He pulled her in again for a kiss. It was like the first kiss they shared when they were still in Hogwarts, sweet and gentle.

After what seemed like forever, they pulled away from each other but never left each other's arms.

"You know Ginny, if you were with me on my quest to search for those Horcruxes, I would've enjoyed every single day of it, because you would always be beside me." Harry said while smiling. "I would've enjoyed that as well Harry, but now, let's just think about the future ahead of us." Ginny said smiling back at Harry.

Harry then remembered something, "Gin, I've got something for you." Harry opened his bedside drawer and took out a box and handed it to Ginny. "Open it…" Harry motioned. Ginny took the box and opened it to find a picture frame. Ginny was confused at first, but then Harry said, "Gin, to make it work, say that you love a special someone. You must also mention his name."

Ginny smiled and said, "Okay then… I love my one and only Harry Potter." As if it was a magic spell, the words, 'I LOVE YOU TOO, GIN!' came out, followed by different pictures of Harry and herself. There were also single photos, some were of her, and the others were of Harry. "Muggles call it a slideshow, it's a set of moving pictures inside one show. I decided to give you one and put it in a frame, so it'll always be there when you need it. I also put some spells on our pictures so they'd continue moving.

"It's wonderful! Thanks so much Harry!" Ginny said, after that she gave him a quick peck on the lips.

Harry chuckled a little and said, "It was supposed to be a Valentine's present for you. But some stuff came in the way." They both laughed at this.

Ginny looked at Harry and said, "Take this…" She gave Harry her gift. Harry looked at them and asked, "What's this?"

Ginny smiled and said, "Valentine's present."

Harry took it and opened it, it was what he liked, his favorite food, chocolate-chipped muffins.

"Wow, thanks Gin." Harry smiled. He ate one and offered Ginny another. Ginny took it. After eating, Ginny said, "Oh, I forgot to mention, I wrote a letter for you, Harry." She handed a letter to Harry. Harry opened the folder and read the contents of the letter.

Dear Harry,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, this is it. I don't really know how to begin this. Oh well, first of all, I wanted to say I'm really sorry for the things that I've done to hurt you. When you left, I was so depressed and angry. But then I realized something. When a person you love leaves you or sacrifices all the things that you've shared together, it means that he or she truly loves you. I'm really sorry for not trusting you, but I'm sure you know how we Weasleys behave like. Especially me. Well then, at least you're here with me now… I'm so happy, and I don't think I'd ever ask for anything more. I will always love you, my dearest Harry.

With all my heart,

Your Ginny

After Harry read the letter, he hugged Ginny and said, "Thank you."

"Well then, Ginny, why don't we go down now?"

"Sure thing, I bet Ron and Hermione are dead worried."

"Wait a moment Harry, let's both pretend that we're still arguing. That will surprise those two."

"Hmm… sure."

They both practiced their lines, and when they were both sure that they were ready, they went downstairs. Ron and Hermione just finished eating their cake when they heard Harry and Ginny shouting.

"I warn you Ginny! Don't you dare use that spell on me!"

"And if I do, what are you going to do about it?"

"I'm going to use my last breath and tell you," Harry's voice softened, "I'll tell you how much I love you."

Ginny giggled, "That's so sweet of you Harry, I love you too."

Harry then wrapped his arms around Ginny and Ginny followed suit.

"Bloody hell! What's going on?"

Harry let go of Ginny, "You guys, Ginny and I have finally made up."

"So I'm guessing that the fight was a decoy?" Hermione asked.

"I planned it." Ginny said.

"Who's up for some Air Dodge Ball?" Harry asked.

Everyone agreed. The teams were Harry-Ginny pair versus Ron-Hermione pair. The team of Ginny and Harry was perfect, that they beat Ron and Hermione after playing 5 games.

Later that night, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, including George were shocked to find Harry and Ginny chatting happily. But they were also happy that everything and everyone was back to normal, especially Harry.

The End

The final chapter, I hope you all enjoyed!