Things might have been a tiny bit different if I'd been the one in charge.

Warning: Er, may cause you to scream and cry and plead the Gods for your very own hot vampire?

Its desire that draws him to her, desire for her blood (her scent, her kindness, her brilliance, she is everything good in the world all at once).

It's nothing, he tells himself. He can handle it, he is completely in control (but he's not, he's not, because she holds his heart in the palm of her perfect hands).

He figures after speaking to her a couple of times, any curiosity he felt for her before will wane and he'll be free (he wants to know more, more about this luminous creature with big brown eyes).

She's so breakable, he shudders to himself, too soft for a creature like him (but its delicacy wrapped around steal, because he's never met someone as steadfast and solid as her).

She's a danger magnet, attracting every hazardous thing within a hundred miles (A van. There's a van barreling down the parking lot at the speed of light and all he can think is "not her").

He wonders if she walks the way she does on purpose, tempting him (she trips all the time, and it's his duty to catch her, and if he hold her closer and longer than he needs too…well.).

He listens to her talk in her sleep with mild guilt (she whispers his name and it's like a prayer, and he can't stop smiling for the rest of the night).

He's gone crazy, going out of his way to watch her, terrified something will hurt her (and he wants to rip those men apart, wants to show them what a monster really looks like).

She knows, knows what he is and he's such a fool, because they'll have to leave and he'll never hear her whisper his name again (but she understands, she understands and tells him she isn't afraid).

She tells him she loves him (whispers it with his name and it's the greatest moment of his life).

He tries to keep a distance (but her breath fans across his lips and it's the most powerfully addictive substance in the universe, he's drunk on the sighs she makes as he kisses her back).

He's in love

(and he knows it).