Chapter one "Bad Beings"

Author: Hello every one. I'm the lovely luckygirl88 and I'm brining a new fanfic to the stage. This is my first time writing and Ouran High School fanfic and I warn you ahead of time, names will probably be spelled wrong, I may have out of character moments and I know for a fact I have bad grammar and spelling. I will try to keep it similar to the anime as possible while keeping in general frame of mind my overall theme. I hope you do enjoy this fanfic, because it is one you will never forget.


It was a quite day when I walked into the Ouran High School today. I walked on and no one was in any of the rooms. Did we have off today? I know Kyoya-senapai can be mean to occasionally, but when I spoke to him on the phone this morning, he seemed to be normal mood. Maybe every one was in the Third Music Room. After all, the Host Club throws events every day it seems like, each with it owns different theme. I always get stuck in the middle of everything. The twins always want me in an outfit that shows my true self and Tamaki is always dreaming off into space about something and then makes out a random statement afterwards. Yep, the Host Club is weird, but I like it. I've meet wonderful friends since I joined the club.

I opened the door to the music room and once again petals or roses loomed in my face. They need to stop doing that. I mean, what if some one was allergist? Or what if it got in some one's eye, we would have to pay the damages and that means more money I have to fork in to pay. I still haven't reached enough to pay off the vase and I really can't afford to pay if some one gets hurt. Also, I still have to pay for the thank you gifts that Kyoya sent out when we were on the beach. Humph, will I ever get a day off from just being me? The Host Club seems to work me harder and harder every day. I'm just glad the stopped calling me their dog, which got annoying real fast.

Well, when I looked through the door, every one was dressed in the gangster's 1920's area. Not a bad theme for once, but every one was caring guns, in the Host Club I mean. They better not be real. Already Honey-senpai was chasing people around going "BANG".

"Haruhi, you finally made it. We were excepting you and we already have your costume in the back," Kyoya said in his calm cool voice.

"Thanks senpai I guess. I'm just curious, but are those real guns Honey has?"

"Of coarse not, there paint ball guns meant to look like the real thing, but they are just a dangerous aren't they?"

"You really want to pay for damages don't you?"

"Well, you would pay equally for it as well. You still owe us more than you have in general, but we could cut you a deal. I suggest you get dressed, your customers have been waiting patiently for you,"

I rolled my eyes and went into the back room. As usual, there was a girlish outfit and the theme outfit. They will never give it. I wore the striped back and white jacket and the matching pants. I also had on a buttoned up short and tie. The tie had the same vertical pattern as did the suit. I also wore a black round hat with a red feather sticking out. I can't remember the name of the style of hat, but only that I looked ok wearing it. Of course I had the gun to match. It was a silver revolver, long and sparkled in the light. I wonder if they get tired of throwing events.

I went out the back room and greeted every one. The Hitachiin twins were paint balling each other in the brotherly love way. Every girl around them melted at the site of the two together. Mori-senpai just stood there looking cool in the 1920's outfit. Mori-senpai really pulled off the look well. Honey-senpai was goofing off, showing off his gun and bunny-urusa chan in the same matching outfit. He did look cute today and so did every one else. Honey made statements like, "I will get those bad guys and when we do, we will have cake to celebrate!" All the girls simply said "Aww" and kept mentioning how cute he was. Then there is Tamaki-senpai. He was "Romanizing" his guest with his "Princely" charm. Each guest melted at his perfection. I say yuck, but in my own way. I really don't need looks in my life, some to just care for me and treat me well.

I went over to my guest and talked about my daily life. Each of my guest asked curiously about the "Commoner" life style. I simply tell them that there isn't much to it. You have to work to make money, even the odd ball of jobs. I also mentioned that we do every thing on our own, laundry, house cleaning; food shopping and we only get some many leisure times to just have fun and relax. The basically replied, "I'm so sorry," and then I tell them, "Its ok. Its how I get by with life," and they understand. I sometimes get the, "Do you wish you were wealthy like us?" and then I say, "Yes and no. I want to know what is like to live like you all, but sometimes it's better living a simple and honest living."

After I was done making that comment, Tamaki-senpai, who just happened to be listening said,

"How can say such things? Living a commoner's life is fantastic! You can eat low cost meals and do pretty much anything you want. Sure you have to work to make a living, but I will be up to anything!"

"I liked to see that happened," I said and rolled my eyes.

"What, you don't think I can do it Haruhi?"

"Not really senpai. You don't like doing work and you can never do it right. Your better off living the life you currently process. Even if I lived the rich life like all of you, I would still live the simple life. Who needs that much money anyway? It's better to donate it to charities than to waste it on silly events like this,"

Suddenly every one hushed. Great, what did I get into know? I was trying to be honest and it is true, events like these are a waste of time.

"Why would say that Haruhi? These events are fun and mocking the rich like that is very rude. May I speak to you alone please Haruhi? I want our guest to have fun and enjoy the time here while they still can,"

I followed Tamaki outside the room while the music continued to play. Already I could I was about to get a lecture of a life time from the King.

"What is the matter with you!? You have never acted like this before. Are you going through some troubled phase? I want to know Haruhi! I want to help,"

"I'm fine senpai. I just don't like how you're irrespirable. Giving paint guns to the twins and Honey are you nuts! Every time something is broken or some one gets hurt I end up paying for some of it. I'm not fifthly rich you know senpai. You can wave money around like it's nothing, but I don't have that life style. I'm tired of cleaning after your messes!" I relied back harshly.

"Haruhi, if that is the problem, why didn't you tell us? We can arrange something. I just don't want you to harm our guest,"

"The guests, is that what you really care about senpai? They were right along; I should have joined the Zuka Club,"

I started to storm off away from the scene. I already had a hard time dealing with things at home; school was the last place I wanted it to end up.

"Haruhi, where are you going?" Tamaki cried out in soft and worried voice.

"Away from here; I have things to think about senpai, I mean Tamaki,"

I only heard the whisper of voices when I left. The mumble of every one else, Kyoya, Honey, Hikaru, Kaoru, Mori and Tamaki calling out to me, but I didn't care. Far from home and school was where I needed to be.

Part two "The Plan" Point of view: every one

"Haru-chan is pretty upset," Honey replied.

"Not to mention she didn't even say where she was going or even good bye. I wonder what's on her mind?" Hikaru asked.

"Do you think we forgot an important date or something?" Kaoru asked.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, we have to get Tamaki and Haruhi together," Kyoya said.

Every one, except for Tamaki was crowded around a table with only one light hanging. Every one was puzzled. Haruhi acted in a strange way, she never acted out in a strange manner. The light continued to swing among the blackness of the room.

"I have an idea! Why don't we just have them make up. Then Haru-chan and Tamaki-chan can be best friends again!" Honey exclaimed in excitement.

"I don't think that is good idea. Haruhi did mention something not being rich correct?" Hikaru asked.

"Yeah and Tamaki mentioned something about not be able to live the commoner's life style too." Kaoru replied.

"So what's your point?" Kyoya asked impatiently.

"Well, what if we can make those two see eye to eye. Live each other's life. Like in the movies," Both the twins replied back in the same tone and same time.

"That could be a good idea. The only thing is how?" Kyoya responded and seemed puzzled in thought again.

"I don't know. Do you have something medical related to that genius?" The twins responded again to Kyoya.

"Actually, I think I do. Can you all meet me at Master Tamaki's house tonight, say about midnight?" Kyoya asked every one.

"Sure," the twins responded.

"Hmm, I'm unsure. It will be past my bed time, but ok! If it will get Haru-chan and Tamaki-chan back together as friends than me and Takeshi are in," Honey replied dancing around the tiny cramped space.

Mori just nodded his head to the agreement that Honey made.

"Then it's settled. Meet me at Tamaki's house. Also, if some one wouldn't mind picking up Haruhi at her house too, that would be great, but make sure she is still asleep at the time, Kyoya responded.

"Me and Mitsukuni will pick her up. Shouldn't take us that long," Mori finally replied.

Every one shook their heads and waited for the plan that evening.

It was actually midnight now and the plan was set. It started to pour like cats and dogs outside against the heavy and dark thunder and lighting. Haruhi flinched a couple times while Mori kept holding her. Honey skipped along quietly in his all black thief outfit. Every one kind of agreed to wear black, in case they got caught by Tamaki or Haruhi, this way the blend in more with the surroundings of the huge mansion. Every one began to walk carefully inside the mansion. Kyoya-senpai already had a key incase Tamaki needed him, so he just let himself in. The guards, which I guess they needed where already asleep and all the cameras which I guess they also needed in the house where shut off. Kyoya kind of already took care of the security system.

They walked up the carpeted stair well, which gave light in the dark room. Each tired not to make a loud sound and successfully succeed. Now was the moment of getting to Tamaki's room. The path way seemed long, but really was like 2 feet away from which they stood.

"Is every one still with us?" Kyoya whispered.

Every one looked at each other and nodded.

"Good, we can continue," Kyoya said and nodded as he continued walking to up to the room.

"Hey Kyoya, what's with the machine?" Kaoru asked

"This is a special machine that was supposed to be used for anger management classes, but since our facility doesn't cater to those types of classes, we kept the machine in storage. It allows us to transfer all information in the brain to another brain, thus calling it "switching brains" or "bodies" if you like that term better. We only tested the machine on lab rats and proved to be successful. These two will be the first humans to ever use the machine. I hope it goes well otherwise it will be on tab," Kyoya said smiling again.

Every one rolled there eyes and walked into Tamaki's room. Mori laid Haruhi on the bed besides Tamaki as Kyoya assembled the machine together. Every stared at it's marvelous new beauty. However; Tamaki ruined the moment in the background when he snored loudly.

"How do we know it will work?" Honey asked.

"Well, I'm glad you asked. I've been studying on these two sleeping habits. Tamaki always has to huge his bear in his sleep while Haruhi gently crosses her arms over her chest like those. If this does work, you will see the two change their sleep positions and then we can call it a success. If this doesn't work, then we have to figure out a plan B,"

Kyoya attached to helmets on both Haruhi and Tamaki. He slowly turned on the machine and began to watch the two slowly. Within two minutes, both of them changed their positions in sleep. It was considered a success. It would be a couple of hours before both of them would wake up.

"So it does work," Kaoru said.

"Wow, I can't believe we just did that!" Honey shouted excitedly.

Both Tamaki and Haruhi moved a little and adjusted back to where they were.

"Shh, you have to keep quite. Now that Haruhi and Tamaki have switched places, how long do we keep this up till?" Hikaru asked.

"Till they finally see eye to eye and we will just have to wait. Mori, please take Tamaki back to Haruhi's house. The rest of us, let's go home and wait to see what happens," Kyoya replied back.

So every one went home and Tamaki was dropped off. When the sun began to rise would be the time they realized what occurred. Even through the idiots had no clue what was really happening to Haruhi's life, they would soon find out that they made it hell of a lot worse.