Important Message to Readers

As some of you know, Awakening Love is my most popular story I ever written, right next to Uzumaki Dream's. Technically, Uzumaki Dreams has received more views, but this has received more fan service. As I told you in the last chapter thing, I was working on the sequel aka Gods and Angels. Here is the thing, it was falling for me. I tried my best to write yaoi and doing what I could. I was brain dead. Seriously, dead. Also, it was random. So I decided to write the re-write to this story:

Awakening Love: The Idiots Version

As you guys know, the host club are a bunch of idiots, so yeah. We love them though. Any ways, this story is taking my ideas from the last one and adding in new stuff. Some things have been changed, but this story is the non-rushed version and contains longer chapters and plenty of randomness. Will I still be taking fan ideas, yes to a certain degree. Do I hope this story does well? Yes, please make it sparkling, but not the vampire way.

So what will you see:

More manga based: I will be going off more the manga here and there which means no Éclair! She is not important nor serves to any relation to Ouran. I will be using the grandma though, she is important. If you haven't read the manga, either try and find chapters out there or just deal with it. Ouran manga has been removed off the top sites and it sucks, but there is nothing we can do.

More TamaXHaru: Yes! You'll see more of the fluffyness again. This is my favorite pair and the manga finally admitted something that "most" of the fans have been waiting for. Will I do more random scenes? Maybe? Will I do a kissing scene or anything like that? Depends on my mind. You'll see, but expect the romance.

More Random: Yes! More random is right. With reading several gender bender series *yes, call me crazy* I have new ideas I could use. Plus, I've gotten into more anime as well, so expect random characters to appear. After all, I love a good story and you'll see it from me

More….stuff: Well, I'll do some other things and maybe have more of other character pairings, but not that much. I do support HikaXKao and HunXMor, so you'll see that maybe. I might do more interactions with the fans, but it depends. The contest thing didn't work, so it could be something else, but not worry. The Luckygirl never disappoints her fans.

Other than that my fans, thank you for supporting me and my stuff and please tell me what you think. I read all comments and stuff cause I have no life. -_- Peace all! ^_^