Star Trek: Odyssey: Forever's Edge

The bar was crowded but that was typical on a Friday night. It was filled with different species from different worlds. There was a large number of Starfleet cadets in bar tonight. One person stood out from the rest even though he was a civilian. He lifted up hid glass and downed its contents and slammed it to the bar with a thud. The bartender came over and poured him another glass of Romulan Ale. Romulan Ale was an illegal drink in the federation but this particular bartender kept some. He probably had dealings with Quark in order to get it.

Romulan Ale is generally blue in color and its Romulan name is Kali-fal. Depending on its vintage will depend on its color of blue. Darker the color, the older it is. This was the fifteenth glass of it that this particular person has had since he sat at the bar a few hours ago. This person was Jermaine Allensworth.

Jermaine Allensworth came in everyday for the past ten years since he resigned his commission as a Starfleet captain. Allensworth quickly downed this drink and drunkenly stood up. He slightly stumbled away from the bar. The bartender took the glass and set it out of sight as he wiped the area that Allensworth previously occupied. He thought about saying something along the lines of "See you tomorrow." Or something like but he figured that Allensworth was too drunk to hear him. He watched as the former captain stumbled out the door.

Jermaine walked outside and felt the salty air of San Francisco hit his face. It had just rained in the city and ground was really too wet to sit down and wait to sober up. He decided it was better just to walk or stumble home. Which ever he could do better and more than likely he'd stumble home.

He started down the street and saw different people as he walked by. He didn't recognize a single person. It was either because he had never seen them before or it was because he was too drunk to see straight. He held onto a wall as he walked and when that wall ended, he just stumbled down the alleyway towards his home.

He was about halfway down the alleyway when he took out a flask from his jacket. It probably contained more Romulan Ale or Klingon Blood Wine. Either way it was alcohol and he needed to drown himself in it. He took one drink of it and stumbled more. He started to fall forward but he caught himself on the wall. His insides couldn't take this new intake of alcohol and decided to get rid of it.

He leaned against the wall and puked all over the ground. He puked nothing but a purple-ish liquid. The combination color of the blue Romulan Ale and the red Klingon Blood Wine. Looks like Romulans and Klingons wouldn't even combine at this level either.

Once he was done puking he stumbled further down the alleyway. He only made it a few more feet before falling face first into the pavement. At this point it didn't matter how wet the ground was. He was down and probably wasn't getting up anytime soon.

The sounds of footsteps approached Allensworth's fallen body. The footsteps are rather light, suggesting the person was in fit condition. The person approached and stood over Allensworth. The person had a slender figure and wore a Starfleet uniform. The person was female and had the command red turtleneck underneath her black and grey shouldered uniform. She also wore four pips on her collar telling all who saw that she was a captain.

She had blonde hair that was not completely blonde but had hints of brown and a green strip that hung down the side of her face. She picked up the bottle and tossed it aside. She then grabbed a hold of Allensworth and hoisted him up to where his right arm was draped over her shoulder. She used her right hand to tap her comm. badge.

"Stull to Alexandria, two to beam up."

Jermaine Allensworth woke up in a place unfamiliar to him. To be more precise, he hadn't seen this place in ten years. He leaned up to be greeted by a really severe splitting headache. He held his hand against his head in hopes of helping it go away.

"So you're awake." A voice said.

He looked up to see Captain Michelle Stull come into the room. The Trill had just become captain a few months ago after the previous captain of this ship was killed and as first officer she took over and was ultimately awarded with her own command of this ship. She handed him a drink that was fizzing.

"What's this?"

"It'll help your hangover."

He drank it and the hangover practically went away. Stull could see that her drink had worked just by Allensworth's reaction.

"An old Trill recipe."

"Why did you bring me here?"

"Well it was either this or the cold, wet cement of a San Francisco alleyway."

"You could've sent me home."

"A bloody thank you could work. Besides this was easier." Stull said.

"So much for respect." Allensworth said with a slight grin.

Ignoring that comment, Captain Stull got right into it. "For the past ten years, we've been at war with the Terran Empire. This war has cost millions of lives and we're losing. They've created their own territories within this universe. We've asked for help from the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians and even the Breen. We can't stand up to them, not for much longer anyway."

"I'm pretty aware of the situation." Allensworth said. "What's this got to do with me?"

"We're going to go to a planet that will hopefully help us. If it doesn't we're all dead anyway."

Allensworth still didn't have any idea what she meant.

"What planet would that be?"

"The planet that holds the Guardian of Forever."

Allensworth's eyes widened.

Shortly later, Stull and Allensworth stood inside of Jermaine's house. Jermaine had to pack a few things before taking off on this mission. Stull waited as her former captain made the final preparations before leaving. As she waited she saw a display case on the wall. The display case held seven comm. badges and each one had a name underneath of it, show the name of its previous owner. The names read from the top left comm. badge to the bottom right comm. badge. J. Sparhawk, C. Nycz, A. Merriell, D. Zofchak, H. Sato, A. Plumley, D. Fulks.

Michelle closed her eyes remember that fateful day. Jermaine appeared next to her and he too stared into the case of the comm. badges that belonged to his former shipmates.