Author's Notes/Disclaimers: All characters and places in this story are the property of DC Comics.
I'm just using them in tribute, not for any profit.

"A Hope In Arkham" by Sunflare2k5


Harvey Dent lay in his bunk at Arkham, gazing up at a picture of Gilda that he'd managed to salvage.
She looked so soft, so vunerable, with her wide brown eyes gazing off into the distance. He idly
flicked the Coin across the backs of his fingers, as he thought about her...

"She loves me..." he murmured as the shiny side came up.

As it flipped to the scarred side, he murmured, "She loves me not..."

Again, the shiny side. "She loves me..." And then the scarred. "She loves me not..."

Harvey took the Coin in hand, flipping it to decide his new path. It spun in the air, till it dropped
into his palm. He looked down at it...

The shiny side glittered back at him.

He managed a smile at this, despite the pain from the taut scars marring half his head. "She
loves me... as I love her. Always..."

Harvey held onto that thought, that hope. For he feared that the day that Gilda turned against
him, turned away from him in fear or hatred, it would never matter again which side the Coin

For there would only be Two-Face left.