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Chapter 1

Inuyasha scowled as he walked through the mall, earning the disapproving looks of others as they went out of his way to avoid him. Of course, they would have done the same regardless of his facial expression. Everyone always did.

His scowl deepened as he approached the Disney store. It had happy music playing, singing songs about hope and love and shit like that. Wishing on stars and romantic advice coming from crabs and other animals. The huge screen that consumed most of the back wall was showing some guy – A prince no doubt – kissing a red haired girl with flippers. Accepting her even though she was half fish.

It was all nauseating. But what disgusted him the most was the huge poster on the front window. Beauty and the Beast, it read it fancy, swirling, letters. There was a beautiful ( for a cartoon ) girl, dancing with a furry freak in a stupid looking tuxedo. The loving smile on her face as she gazed at the beast made his stomach churn.

Leave it to the Disney corporation to lie like that, to kids no less. To tell them that love was for everyone, regardless of things like looks, or social status, or apparently even species. That everyone had someone out there for them, their one true love. Seriously, that was the biggest load of bull he'd ever heard. Girls like this Belle – smart, nice, funny, accepting, unselfish – didn't exist. And even one did, she wouldn't get with a guy like the beast. She probably wouldn't get with Gaston either, but it wouldn't have been the beast. No, most likely she would have met some rich, handsome, kind, man who was just passing through, one who could take her everywhere she wanted to go. Her and her crazy father.

Okay, so he watched the move. Once. Just to see if there was any truth to it. He'd known the basics : Boy under curse. Monster. Pretty girl trapped in castle with ugly monster. Monster and Girl fall in love anyways. Other than that he was clueless.

He hadn't gone in expecting much, the story reeked of fake Disney cheer, not to mention the smile dishes and such on the front, and he'd come out repulsed. Admittedly it hadn't been horrible. The singing candelabra had been weird, the songs annoying, and he often wondered why it was only the minor characters with a French accent, but over all the story wasn't bad. Then he'd gotten to the end where the pretty girl confesses her love to the monster, thinking him dead. She'd kissed him and poof, he'd suddenly been a handsome prince, just perfect for the smart, nice, funny, unselfish, and supposedly accepting girl.

Because God forbid he actually look like the hideous thing she fell in love with. Because even the Disney people couldn't deny that it would never have worked. That it wouldn't have been possible for her to love him as he was forever, She wouldn't want to wake up to that every morning, make love to it every night. If they ever even found a way to do that. Would she be content to die a virgin, childless?

Or would Disney have been forced to take a more realistic approach and have her take advantage of the fact that the town hated him, that he couldn't leave his castle. Have her take advantage of his love and trust and go down to the village more and more, fall in "love" with some other, handsome, human, guy, until at last she never returned. She'd have lived her happy life with her children and travel, sparing the occasional thought for the poor, lonely, beast, wasting away in his castle by himself. Dying of a broken heart as he mourned the girl he loved more than life itself and hating the creature that he was.

Yeah right. Disney was all about happy lies. That's why it was just a curse, easily broken.

But curses aren't really broken, he thought bitterly as resisted the urge to drive his fist into the glass, right into the middle of Belle's pretty, phony, face. He knew that better than anyone. His reflection in the window was proof of that, horrible disfigurement and all.

He turned sharply, disgusted by it all, only to run directly into a little girl exiting the store. She fell backwards with a squeak onto the floor. Clutching her newly bought Stitch doll, she scrunched her face up, letting a loud wail and drawing the attention of everyone in the area.

He could feel their accusing stares, their looks of repulsion as they laid eyed on his, and was torn between his initial impulse to help the girl and the desire to flee their stares. He settled for standing there as a Disney store employee rushed,from where she was stocking a shelf, out onto the scene. He scoffed as she knelt down to inspect the girl, finding her fine and fishing a lollipop from her stupid looking employee smock. Sniffling, the child unwrapped the candy, shoving it in her mouth.

He could hear the whispers of the small crowd that had gathered. They were, for the most part, misguided, accusatory, and mean where he was concerned.

He hadn't meant to knock the girl over, he didn't make it a habit to hurt small children. He liked children, as much as he liked anybody. He wasn't really social...at all, which was just fine with him. There wasn't anybody who wanted to be social with him either. He was glad she was alright. His first instinct had been to help her, but he'd decided against it. It was bad enough she'd fallen, she didn't need to be frightened by his face as well.

He couldn't help the swell of bitter rage he felt at their accusations. They didn't understand, didn't even see what happened. But they'd seen his face, and that was all they needed to turn him into a character as cruel as one of those cliched Disney villains.

Well he'd have no problem living up to their expectations.

"Damn kid, watch where you're going."

The girl's lip trembled again, giving him a shot of guilt, but it was the employee who reacted the strongest. Spinning around she leveled him with an icy-hot glare.

"What is your problem?" she demanded, crossing her arms and matching his scowl.

It only figures that she'd work here. He hadn't recognized her until she turned around, but now that he got a good look he recognized her from school. He'd seen her around the campus, she might have a class or two with him. He wasn't sure. He didn't really pay that much attention to who his classmates were. Either way, he'd happened to see her around a few times, usually with some other girls. I think my brother's dating one of them... Either way she was the perfect Disney princess, all popular and pretty.

And she definitely was pretty. Even at times like now, when she was pissed off. Her big blue eyes were narrowed, her full, shiny, pink, lips were curved in a heavy frown. Her long, black, hair was usually hanging free down her back, but was apparently pulled up for work. What was her name? Something with a K maybe? Maybe if he got a look at her name tag...


Oh yeah...she'd asked him a question.

"Well what?"

"What's your damn problem?" she hissed as she approached, her hips swinging angrily, arms folded across her chest.

"I don't have a damn problem", he snarled, not bothering to temper his own anger. It wouldn't do any good to hold back, she'd still have that look of disgust in her eyes. He'd seen her eyes widen surprise when she'd first seen him, though she'd quickly hidden it. If it was possible, he hated those types even more. He found he preferred the people who were open with their repulsion, rather than the ones who tried to hide it. Damn liars... "The kid shouldn't be running around like that anyways. Where the hell are her parents? Maybe if they were parenting none of this would have happened!"

This was apparently the wrong thing to say, he noticed, as her eyes ignited into flames as she marched closer, stopping right in front of him. "You do so have a damn problem." She snapped, "If you're seriously blaming a little girl for this. It was an accident. As in it wasn't on purpose. As in you have no right to snap at her for it!" She jabbed her finger into his chest, emphasizing her point, prodding the flames of his very short temper. He growled low in his throat, giving her his most intimidating glare, but it did nothing. She continued on anyways. "In fact, you're just as much at fault as she is. So maybe you should watch where the hell you're going! Hmm?"

This time when she jabbed him he caught her hand. It was small in his, light and smooth. Perfect. She really was just like one of those pretty little princesses. Except for her personality, that could use some work. Then again, it was probably just him. For all he knew she was perfectly sweet to everyone else.

After all, she carried around lollipops in her smock thing. What evil bitch carried lollipops around with her?

Squeezing her fingers together until he winced, he roughly threw her hand away. The last thing he needed was those prefect little hands poking him in the chest while she looked at him like he was scum everyone thought he was. Gods, he was so sick of being looked at like that.

"And maybe you should mind your own business princess" He spat the word like it was something dirty, his tone dropping deep into the negative degrees. He could see the surprise register on her face, though he wasn't sure what she was so surprised about. "Go back to your stupid little store sell your stupid little lies."

"Huh? Lies?" She wondered aloud, but he didn't reply as he stalked out of the mall, the best one could with a limp.

"And maybe you should mind your own business princess. Go back to your stupid little store and sell your stupid little lies."

All weekend long Kaogome had been spacing out, replaying the scene in her mind. Trying to figure out what he meant. On Monday morning, she still had no answer, and after a morning of deliberation, finally decided to just ask him. He did go to her school, and it wasn't like he was hard to find. He stood out, though not necessarily for the best of reasons.

The fact was, he couldn't have blended into a crowd if he'd wanted to. Not the way he looked. She wasn't sure if it was a birth defect or if it had happened later, just that it was...bad.

She'd transferred in last year, in the beginning of 10th grade. She'd immediately made friends, finding the people here much nicer than her last school, so when she'd heard the vicious comments whispered though the halls she'd been taken aback. What could be so bad about him that they'd say these things? Surely he couldn't be as hideous as they all claimed.

She was proven wrong as she stepped into her last class that day, her eyes spotting him immediately. He was in the back of the room, alone, the ear buds in his ears disappearing discreetly into his black hoodie. She'd seen him and known automatically that this was him, the boy they all talked about.

His face was scarred and disfigured, one side flat as if the cheekbones simply didn't exist there. His nose was horribly crooked. She assumed it had to do with the cheekbones, but it made his eyes look disproportionate. His eyebrows were thin, appearing as if they almost weren't there at all. There were various scars along the surface, from the puffy and pink to the thin and white, and his lip was pulled up in the very corner of the left side. Not in any sort of conscious facial expression, just as if it was sewn that way.

Apparently the rumors hadn't been lies, or even exaggerations. She'd been sure they had to be, though no one could possibly look as horrible as all that. She was also wrong. It really was that bad.

At first she'd been curious as to why he was always alone. Sure he was ugly, but that wasn't any good reason. It didn't take long, though, for her to learn. He was an asshole. A complete jerk with a horrible temper who seemed to pride himself in his self-isolation.

True, the other kids helped, but even if they didn't he'd have done a good job of it all on his own. Once or twice she'd considered going up to him, attempting to make friends, but thought better of it. She'd seen the way he snapped at anyone who came near.

"What are you looking at?" Sango wondered aloud as she watched her friend that morning. She'd been at school for 15 minutes already and had spent every second of it scanning the campus.

"Nothing." Kagome muttered, frustrated. "Someone. Someone who really shouldn't be this hard to find."

It really shouldn't have been. He stuck out like a sore thumb just because of his face. If you added the fact that his raggedy, unkempt hair was a shining, if greasy, silver, he should be as easy to spot as if there was a blinking arrow floating over his head.

"Who?" Sango asked, leaning back against the desk, leaning her head back until she was looking upside down through the window. The two of them were in the Latin room, their official morning meeting place, waiting for the rest of their group. As if on queue, Rin walked in, not finding Sango's current position at all strange.

Sitting on the desk beside the one Sango was leaning backwards over, Rin watched her other friend in silence for a few moments before asking, "What's she looking at?"

"Not a what", Sango answered, " A who. And she apparently can't find him." She paused, looking as contemplative as one could while half-way upside down. "Hey Kagome, is it a he?"

"Yes." She grumbled, aggravated.


There was more silence, Rin pulling her legs up into lotus position on the desk, quietly meditating while studying her friend. Kagome was pressed up against the window, not even blinking as she searched. Sango watched as well from her current position.

"Hey, does anyone know why Kagome's face is pressed-" Miroku stopped speaking as he saw his friends. "Yeah, never mind."

"Ohm. She's looking for someone. Ohm." Rin replied anyways.

Miroku sighed, rubbing at his temples. " You know I'm not quite sure meditation works if you're talking...with your eyes open..."

Rin just ignore him, chanting a quiet mantra of "Ohm."

Walking over to Sango he stood in front of her feet, leaning over her with his arms braced on either side of the girl so that he was looking at her face. "So tell me, just who is our dear friend looking for, with her face pressed up against the glass like that?"

"I don't know", Sango replied her eyes narrow, "Now get off me before I knee you in the balls."

She lifted her knee to his crotch to show him just how well-placed her knee was for the job. Unfortunately, the scene looked just a little different to Sesshomaru as he walked through the Latin room door.

"Sesshomaru!" Rin exclaimed, bouncing her thin form agilely from the desk. Of the three girls she was the only one with any grace. They weren't even sure when she'd unfolded her legs from their complicated position. She threw her arms eagerly around her boyfriend, hugging him around the waist.

"Could you two please refrain from foreplay this early in the morning? Much less on a desk, that some unfortunate soul will undoubtedly have to use later, and in front of my girlfriend."

The room was suddenly silent, the teacher swiveling around quickly in her computer chair, her eyes wide. Kagome actually pried her eyes away from the window, turning to look.

The two teens involved froze, immediately flushing a deep shade of red.

"I-I, we-we're not", Sango stammered pushing his chest away with her hands. "Um...damn it Miroku!" She brought her knee up as hard as threatened. Being a soccer player, her legs were slim and strong, as Miroku soon discovered. He fell with a squeak, cupping himself and whimpering on the ground. Stepping over him, the teacher made them leave the room, locking the door behind them with a click.

"Well that was rude", Sango huffed, sticking her tongue out at the door. She smiled as she heard the teacher fussing at Miroku through the door. "I hope they get stuck in his throat."

Sesshomaru raised a brow.

"Well I do."

"Just who are you looking for anyways?" Rin asked, bouncing over Kagome, the previous issue dismissed. As as Sophomore, Rin was a year younger than everyone else, two years younger than Sesshomaru. She was adorable in a really pretty way, all trim and toned from yoga, petite and small boned, like a fairy. Her hair was long and black in a different style everyday, ranging everywhere from the complicated to the simplistic. Her eyes were huge, her nose petite, her lips delicate like little rosebuds and almost always turned up.

The group's attention was momentarily turned towards Miroku, as he approached them, limping just slightly. He wisely stood a good distance away from Sango. She'd forgive him this, she always did. It would just take some time, in which a good distance of at least 3 feet was advised at all times.

"Inuyasha", Kagome replied casually as she searched the crowd. "I've got something to ask him."

"What could you possibly have to ask him?" Sesshomaru's tone was as cold as ice, reminding her of Inuyasha's from Friday.

Oh yeah...they're brothers. Even though they both had the same silver hair, it was still so easy to forget. Sesshomaru was so handsome, the envy of males everywhere. Rin was seriously lucky to be dating him, and a lesser girl might have been intimidated by the evil death-glares she so frequently received from jealous Sesshomaru fan-girls.

It wasn't like they hung out or anything either. Even when Inuyasha was teased, Sesshomaru did nothing, said nothing. He could be two feet away from his brother and not even register his existence. Not outwardly anyways.

She wasn't sure what the cause for the animosity was, but she knew it was there. It was obvious in his tone of voice, the narrowing of his eyes when Inuyasha came up.

"It's nothing much", She replied, slowly, gauging his reaction, "I ran into him at work the other day and he said some things. I just want to know what he meant."

"Well, what did he say?" Miroku asked, his voice strange. She frowned at his tone. He was another one who acted differently regarding Inuyasha, and she knew no more about his feelings than Sesshomaru's, except maybe that Miroku's didn't seem so hostile. He seemed more curious...perhaps just a little concerned.

Taking a mental note to ask him about it later, she opened her mouth to respond when she spotted a flash of silver in the distance. Someone dressed in all black and moving with a limp. With a gasp of surprise, she immediately took off after him, leaving her friends standing there in silence. It wasn't until she'd followed him around a corner that they spoke.

"I wonder what he said." Sango stared at the corner her friend had vanished behind.

"I wonder why anyone would care." Sesshomaru's voice was quiet as usual, but the words came off as bitterly repulsed as ever. Looking down at Rin, the repulsion lessened, though his distaste still came in loud and clear. "I've got to get to class. I'll see you later."

She waved goodbye before turning back to her friends.

Miroku sighed, running a hand through his bangs, watching Sesshomaru's retreating form. "I just don't get it."

Rin watched him wide-eyes and curious. "What is it? What don't you get?"

Sango made a sympathetic noise, her anger dissipated by current events, laying a hand on his shoulder. " I know."

Rin frowned, displeased at not being properly informed. Sure she was younger, but that was no reason to keep information from her. Especially when this information was making her best friends so sad.

Inuyasha scowled as he heard the footsteps, heard her call his name. And to think, he'd thought he could just get his books from his locker and go. No, instead she had to do this.

As if he didn't attract enough attention already.

Well, nothing to do now but plot a course of action. The way he saw it, he had a few options. He could fore go the trip to the locker and attempt to outrun...er...out-hobble her.

Yeah...and when that failed he could ignore her. That seemed like a better idea, though the chances of her shutting up didn't seem all that great. With his luck she'd follow him, yelling to get his attention and following him into his first hour class. Somehow he sensed that this would make it even harder for him to disappear into the corner.

Lastly he could turn around, see what she wanted, and then say something rude. Yes, that seemed like the best course of action. Not the most appealing, but...

Wonder what she wants to yell at me about, he mentally groaned as he turned to face her.

She'd been running. He could tell by the way she folded over on herself, panting, her hands braced on her knees. What the hell did she have to say that was this damn important? Hadn't she done enough yelling yesterday? Really, he got it. She didn't like him. So what, no one else did either. Not even his own family.

"What?" he snapped, sending her his most menacing glare in hopes of discouraging her.

No such luck.

She frowned up at him, a quick surge of irritation flashing in her eyes before she shook it away. "No, No time for that, not now. Just tell me what you meat."

"Excuse me?

"What you meant" she replied, straightening, still breathing heavily. "Yesterday. About lying to children."

That was what this was about?

"What's there to explain?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe how I'm lying to children. Yeah, let's start there."

"Go away."

She blinked in surprise. "What?"

"You heard me. Go away. Leave. Cease and desist."

He started to limp off, almost relieved when he didn't hear her footsteps. Almost. Until...


"What?" he snarled.

"You didn't answer my question!"

"Yeah, and I'm not going to!"

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to talk to a nosy little bitch like you!"

She blinked, seemingly stunned. He took advantage of the situation by turning to leave once more. She was a persistent little bitch however, quickly shaking it off and running after him.

No way, oh there was no way in hell, that he had just said that. Had he seriously just called her a bitch? What's more, had he expected to get away with it?

If so he was in for some disappointment.

She was mad. He could tell. Some people could hide their emotions really well, sounding calm when seething. Kagome, was not one of those people. He could practically feel the waves of rage against his back.

Oh well. He wasn't turning around, no matter how pissed off she was. He continued on to his class, ignoring the stares and whispers of the students observing the scene this girl was making. Why did she always have to make a scene anyways?

All he wanted was to disappear. To slip into the crowd, unnoticed, and remain there. To move about the school like a shadow. He'd been doing a fairly good job if he did say so himself. No one had taken any special notice in him in quite some time.

He'd be lucky if he could say that by the end of the day.

Everyone was staring now, stopping, despite the fact that the bell had already rang, and watching the scene unfold. He could hear their whispers ; "What's going on? What did the freak do now?" Their eyes wide as they took in the view with their morbid curiosity. They were hoping something would happen, and happen to him. Something bad, perhaps a slap across his ugly face. Had he looked at her wrong? Tried to kiss her? Dared confess his love or something? Was her boyfriend – a girl that pretty had to have one - going to beat him up?

It had been a while since anything like that had happened and the school could do with some amusement.

He could practically read their minds, their eyes. It was a sour feeling, knowing they wanted him to be hurt in some way or another. Were anticipating it. Excited about it. It churned his stomach, made him want to both flee and punch in everyone's faces at the same time.

Especially this damn girl. This one damn interfering girl. It wasn't bad enough that she'd yelled her assumptions at him the day before in front of her damn, happy, Disney store, oh no, now she had to drag it out. To bring it to the school grounds and get an audience. Sure they'd been people at the mall, but they didn't know him, most pitied him is grotesque form. He despised pity, but physically it hurt less.

Would she slap him, he wondered. He certainly wasn't going out of his way to win her good graces. Quite the opposite actually. Most girls would have slapped him at this point, or told their boyfriends to. They would have done something.

He didn't understand this girl. He'd yelled at her, been intentionally mean, called her a bitch. It hadn't been hard, these were his true feelings, but he'd made a point not to temper them. He'd wanted them sharp and cutting, hopefully cutting her away. He didn't want to deal with her. He didn't want to deal with anyone. He was quite content in his solitude.

He stopped short, spinning on his heel, his already frightening face contorting into a truly fearsome snarl. "What? What the hell do you want bitch? Why won't you go the fuck away?"

He could see the surprise, the fear, behind her eyes and it added to the bitterness. It was deep, behind temper though. "What are you, stupid?" She was sick of him,so incredibly sick of him. Everything he said was like a stick, prodding the embers of her anger, rising it up into tall, hot, flames that licked at her throat and spewed from her mouth. She was beyond pissed at this point, her tact reserves depleted. Her fury had a mind of it's own. "I asked you what you meant yesterday! What, are you retarded too? Did whatever fucked up your outside fuck up your mind as well?"

Her words rang cold in his ears, zeroing out the sound of the crowd, their gasps and giggles. Their sounds of astonishment and approval. They all vanished under her words resonating in his head. He felt as if he'd been doused with ice water, for once too stunned to move. To speak. To breathe. For a moment he felt completely numb.

Then slowly feeling returned, the ache in his chest tightening like a fist around his heart. His stomach was hot, boiling, with a slowly building rage derived from years of this abuse. He was so damn sick of it. Of the name calling, of the teasing, of everyone waiting anxiously to see his newest from of torture. Why? Why did they all find such great pleasure in his pain? Why did they love so much to see him hurt?

Kagome watched the change in him, watched him freeze as her words reached his ears, felt a sharp stab of regret. She shouldn't have said that, wished she hadn't. It was so wrong on so many levels, so utterly cruel. And had hit right on the mark. She could tell by the way his eyes, once hot with anger and annoyance, glazed over to hard, flat ice. Even though disproportionate, they still had the same effect as they would had they been normal. She felt her body go cold as she stared at them. They looked like ice and yet molten gold at the same time. They were so intense, so angry...

So hurt, she realized. He'd shoved it back, pushed it beneath other, more obvious emotions, but it was there, deep and shining. And the fact that she had put it there, at least partially, made her want to cry.

"Inuyasha" she whispered, her tone soft and apologetic, but he'd hear none of it. Furiously he approached her, backing her against the wall and trapping her between his arms. He leaned in close, his face calm, his eyes hot. "Fine then", he hissed, venom dripping in his tone, "You want to know so badly. I said you sell lies because you do, you and the whole damn Disney corporation. With their theme parks and their books and their movies, all preaching about the same bullshit ideas of hope and trust and love. That if you don't lock Cinderella in the basement or steal some fish-girl's voice, than your story ends with happily ever after, in a big house with prince charming. Well guess what Princess, there's no such thing as happily ever after. As true kindness and unconditional love, and certainly not the vaguest hope of someone looking past the surface. They're nice ideas on paper, but once you leave that damn park or your happy little store, get into the real world they're not worth a damn thing."

He was about to pull back, to storm off campus and skip today, he could hear faculty members yelling from a distance, already on their way to break it up and ship the students off to class. He wasn't given the chance however, before he found himself being yanked back roughly, his bad leg throwing him off balance. As he stumbled, the front of his shirt was caught in a tight grip, yanking him up to his enemy.

"Hey Shithead!", barked the owner of the hand – Koga, as it appeared- "What do you think you're trying to pull?"

"Fuck off", Inuyasha seethed. He was in no mood to take their shit today, especially not over something as stupid as this little bitch. He could hear her cry, "Koga!" in surprise, but ignored her his attention going instead to Ginta and Hakkaku, Koga's two minion-esque friends.

"What did you say?" Koga snarled, ignoring Kagome's protests.

"I said", Inuyasha repeated, grabbing Koga's hand, working his finger's under the other boy's, "Fuck. Off." He yanked Koga's finger's back viciously, regaining his balance as the grip was released, reveling slightly in his howl of pain. Inuyasha had never before thought himself particularly bloodthirsty, but he found he gained great satisfaction in this act. His mood was so foul, emotions raging around inside of him, all of them dark and bitter. Angry and hurt. Warring inside until he wanted to scream. And then here comes this guy, Koga, his main tormentor, the cause of so much of his torture, pain and humiliation, picking a fight with him. It was more than he could refuse. He almost smiled as he heard a bone pop somewhere in Koga's hand. " Or better yet", he continued, yanking his other arm away as Ginta tried to pull him off, " Go fuck your little minions."

Kagome felt herself start to shake as she watched the scene, though she wasn't sure of what she felt. There was fear, yes, and regret. She had to wonder if he'd have done this had she not yelled such horrible things at him. Koga always did things like this, everyone did, and he usually just brushed it off. He yelled a little maybe, shot them the bird, and then stalked off to wherever he went to calm down, always returning to his seat in the back of the room, no one really sure of when he'd got there.

She had to admit, that thought didn't make things better. The fact that he'd actually grown used to this, that it happened so often. She knew it did, she'd seen it. She hadn't watched, she'd refused to turn someone else's pain into a spectator sport, but she hadn't done anything else either.

At the moment, that particular realization made her feel like scum.

Especially as she watched Hakkaku sink his fist into Inuyasha's stomach. Finally Inuyasha released Koga's hand, stumbling back, grunting with pain. His hand went immediately to the injured area, doubled over slightly. That had to have hurt, and yet still he stood, glaring at them all from beneath his bangs. It was then, just as he was about to retaliate, that the principal made it through the crowd. Finding Koga on the ground, his fingers bent unnaturally, and Inuyasha with his fist raised, she drew the obvious conclusion.

Silently, Kagome watched Inuyasha walk away, resigned to his fate. Watched him head off, without resistance, to take the punishment for a fight he hadn't started, hadn't wanted. She could no longer see his eyes as he walked away, but she didn't need to. The image of them was so clearly imprinted on her mind.

She could see them now in her mind's eye, just the way they'd looked as he's brought his face so close to her's, hissing his reply to the cruelty she'd flung at him. They'd been an intense combination of hot and cold, as if the fire of fury was being restrained by a thin layer of cool ice. She wasn't sure what to make of it. All she knew was that they were gorgeous.

She knew that if anyone heard her say that anything on Inuyasha was so much as mildly attractive they would think her crazy, but it was true. They really were the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen.

While from a distance they may seem uneven, disproportionate, it was just because of the unnatural shape of his face. In reality they were as perfectly placed as anyone else's. As perfectly even. And the color...They were pure amber, flecked with hints of pure gold, hot and intense and dangerously beautiful...

And hurt. She'd seen it. In their depths swam a hurt so profound it almost broke her heart to witness.

I LOVE DISNEY MOVIES! JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE! That being said, this idea was derived from this one thought I like playing with : Why, if Beauty was supposed to accept the beast for who he was, did he change into someone "handsome" ( air quotes , because I've seen the movie to. Seriously, he is NOT handsome...he looked better before... ) Let me know how I did and I promise to update my other stuff soon. IMPORTANT!


Song: The Mob Song

Movie: Beauty and the Beast