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Chapter 3

As it turned out, Sango had been right about Miroku. It had taken three days, a box of homemade, chocolate chip cookies, and a fully detailed explanation of several things, but she had succeeded in earning both his forgiveness and a small apology for his own irrational behavior.

She had a sneaking suspicion that Sango had more than a little to do with the last one.

Their newly restored friendship, however, was still somewhat fragile, the way a ceramic figure is when recently glued back together. When both pieces are together again with only the smallest of seams, but no one really knows if the glue will hold. And much like a damaged figurine, it was treated with care and caution.

It was with that thought in mind that no one, least of all Kagome, mentioned either the incident or Inuyasha at all. The topic was dubbed even more taboo than before and was avoided, carefully navigated around when it seemed as if it would pop up. And it was what had Kagome nibbling lightly on the inside of her lower lip Monday morning, doing to her best to sneak discreet looks out the Latin room window. She wouldn't press her face to the glass, make an obvious effort to find him, but she would still keep an eye out.

It had to be done. She had goals to accomplish, the first of which getting him to listen, believe, and hopefully accept her apology.

It was that, that had her biting her lip nervously, not entirely confident that she could succeed. After all, it'd taken a considerable amount of effort from both her and Sango to get back on good terms with Miroku, and he was a friend. He knew her, her good and bad. Inuyasha didn't. All he knew was that she was some "nosy bitch" who'd yelled cruel things at him in public and inadvertently gotten him suspended.

It wasn't exactly a great first impression.

Sango tried to hide the trickle of worry she felt as she watched her friend's eyes dart back to the window, scan over the campus quickly, before returning to the room just in time to laugh at something Miroku has said. Things had been good these past few days, almost as if nothing had ever happened. She'd known it couldn't last, known this day would come, but couldn't help her concern.

Inuyasha was back today. He was no longer avoidable, not if Kagome did the right thing. What she hoped was the right thing anyways. She was tempted to pull Kagome aside and tell her to call the whole thing off, if only to maintain the current state of peace between her friends.

She wouldn't.

But it was tempting.

She took a deep breath, turning her attention back to her friends, where Rin was babbling about something that had happened the previous day at the mall. If Sesshomaru's face was any indication it was something about him, that he wasn't particularly fond of sharing. She tried to submerge herself in the conversation, enjoy the lightheartedness while it lasted. Carpe diam and all that.

But she found herself checking the campus ever so often for a flash of silver hair...

She didn't find him before class. She'd kept an eye out the entire time, paying special attention to where she'd seen him before, going out of her way to pass by where she assumed he'd been headed when she'd caught him before. Nothing. She was actually beginning to wonder if he'd just bailed, decided school wasn't worth it.

And it was those thoughts that left her so completely stunned to find him in her 4th hour science class. Yet there he was, in the very back, his hood pulled up, ear buds in, quietly tuning out the world. She took a step forward, set to approach him..but stopped. No...not here. She'd already caused one less than pleasant scene trying to talk to him, and it had left her with several yet unspoken apologies. Somehow she'd really rather try to avoid adding to them. Turning, she headed back to her desk.

How had she missed him? Sure it was only the beginning of the year, and sure the teacher never called role – instead just marking you absent should you not be in your seat at the bell – but still? How had that happened? Was it because he was so quiet? So, as Sango had put it, determined to disappear? Was it because this class was right before lunch, that her attention was divided, or that she never lingered, eager for a break?

Or was it simply that she hadn't bothered, overlooked him like the rest?

She'd noticed other people. Noticed Koga...

Her thoughts froze, her eyes turning sharply to the other side of the classroom to where Koga was already seated. Where Koga had so obviously not overlooked Inuyasha's presence any more than he'd forgiven him for his finger, the likes of which was still in a splint. He sat there, flanked by Ginta and Hakkaku, murderous intent visible in his eyes.

Eyes that sensed her gaze. Turning slowly, his eyes met her's, widening slightly in surprise, before warning considerably. Suddenly the blue depths looked more like the warm waters of the ocean than the hot ice they had just moments before. It was the kind of look he'd given her millions of times, meant to be warm and enticing. The kind that gave her tingles down her spine and the sudden urge to play with her hair.

She didn't love him, wasn't even sure if she liked him, but yet he'd always elicited that reaction from her. As far as she could figure, it was the thrill. The thrill of being found attractive, desired. The thrill of discovering the natural power that comes with femininity.

And it wasn't like she hated the guy. Sure, she didn't approve of all his action, but nobody was perfect. People could change. And he was certainly attractive enough, all that shiny brown hair, long and glossy like the cover of a magazine. It was hair that girls envied as much as desired, and when added to his athletic build, chiseled face and piercing blue eyes, made for a dangerously sexy combination.

At least, she hadn't thought she hated him...

But if so...why wasn't her spine tingling? Why did she find herself looking away rather than twirling her hair around her finger?

Why was she thinking that icy blue wasn't anywhere near as piercing as molten amber?

He hadn't been as zoned out as he lead people to believe. He liked them to assume he was, they were more prone to ignoring him when they did, but he wasn't. He'd been paying just as much attention to his surroundings as anyone else that morning, had seen Kagome enter the room. Had cursed his luck.

So this was why she'd seemed familiar.

Looking back on it, he could remember seeing her a few times before. He just hadn't cared. Then she'd just been some random girl, as popular and annoying as anyone else. She hadn't been any concern of his and he'd promptly forgotten her as soon as she'd registered.

He doubted he'd be forgetting her any time soon, no matter how appealing the prospect.

He'd been on the verge of cursing when she'd turned towards him, finally allowed him to be so much as a blip on her radar, and had been infinitesimally glad when she'd continued on to her desk. He wasn't sure just what she'd planned to say, if anything, or if she'd even planned it at all. Maybe she'd just recently realized his presence in the room and considered saying something, though what he couldn't imagine.

Either way, she hadn't. Oh well, it wasn't like It was some great loss. If the past was any indication, it wouldn't have been anything positive anyways.

He watched her for a moment, his gaze following her back to her seat, watched her sit down, dig her books out.

No, he thought as he watched Koga catch her attention, it most definitely wouldn't have been anything good.

He fought back a growl as the sight of Koga, at the look he was giving her. At the way his face had morphed from cold and hard to what he supposed she found charming. At the way her eyes warmed back. She'd be just like any other girl, falling all over herself for a bit of his attention.

It was pathetic. A tribute to the stupidity that was mankind.

That they could love Koga, perhaps the school's biggest asshole, while despising him for simply existing.

Determined to put the obnoxious little princess from his mind, he turned his attention to the board. At the very least she'd get what was coming to her. If Koga's locker-room bragging held any truth, he'd have her panties off as soon as possible before moving right along to the next stupid, fawning, girl. And they deserved it. After all, it wasn't as if he kept his conquests secrets. They were all fully aware of what they were getting into.

He got the sudden image of her standing there, her eyes wide and wet, lower lip trembling as she fought to hide the tears battling to escape down her cheeks. Watched as one succeeded.

The thought made him feel strange, though he didn't for the life of him know how. It wasn't anger or pity...not even disapproval. She was a hypocritical little bitch and if she wanted to lie to herself and get hurt that was her business. So what if she wanted to flounce around spouting all sorts of nonsense about love and hope?

Heh, he'd see how much she believed in all that after she'd been nailed and bailed like so many others.

He scowled as he found his eyes drifting back to her. At the sound of the bell, he forced his attention back to the front of the class content to put all thoughts of the prissy little princess from his mind.

For the time being anyways. He'd tried to rid his thoughts of her before, had been trying all week, and it only lasted for a few hours at the most. He didn't know why. It wasn't as if she'd done anything unusual. So what if a pretty girl had said some mean things, it wasn't the first time. Hell,it wouldn't be the last.

So why did her face keep barging in, unbidden, into his thoughts? Her eyes, wide and blue, her mouth so perfect and fragile, yet capable of such destruction.

Shaking the thoughts off, he turned his attention to the front of the room once more, determined to ignore her. Ignoring people was easy, especially when they ignored you in return.

It does, however, become slightly difficult when small pieces of paper are inconspicuously tossed to your desk. It was about fifteen minutes into class when it landed on his desk with a light tap. The paper had been folded a few times into a small rectangle, no doubt with writing on the inside.

He scowled down at it, wary. He'd gotten notes before. Vicious things filled with bile that had made him want to vomit. To track each and every person down and stuff the paper down their throats in hopes that the contents would be toxic enough to do away with them. He never had, but the urge was there, strong and raging.

Needless to say, his experience with notes were less than pleasant and he could only imagine what this one would hold. Or where it had come from. Flicking his eyes to the left, the direction from which it came, his eyes met the girl who sat next to him, some black haired girl who's name he hadn't bothered to know. She been staring at him, her eyes wide, her lip curled slightly in disgust, and had turned quickly away when he caught her eye. It was as if she'd shrank back against the seat, scooting to the farthest end of the chair as if afraid of catching some horrid disease.

Scowling at her behavior he looked back at the note, crumpling it in his fist before sending it to the ground. There was no need to read it when he was so sure of what it'd say.

Kagome frowned as he tossed the paper to the floor. He could have at least read it before discarding it. There wasn't anything wrong with it. Sighing, she tore another page from her notebook. He would read her note. He had to.

Another one.

Once again he found himself scowling down at a small, folded, sheet of paper that had been tossed on his desk by that annoying girl besides him. The fourth one actually. She kept sneaking glances at him as if observing him like some creature in a zoo. And apparently he was a fascinating exhibit because he'd tried glaring at her three times already and each time the effects had been only temporary. Fighting the urge to throw the note at her head he picked it up. Whoever it was was So incredibly persistent. Crumpling it like all the others, he considered tossing it in his backpack with the rest, to be thrown away at a later date, but thought against it.

He was contemplating the note's fate when he felt them, eyes boring into the top of his head. Watching him. Probably the sender of the notes. If he had his guess, they probably weren't pleased that their insults were going unread. Glancing discreetly to the left, he found that for once that annoying girl was paying attention to the teacher rather than to him.

It was then that he flicked his gaze up.

It was her. That girl, Kagome.

Great. As if it wasn't bad enough she felt the need to insult him in public she'd taken to doing it in private too, via written words. Wonderful.

She was watching him, though she wasn't aware he knew so. She seemed anxious, impatient.

It was sickening.

He resisted the urge to growl, snatching the note in his fist, crushing it in his anger. Why was she so insistent on this? Was it really so much fun to watch him hurt? Fine then. He'd give her a show. Opening the note, he braced himself for what was to come.

Don't you have a bell tower to hide in freak? Hurry before even God realizes you're not worth it.

You're parents probably died just to get away from you ,loser.

Why don't you go kill yourself, do us all a favor?

Just go die, freak.

Some were better than others, cut deeper, more precise. Some could be discarded fairly easily while some made him long to tear their throats out.

To tear his heart out.

So he was thoroughly surprised to read what was scrawled there in small, exasperated print.


Stop throwing these damn notes away I'm running out of paper... Anyways, I need to talk to you. Please meet me after class.

_ Kagome

He blinked, still frowning, before crumpling the paper once more and adding it to his backpack, to join the rest.

He didn't wait for her.

She'd spent half of class – and a good half a notebook- asking him to wait, to meet her after the bell, and he hadn't.

She had to admit, it was just a little irritating and despite her resolve to cool her temper he was seriously grating on her nerves. And if it wasn't bad enough he'd left, there was the speed with which he departed. Seriously, as soon as the bell rang he'd been out the door and quite possibly down the hall... or wherever it was he was going...

And it probably would have annoyed her just a smidge more if not for the fact that Koga's exit had been unusually prompt as well. A fact that was niggling in the back of her mind, whispering little anxieties in her ears. Between that and the looks he'd been shooting Inuyasha throughout the class she had a feeling of dread creeping up her spine.

He'd had his finger broken, and she couldn't help but feel he'd like to settle the score.

Or tip it in his favor...

Gathering up her books she slipped from the room, determined to find him before the bell rang. Coincidentally, it wasn't so hard. Turning the corner, she was met with a large crowd gathered around what she could only assume was Inuyasha. From their sick smiles she'd guess Koga wasn't getting any more fingers snapped.

It was always loud in the halls, crowded, so much so that this group didn't particularly stand out unless being sought. A perfect place for such a screwed up act.

Anxiously pushing her way through the crowd, she couldn't help but hear their giggles. See their anticipation. Their joy. And she couldn't help feeling nauseous at it. She couldn't see anything as she fought her way a little closer, the crowd thick, but she could hear. Beyond the noise of the students there was a thud, a somewhat sickening crack.

"How do you like that freak? Is this what you wanted?" Another thud, "Is this what you're asking for?"

She groaned, but couldn't see. It wasn't until the drone of the bell, a teacher calling from inside a classroom, unsure of what exactly it was that was happening, to break it up and get to class, that Koga made his retreat, the crowd dissolving with him, that she saw what had happened. The result of his anger.

To his credit, Inuyasha was still standing, slouched against a row of lockers. But his legs were shaking a bit, his lip bleeding, one arm wrapped around his stomach. His face was down, his bangs shading his eyes, and for a second she found she was glad. His eyes were too intense, the emotion within too strong. They were eyes that had haunted her for days.

And yet some small, irrational part of her wanted to see them again.

She took a step forwards, her shoes making the slightest scuff on the linoleum, but it was enough. His head shot up, his eyes furious. Hot, like liquid amber, but she saw the flicker of pain as his body tensed, clearly ready for attack. Caught his slight grimace.


"It's you."

He cut her off, spitting the words like something dirty, sparking her ire just a bit, but she forced it down. It wouldn't do to fight with him now, and she couldn't bring herself to want to. Not when he was standing there, struggling to do so. Besides, it was just as well he'd cut her off ; She hadn't know what she'd have said anyways.

So instead she settled for, "You know, if you'd just met me after class this wouldn't have happened."

That's where she was wrong, why she should just go the fuck away. That right there proved she didn't know anything. Because this would have happened, one way or the other. The only difference was that she would have had a front row seat.

He didn't bother to respond, rather sending her a glare meant to send her running...or melt her into the floor. One of the two, before sweeping his gaze across the floor to where his books lay scattered, his backpack open a few feet away. Papers littered the floor, most prominently his Algebra II homework. All 7 pages. Muttering curses under his breath he bent, ignoring the throbbing pain in his stomach, where he was sure he'd find the imprint of Koga's boot.

She bit her lip as she watched him practically fall to his knees to gather his belongings. Watched the pain play across his features, sure that it'd be dancing in his eyes as well. His head, however was lowered once again.

Taking a deep breath she dropped to the floor besides him, gathering up papers. Instantly his hand shot out, grabbing her wrist. "What are you doing?"

She narrowed her eyes, "I'm just helping you pick it up. That's all. I swear."



"Why the hell are you doing this?"

"Because we're already late-"

"Why won't you just leave me the fuck alone?"

"Because I need to talk to you damn it!"

She was yelling now, the papers in her hand now bunched tightly in her fist. She didn't know whether or not they were anything important and frankly at the moment she didn't care. She'd been taking deep breaths, reigning in her temper, but it wasn't something she excelled at. "Because someone wouldn't meet me after class! And yeah, my track record isn't all that great but come on! And- and do you have any idea how many trees you wasted?"

"You're the one who kept writing-"

"Well you wouldn't read them!"

"Why the hell should I?"

"Because I have something important to say!"

"What? What the fuck is so damn important that you absolutely have to say to me?"

"I'm sorry you bastard!"

He blinked, his expression slipping into palpable shock. It was quickly smoothed away, but she could still sense the tenseness of his posture, see the startled distrust in is eyes. She was breathing heavily now, the hand crushing the papers having been slammed against the floor, but she was slowly cooling down.


"I said I'm sorry." When he didn't respond she continued. "Look, I shouldn't have said what I said. It was mean and stupid and... I'm just sorry about it."

She began to gather the papers around her, stacking them into a neat little pile, smoothing the crumpled papers from her hands onto the top. A nervous gesture if she'd ever seen one, but at least it was productive.

His own eyes narrowed in suspicion as he stare at her, emotions warring within him. He found himself at a complete loss.

No one had ever apologized to him.

Not since the accident.

And he honestly didn't know how to respond.

"Yeah", he snarled, viciously snapping up a nearby paper. "And I should believe you."

Yeah right? Like that would happen. And why the hell should it? Why should he believe her? This one girl who'd done nothing but make his life hell since their first encounter. It made no sense whatsoever. Why the hell would this one, pretty little princess take time out of her day to regret saying something to him. Anything, much less something cruel. Something that had haunted his mind for the remainder of the day.

Why the hell should she care when no one else did?

"You don't have to", she replied briskly, irritation nettling at her tone. "I'm not going to make you. I just wanted to say it...it needed to be said."


"Because!", she snapped, before halting herself suddenly. Before realizing that while his tone was still gruff, disbelieving, there was a hint of something else. Curiosity. He wasn't trying to be an ass, he was honestly confused.

And that alone was enough to soften her tone. "Because I really am sorry about it. I don't like being a bitch." She gathered the pile in her hand, tapping them against the floor to even them out. "I really don't like being mean. I just...say stuff, when I get mad. I don't really mean it...I just..." Tearing her gaze from the papers she brought them up to meet his. "I'm just sorry. That's all."

He stared at her, his eyes perfect and golden and guarded, but inside he was churning. Shaken. Worst of all, he believed her. He kept waiting for malice, for disgust, or distaste, but he saw none. She hadn't stared at his disfigurements or curled her lip. She was looking at him, in his eyes, telling him she was sorry for causing him pain. That she regretted it.

That she hadn't wanted to hurt him. At least, that hadn't been her original intention.

She was saying these things with her voice soft and perhaps a little embarrassed, her eyes wide and honest. Exactly the opposite of how she'd looked a minute ago, with her eyes snapping at him, her cheeks flushed with frustration.

He had no clue what to do about her.

Turning he scoffed, but there wasn't must malice injected into it. At least, not as much as he'd intended, leaning painfully over, just enough to grab his backpack and shove things into it. To give him something to do. Something to distract himself from the words bouncing around in his head, the soft words that whispered around his mind. Words not meant to hurt but to...soothe.

"You really are gloomy aren't you?"

He blinked once, his face contorting into it's customary scowl once more and he whirled around to face her, small dots dancing before his vision as his stomach protested the action. He clamped his jaw shut for a minute,his teeth grinding together, forcing it back. He couldn't, however, stop the immediate reaction, his arm flinging itself around the area protectively. He was, sure she noticed, and he'd be right, but she wisely didn't say anything, instead allowing him to snap, "Gee, ya think? Because I'd thought my life was going just swell."

Surprisingly, however, she found herself just sitting there, watching him, her temper calm and un-nettled. Her eyes rising to meet his ,watching the anger and bitterness that resided there and she still felt the familiar pang of regret for her words, wishing more than very that she could take them back. Take them out of existence.

There was far too much bitterness in those eyes.

Bitterness and pain.

"Do you ever smile?"

"Because there's so much to smile about?" He yanked his zipper closed rather violently.

And that was when it happened. It was unprompted, unplanned, and completely un-thought out, but at the moment it seemed the most natural thing in the world.

"I'll make you smile."

"You'll what?"

She took a deep breath, refusing to listen to the part of her yelling that this was a bad idea. That she was off her rocker and should be committed somewhere. Somewhere nice, with padded walls. No, instead she put on her most determined face, committing herself to the spontaneous task.

"I'll make you smile." She decided.

"Good luck."

"I can!" she insisted. "I'll bet you."

"Bet what? And why should I accept?"

"Because I'll bet anything! Anything you want. We decide after one of us – you- loses."

"Oh yeah?" He felt an eyebrow arch, his lips twisting into a sardonic grin. "Well what do you know? You've won already."

"No", she whispered, her heart aching just a little, her tone suddenly morphing from confident to sad. "That doesn't count." It couldn't. It was hard and cold and bitter, with perhaps the slightest hint of some twisted amusement. There was nothing even resembling joy anywhere to be found and so she couldn't count that as a smile. It wasn't even close. "A real smile. Something happy."

Her voice was naught but a whisper I the silent hallway. "What do you say?"

If you were to ask him later, he couldn't have told you what made him agree. He'd have called himself an idiot, and hell he probably was. But for some unknown reason, he found himself uttering the three words to seal his fate.

"You're on princess."

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Song: Two Worlds

Movie: Tarzan

Put your faith in what you most believe in
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lies we see

A paradise untouched by man
Within this worlds blessed with love
A simple life, they live in peace

Softly tread the sand below your feet now
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these lives we see

Beneath the shelter of the trees
Only love can enter here
A simple life, they live in peace

Raise your head up
Lift high the load
Take strength from those that need you
Build high the walls
Build strong the beams
A new life is waiting
But danger's no stranger here

No words describe a mother's tears
No words can heal a broken heart
A dream is gone, but where there's hope

Somewhere something is calling for you
Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
Tu guide these lives we see