Characters of Cooper's Past

Okay, pardon me for being a little frank about this topic, but it is a little difficult to see a majority of previous Sly Cooper characters return. Now, I don't mean characters who were on the Cooper Gang at any time. I mean the other villains, quite a few of which also happen to be dead. Let's recap:

Neyla – Blown up within Clockwerk. She would make an awesome playable character, but there's only a five percent chance she'll even be mentioned in the game (besides cameo). Besides, she would serious butt heads with Carmelita, making for a confusing plot.

Clockwerk – Two things. One: He's dead. Double dead even! And Carmelita destroyed his parts. Two: He hates Cooper's guts. Unless he were to return as a villain, its a little difficult to see him having any spot whatsoever in the next Sly Cooper game.

Arpeggio – Squished by Clock-la in an ironic twist of the game. His chances of coming back are about equal to Neyla's. He'd also probably be flying around on his cyborg upgrades. Ultimately, with Bentley and Penelope, there is no real position left for the old bird.

LeFwee – Another brainiac, only he also hates Bentley's guts. Besides, he was used as a chew toy by a whole slew of sharks. He ain't coming back, PERIOD!

Black Baron – Penelope in disguise.

Mask of Dark Earth – Blown up. It wasn't even a character.

Jean Bison – Not exactly dead. But he was frozen again during the credits of Sly 2. Technology has yet to unfreeze him without causing him serious harm. Too bad, though. He would have been fun to have around.

Octavio – Again, not dead. But I doubt he'd leave his new prison full of fans. He would have been in combat, and it probably would have been funny to hear him make "Back in my day" quites all the time, but I sincerely doubt that he'd really leave.

Muggshot – He showed up in Sly Cooper 3, and he still didn't like much anybody who is associated with Sly. He might come back as a mini-boss or boss character, but aside from that, he's out.

Sir Raleigh – He's actually possible. But it's unlikely, seeing how Bentley takes up any of his possible positions in jobs. Well, he might be allowed sabotage, but I seriously just haven't heard much fan base for him.


Okay, I believe that leaves us with four characters: Rajan, Mz. Ruby, the Contessa, and General Tsao.

Rajan is a possibility, but he's questionable. Let's go over some statistics and possibilities with him.


Pros: He's a powerful character who could probably take as much beating as Murray. His experience in the black market system makes him a likely candidate to have contacts within the crime world. He also has quite a bit of experience in marketing, suggesting that he could have some serious skill in diplomatic endeavors. Basically, a tough brute with several social skills.

Cons: His temper was perhaps the most stalling characteristic about having him attend the Cooper Gang. However, he seems to have mellowed out during his new career as a carpet salesman. He also has never been seen in a fight without his staff, so it may be a little curious to come up with controls for him. Basically, the current Rajan may have lost his youthful roar.

Possible Story: Given his new suburban career, it is possible that he may have found someone special. If Rajan were to attend, his circumstances would probably be similar to the Panda King's, only with a fiancée instead of a daughter.

Overall Review: Well, Rajan might be a good choice for a character. It's unlikely that he'd be put in the game, though, as Murray could probably handle most of the jobs he would have been given, and the Panda King would very likely steal his thunder. Ultimately, I don't think he's made the cut.


Now, it is very likely that a magic user may be a needed addition to the gang. Of course, our last three contestants are all magic manipulators. This means that it's only likely that one of them will make it. Let's compare

Mz. Ruby

Pros: She can raise the dead. She also has access to creatures of great power. Her character would also add well to the variety of the Sly Cooper Gang. She also has no real qualms with anyone besides Sly, and it's still a question as to when Sly is going to return to the game.

Cons: Mz. Ruby lacks overall speed. She'd be slower than Murray or Bentley, and her attacks would take a while to produce in a battle. Sly would also probably think the whole gang was off their rocker to let her join. Also, she has not proved herself of having very good common sense, summoning creatures which are too powerful for her personal control. Pretty much, she's a crackpot.

Possible Story: I'm a little fuzzy on this one. The best I can think of is being beaten by the Cooper Gang a second time after making a grab for revenge and being entertained into working with them. The epilogue could be a little strange for her.

Overall Review: She's a possible character, more likely a behind-the-scenes player like Penelope. However, she's more likely to return as a mini-boss like Muggshot than really join the Cooper Gang. I also have seen little fan base for her, so it's unlikely she'd be called back at all.

The Contessa

Pros: She has an advanced knowledge in several fields of black magic, and she seems to be cunning enough to use this knowledge with skill. She also happens to have above average agility. She's not quite as agile as Sly, but I can see her walking on wires and climbing poles. Her physical speed would be above decent as well. She also is a walking database on Interpol and most thieves, so she would be invaluable in reconnaissance. Pretty much she's a well balanced character with magical and hypnotic bonuses.

Cons: Her attack speed would be relatively slow, maybe about par with Bentley. She also has proved herself to lack a majority of physical strength. It is also uncertain how Murray would react to having her join, given their history together. However, socialization would really be her only real problem.

Possible Story: Bored or unimpressed with her new career in real estate, she'd probably return to crime. Like Dimitri, she could very likely end up in a prison in some surprising place like Tokyo, Egypt, or South America. She would probably help from the sidelines until being officially recruited into the gang. Her epilogue would have a strong possibility of being related to Murray's, like a manager of a professional boxer, or her going off alone to live in some haunted mansion in an otherwise normal neighborhood.

Overall Review: The Contessa really has a shot at coming back. I can't say that I'd guarantee her return, but I'd definitely vote for her if she were on a popularity poll. I think she'd make a great addition to the team with plenty of strengths, but still having her weaknesses. She is definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

General Tsao

Pros: Tsao has great agility, perhaps even equal to Cooper. He would make a great member to join, if Sly isn't quite part of the gang from the start. He also adds plenty of personality to his character. His strength, physical speed, attack speed, and intelligence are nothing to shake a stick at either. He also has dabbled in quite a few branches of black magic, and he's a martial artist, which is always a plus. His long-ranged attack abilities also make him a serious tank character.

Cons: I'm going to be very straightforward. Tsao's biggest con would be his personality. Sure, he's got plenty of it, but I doubt any of the other characters want much of it. He made Dimitri look humble, for heavens' sake. He'd probably try to change the name to the Tsao Gang several times, and Bentley and Penelope would probably try to get him to shut up half of the time. He also needs to learn that being traditional isn't always advantageous.

Possible Story: With as much power as Tsao has, I doubt he'd be kept in prison for very long. Outraged, he'd probably hunt down the Cooper gang after escaping. Understanding that Sly isn't with the gang, though, he'll probably join the Cooper Gang until they get Sly to rejoin. Having to work on a team, though, it's very likely that he'll become humbled along the way. His story/epilogue would very likely be related to the Kings, especially if Panda King comes back.

Overall Review: Well, Tsao is a pretty good character. Maybe too good of a character. I'd love to be able to play as him, but it's questionable if he'll even be allowed as a playable character. I still wouldn't count him out completely, though. He certainly would make for an interesting twist in the story.


Okay, ultimately, as far as past characters go, I think The Contessa and Tsao are the only two with any real chance at becoming part of Sly Cooper 4. Now, I'm not saying that the other characters are too poor or worthless in any sense. I am just saying that some circumstances cause difficulties. I may even be wrong, and Sir Raleigh and Rajan might even be on the box. I am merely suggesting what is most likely to happen.

Next chapter, I'll go over the current Cooper Gang.

Stay tuned, and please give me your personal reviews.