Here is my other try on a Chuck fan fic. This one has been in the back of my mind for a while. For those of you who are following my other story, I am not giving up on it, but I just wanted to try this one as well.

The first chapter is mostly T, light M maybe… But it will be M from the second chapter and out so if that offends you in any way, stop reading after the first chapter! Consider yourselves warned!

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Chuck vs the Bahamas

"This is life, isn't it?" Chuck asked as he stretched out on the sun bed. He turned to look at Sarah who smiled at him before she put on her sun glasses and turned towards the sun again. Chuck smiled and thought back about three weeks.

Three weeks ago…

Team Bartowski had been told to check out an international terror group rumored to be stationed in LA. With background information from the CIA they had found the group's hideout in a warehouse. They had waited outside in the bushes for several hours when a man passed them and Chuck flashed. He was the lead terrorist. Of course Sarah and Casey decided to go in.

"Chuck, stay in the… ehh…uuh… bushes." Casey looked a little confused but gave Chuck the death glare that said to do what he said. Just as the two agents entered the warehouse, the leader came out through a side door. He went right past Chuck and of course the nerd couldn't do as he was told. He got up, quickly tailing after the suspect. As the terrorist was about to get into his car Chuck tried grabbing him. Of course the leader didn't budge, but just turned around angry. He punched Chuck in the gut asking him who he was and what he wanted. Chuck stood up straight to give him an answer but doubled back when the man's fist connected with the side of Chuck's face. He fell to the ground and suddenly looked up into the barrel of a gun.

"Say night night." The leader smirked. Chuck shuttered and froze to the spot. He thought that this was it. He heard a gunshot and winched in pain. Thinking he was going to die at any moment he tried reaching for his phone. Sarah was the only one on his mind. He heard someone scream in the distance. How come my arm hurts? He thought to himself. Maybe he was having a heart attack. But his chest wasn't aching. He opened one eye and saw Sarah rushing towards him.

"CHUCK!!!!!!" She yelled.

"Sarah." Chuck whispered.

"I have to tell you something. Come closer." Sarah leaned closer and he could see the tears in her eyes. He was about to speak the words he was longing to say to her when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. Then everything went black.

Chuck had woken up in the hospital a few hours later. Ellie was sitting next to his bed holding his hand. Sarah was standing by the window seemingly in her own thoughts.

Chuck coughed and suddenly all eyes were on him.

"Chuck!" Both women exclaimed and Sarah rushed to his side hugging him tight. Chuck would have been thrilled at her affection hadn't it been for the shooting pain in his shoulder.

He groaned as Sarah squeezed him, which made her quickly let go of him.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry." Sarah stepped back and Chuck could have sworn he saw tears in her eyes.

It turned out that he was shot in the shoulder. Luckily a CIA team had arrived at the scene in time to see the terrorist leader about to shoot Chuck. As they fired their guns the leader got off one shot that hit Chuck in his left shoulder.

For the past three weeks Chuck had been in recovery and was doing pretty well. But he was tired and so was the rest of his team. After a lot of discussions back and forth it was decided that the team needed a vacation.

Chuck and Sarah were utterly surprised when the General suggested a vacation to the Bahamas for both of them. Chuck was immediately excited about the idea, but suddenly realized that he would not be going alone with Sarah.

"So we are all going?" Chuck had asked, getting a grunt from Casey. What the General said next left a huge grin on Chuck's face.

"Not exactly, Mr. Bartowski. This will be a good time for Major Casey to do his annual training. The CIA has a facility on the Grand Bahama Island. He will at all times be ready to assist you should you need it. But Agent Walker and yourself will be on your own at the resort we have booked for you. We are confident that since this is planned at the last minute no "enemies" will have time to get together a plan to capture or hurt you before you are safely back here in ten days time." She went on to explain the details of the trip and that time off from work had been arranged.

Chuck and Sarah had taken Ellie and Devon totally by surprise telling them about their trip, but the doctors were extremely happy for them.

The Bahamas….

Now Chuck found himself enjoying the luxurious resort they were residing at, relaxing in the sun, nursing an ice cold mojito and happily squinting over at the gorgeous woman beside him.

They had arrived pretty late just to be met with the note that their bungalow wasn't ready yet. Chuck found that odd since it seemed to be a very fashionable resort. It all became clear when the receptionist explained that the vacuum cleaner had "exploded" in their bedroom, leaving them with no other choice than to clean the whole room all over again. This had happened less than an hour before they arrived. So Chuck and Sarah had opted to use the lobby restrooms to get changed and were offered free drinks by the pool until their bungalow was ready.

"Sarah!" Chuck suddenly exclaimed having realized something.

"What is it, Chuck?" Sarah was almost asleep.

"The receptionist said bedroom, right?"

"What?" Sarah was confused.

"There are two bedrooms right?" Chuck emphasized the last word, and looked at Sarah as it dawned on her. Her eyes widened and she suddenly got up from the bed walking quickly towards the reception area. Chuck was right behind her, letting himself take in the beautiful sight before him. Sarah wore a baby blue bikini top, and a baby blue, very low cut, beach skirt with what he assumed was a matching bikini bottom underneath. He swallowed hard as his mind started wandering. It didn't get far though seeing that they had already reached the reception desk.

"Oh, hello again. Your bungalow is ready now, Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael." The receptionist said handing them their key cards and smiling at them. Sarah was about to give the young man an earful, but stopped in her tracks when she heard him call them Carmichael. Both she and Chuck were utterly confused but accepted the key cards and followed the young man carrying their luggage.

Chuck opened the door to their bungalow and let Sarah walk in first. They both sat their luggage down in the middle of the living room. It was very spacious. There was a table and two comfortable looking chairs. A big wide screen TV on the wall and a small couch facing the TV. There was a fairly big kitchen area with a kitchen table and high chairs.

Chuck was about to say something when he saw Sarah standing over by the huge windows.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Sarah said dreamingly. She was looking out over the ocean. The water was so clear and Sarah had never seen a whiter beach.

"It's breathtaking." Chuck replied looking only at Sarah. She turned around and looked at him, smiling. She turned around again and walked towards the bedroom. Chuck followed suit.

Once inside the room they both just stood there taking it all in. The room was small but cozy. The huge queen sized bed was placed against one of the walls. There were floor to ceiling window doors leading out to one end of the patio outside.

There was a beautiful painting hanging over the bed and a closet was placed by the door. But neither took much notice of the surroundings as they just watched the huge bed. Chuck gulped and moved towards the bed sitting down on it.

"Nice room." He commented and finally looked at Sarah. She stared backed at him seemingly lost in thought. She sighed before she went into the bathroom adjoining the bedroom to have a look. It was a big bathroom with a huge bathtub which she was sure could fit two people easily. She drifted off into fantasy land and suddenly pictured two people, much alike her and Chuck, enjoying a nice romantic bath in there. She was abruptly brought back to reality when her cell phone rang. It was Beckman.

"Agent Walker, have you settled in ok? The general asked and Sarah could swear she heard a small chuckle from her boss.

"Yes, General we have. I just have one question. Why make us out to be married and put us in a one bedroom bungalow?"

"Well Agent Walker, since Major Casey is not assigned on this mission you have the sole responsibility of protecting the asset. That means you have to be close to him. We could have bugged the bungalow but there was just not enough time to do it to satisfy our standard. Besides there was only one bungalow available on such short notice. But if this is a problem, Agent Walker?" Beckman stopped for a moment to allow Walker to give her the response she wanted. And she got it.

"No of course not, General. There is no problem. I will give a status rapport in a few days." Sarah said going into agent mode.

"That won't be necessary, agent. You're on a vacation, remember?" The General disconnected the conversation and now Sarah was certain she had heard her boss give a chuckle before she hung up.

"You ok?" Chuck asked as Sarah came back from the bathroom.

"Yes." Sarah smiled at him. He had started unpacking his suitcase. There was a small closet they could store their clothes in.

"I thought maybe we could share the closet. It's big enough." Chuck said putting some clothes away.

"Sure." Sarah answered grabbing her own luggage.

After about ten minutes their clothes were put away and they were sitting in the chairs by the table in the living room.

"Are you hungry?" Chuck suddenly asked giving her a shy smile.

"I could eat." Sarah said.

"Then can I take you out to dinner?" Chuck asked smiling brightly now. Sarah felt her heart miss a beat. She was surprised by herself. How could a simple question make the butterflies go nuts in her stomach?

"I'd like that." She answered and when she saw the full blown grin on his face she knew exactly why her heart was racing. Him. Chuck. He was the reason she could feel this happy about a simple question.

They both got changed into more decent clothes and were soon heading downtown.

As they were finding their way through the crowded streets Chuck placed his hand on the small of Sarah's back. They were talking about all and nothing until they reached the end of what seemed to be the main street. Sarah looked down a small side street and suddenly dragged Chuck with her.

"Sarah." Chuck said trying to get her to slow down.

"Where are we going?"

"In here." Sarah answered and pointed to a small restaurant with a sign that said "Molly's".

"Have you been here before?" Chuck asked. Maybe she had been there on a mission or maybe even been there with Bryce. Chuck knew that things were over between them, but he still got jealous when thinking of them together.

"No, I just saw the sign and thought it looked like a cozy place. Can we eat here?" She asked.

"Of course, if you want to." Chuck smiled at her.

"Chuck, if you would rather…"

Sarah never got to finish the sentence as Chuck grabbed her hand and pushed her trough the open door. They were met by an African American woman wearing a colorful dress and sandals. Her hair was braided and she had the biggest smile they had ever seen.

"Hello! Welcome to Molly's! I'm Molly! You want a table?" The woman asked smiling brightly at them.

"Yes please." Chuck answered politely. Molly nodded and gestured for them to follow her. They walked through the restaurant and out the back. There were a few people dining inside but outside there were only two couples enjoying themselves.

"Our best tables are out here if you don't mind eating outside?" Molly said.

"No, we don't mind. It's perfect out here." Sarah said smiling at Chuck as he held the chair for her.

They had salad as a start to their meal. Chicken as their main course. And for desert they had some great chocolate mousse.

Chuck was leaning back on his chair rubbing his stomach.

"I think that is one of the best meals I've ever had." He said smiling at Sarah.

"Yes, this was great." She said as Molly approached them.

"I'm glad to hear you liked it. Would you like something else?" She asked clearing their plates from the table.

"No thank you. I can't eat another bite." Sarah said smiling at her.

"I'll just get you your bill then. Feel free to stay as long as you like, but may I suggest a late night walk on the beach. It's even more beautiful this time of night." Molly smiled brightly at them before she hurried towards the kitchen.

She came back with their bill and Chuck was quick to grab it before Sarah could.

"A husband should pay for the meal." He just stated at Sarah's curious look.

"Chuck, the CIA is paying for…"

"Sarah, please let me do this." He pleaded with his eyes. Molly came back to their table and accepted Chuck's money before Sarah could argue with him.

They said their goodbyes to Molly thanking her for a wonderful dinner and made their way down to the beach.

As they were walking along on the sand Chuck suddenly felt Sarah's hand snaking into his own and holding it tight. Then she leaned in against his side before she sighed and said:

"It is so beautiful here. Why haven't I've been here before?"

Chuck smiled at that and squeezed her hand gently. She hadn't been here before. Not with Bryce or any other man. Only with him. Sarah had her arms around his now. He could feel her silky skin against his. She had a brown skirt on reaching just below her knees. She had a light blue sleeveless top with butterflies on and some of her hair was pulled back from her face with small strands of hair framing her face. He was wearing denim jeans and a simple dark blue t-shirt. It was warm outside and having Sarah so close made it even warmer.

Chuck could feel her leaning her head on his shoulder and sighing.

"You ok?" He asked stopping and looking down at her.

"Just tired I guess."

"I heard traveling, sunshine and fresh air will do that to you." Chuck smiled down at her and she closed her eyes for a second.

"Come on. Let's go back to the bungalow." He held out his arm and she took it before they made their way back to the bungalow.

Finally back inside Sarah went over to the closet and retrieved her nightwear before she made her way into the bathroom.

Chuck was in the kitchen getting a glass of water when he heard her behind him. He turned around and the water flew out of his mouth when he saw her. He coughed and sputtered and Sarah was right beside him patting his back.

"You alright?" She asked one hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah yeah, I'm… fine…" He replied trying to look anywhere but at her. She was wearing a silk nightdress that was cut right above her knees with thin straps over her shoulders to hold it up.

"I… uhm… I'll take the couch." He said walking towards the seating area.

"Why?" Sarah asked confused.

"Well, I… I want to give you some privacy. Since you have to spend your vacation with me, the least I can do is give you your own room." Chuck said sitting down on the couch. He finally looked up at her as she came towards him.

"Don't be silly, Chuck. We have shared a bed before and this one is huge." Sarah smiled at him.

"But, Sarah I…"

"If you won't come to bed with me you're going to have to share this couch with me. So what will it be?" She said in a firm voice resting her hands on her hips. This made her dress rise slightly and Chuck couldn't help the gulp that escaped him. Sarah could see his Adams apple bob up and down and smiled a little.

"Ok." Was the only answer she got before he stood up and walked towards the bedroom. He went into the bathroom to get changed and Sarah went to adjust the air conditioning.

"Shit! God damn it! What the hell?" Chuck could hear Sarah swearing on the other side of the door.

"How can a lovely girl like Sarah swear that much?" Chuck said to himself before he remembered; She's a spy, Chuck!

He walked into the bedroom with his pajama bottoms and grey t-shirt on.

"You can just take that off right now." Sarah said looking at him. Chuck's eyes bulged out of his head and his jaw dropped.

"What?!" Sarah frowned at him a little confused.

"The air condition is broken." She stated before she turned and climbed into bed.

"If you are wearing that to bed you are going to be too hot to get any sleep at all."

"I can take pretty much heat." He replied.

"Suit yourself." Sarah shrugged it off as she brought her hand up to her neck giving it a gentle squeeze and letting out a soft moan as she let her hand wander to the front and over her other arm.

Chuck swallowed hard over and over again. What was she doing? Didn't she know she was driving him crazy? He let out a shaky breath before he lifted the shirt over his head and threw it on the floor and then he got a hold of the waistband of his pajama bottoms and slid them down and off. Sarah was watching his every move and swallowed as he stood up straight and she got a perfect view of his tall, and to her surprise, somewhat muscular body. His shoulders looked broader without a shirt on and his flat stomach was only a few short of a six pack. His chest showed off some muscle tone under the soft hairs that were leading her eyes downwards past his stomach all the way down to the waistband of his black boxer shorts. She noticed that her breath was more rapid now and realized she had been staring when suddenly Chuck cleared his troth.

Sarah blushed slightly as she pulled the covers over herself and looked down at her hands. She knew she shouldn't stare. He was shy enough as it was. When she thought about it she was actually surprised that he had stripped off that much in front of her. When she had spent the night at his place he had always slept in pajama bottoms and t-shirt and had always asked her to turn around if he had to change.

Chuck walked over to the bed and got under the covers. He stayed as far out on his side as possible without falling off the bed.

"Chuck?" Sarah said.

"Yeah?" He said not looking at her.

"Could you come a little closer please?" Chuck turned around quickly looking at her with question in his eyes. She smiled at him shyly and pulled slightly on the covers. He realized he hogged most of it himself.

"Sorry." He mumbled as he scooted a little closer.

They were both lying on their backs looking straight at the ceiling.

An hour later they were both fast asleep with the covers curled up into a ball at the foot end of the bed.