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Sakura ran from the park. Once again she was rejected by the black hearted Uchiha. Once she locked herself in her room, she rummaged through her drawers. There was at least one picture of the heartless bastard in each. She carelessly tossed them onto her floor and and began to rip them to shreds. This was the last time she would give him her heart. Next, she pulled out a candle and match. Sakura intended to go into the forest and destroy these useless pictures. She needed to move on. With a dry throat, Sakura walked to her bed. Her most prized possetion lay underneth the pillow. As if her legs had a mind of their own, she couldn't stop herself from advancing toward that piece of her broken heart. The mental pain was numbing, and she couldn't feel a thing. A gasp excaped her. The picture of her, Naruto, and Sasuke was missing. Sakura began to tear her bed apart. She wasn't able to find that valued picture. If she was to truly get over Sasuke, that photo had to burn. When Sakura's room was in dissaray, and the sun began to set, Sakura began the Oh-So-Long walk from her house to the woods. The thorns scratched her stocking covered legs and twigs fell into her sun-set-pink hair, but that was the least of her many worries. She truged on, it was all she could do to keep from collapsing from dispare.

When she spotted the clearing she had set out to find, she stopped. Sakura couldn't move. Was she really going to do this? Could she? Would this help her get over him? She didn't think she ever could, but she had to try. How else could she ever really find herself? Sakura sank to her knees and placed the candle on the cold soil. When she struck the matched, Sakura relized just how cold she had been. The warmth washed over her skin and she yearned for the warmth of a pair of arms around her. Someone who could hold her, and tell her that everything was going to be alright. She didn't if she could live like this. The cold made everything depressing and she felt her eyes sting. With glossy eyes, she lit the candle and blew out the match. Picking through her pocket, Sakura pulled out all the pictures reluctantly. The voice in her head was screaming 'Do it! Do it! Toss those into the flames!' A tear leaked out of the corner of her eye as she watched the first go aflame. The warmth gave her courage that she didn't know she had, and Sakura threw the rest in with out a single hesitation. She did what she should have done along time ago.

The next morning, Sakura awoke with a smile on her face. Today was going to be diffrent. She could feel it. She put on her school uniform and set out to school. On the way, she stopped at Ino's house. They had become close friends. "Sakura! Last night, I ran into Sasuke and asked him out, and guess what he said?!" Ino couldn't surpress the smile from gracing her face. "I don't know, Ino. Why don't you tell me?" Sakura said, tiredly. Her trip last night had taken away from her full night of sleep. "Hey, Forhead, you okay? You would normally be freaking out..." Ino placed a finger on her lip and looked deeply into Sakura's Jade eyes. Sakura sighed. She didn't know how she was going to brake it to Ino. She would flip. "Well, I've been thinking...and, well. I don't like Sasuke anymore. He's too shallow. Haven't you noticed he only goes out with girls who have big chests and an hour glass figure? Then he dumps them after he gets them in bed. I don't I want that type of relation ship. Would you?" Sakura stopped walking and looked at Ino. "W-what are you saying...? Sakura... if you don't like Sasuke...then..." Ino couldn't finish her sentence, so Sakura broke in. "I hate him, Ino. He's the biggest jerk on the face of the planet! I hope he dies! And you should hope so to!" Sakura couldn't take it anymore. She stormed off. Ino choked on a sob, but Sakura didn't care. If Ino was still hung up on Sasuke, she wasn't going to be nice about it. People needed to relize that he was a blacked hearted jerk, and if they looked up to him and liked him, they were stupid fools.

Sakura and Ino both had all the same classes, and Sakura couldn't take the glares from Ino's lackes. She had to do something about it. At lunch, Sakura sat underneth the cherry tree, which was the usual spot she ate in with her friends. Sakura could see Ami, and three others walking toward the tree and waved. At least they might listen to her. As the group came closer, Sakura frowned. They were glaring at her, and she couyld guess why. "Hey, what's up?" Sakura asked, expecting Ami to yell and that's just what she did. "'What's up?'" Ami mocked, "I'll tell you what's up! You told Ino that you hated Sasuke-san! I didn't believe her, but tell me the truth. Did you say that you wish he would...die?!" Ami spit out. "So what if I did? Why should you care?" Sakura asked. She was getting tired of this. "Because, anyone who hates Sasuke, hates us. Do you hate us, Sakura? Or are we your friends?" .Ami asked, already knowing the answer. "I guess I hate you, then." Sakura answered back, strongly. "Well, Sakura," Ami spit her name out like it was poisen, "I hope you know, people never change. You can try all you want to be diffrent, but you'll always be the same cherry blossom you always have been. You'll come back to us, and Sasuke." Ami snapped her fingers and her possy left.

That afternoon, as Sakura walked home from school, she couldn'tget Ami's words out of her head. She despreatly wanted to change, but could she? Was Ami right? Lost in her thoughts, she screamed when she was thrust into a puddle on the side of the road. Her hair was soggy and her jacket was drenched. Looking up, she found herself looking into cruel ebony eyes. "What's the matter, Sakura? I thought you would be happy to see me. What was it that you said yesterday? Oh, yes. I believe it was, and I quote, 'Oh, Sasuke! I'm so in love with you! Forget that Ino Pig!' Heh, well, I would never go out with someone who's hair is pink. Or that small of a chest." Sasuke smirked and chuckled. Sakura felt tears come to her eyes and bit her lip. She gathered all of the courage she could muster and looked him in the eyes. "I...I, why.... would you...? How could...you?" She sobbed. "What, is the pink haired freak gonna cry? Look Sakura, I don't want to waste my time with you. You're not worth it. I'm so happy that I wont have to see your face for another three months!" Sasuke watched as Sakura struggled to get up, and pushed her back down. "Don't get up until I leave. You shouldn't be aloud to stand in my presence. Now, I heard about what you said to Ino this morning, and I want you to know, what you're pulling isn't going to work, so stop it now. You can't win my heart with pretending to hate me. You'll have to do better than that." Sasuke walked away.

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