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Sakura ran, she ran from all of the people who hated her and loved Sasuke so much. She couldn't take it anymore. She could change, and if they couldn't see that, then she would have to show them. Soon enough, her legs got tired and she began to walk. Sakura looked down at herself and relized that her skirt was torn. Her mother would freak, good thing it was the last day of school. When Sakura looked up, she saw someting that could possibly help her. Sakura went into the store and looked at the isles of hair dye. She wasn't sure if her mother would agree to this or not, but she bought a box anyway. There were so many choices and Sakura wasn't sure which one to buy. Finally she settled for a deep blue, almost purple.

"Um, I would like to...buy this." Sakura said to the check out lady, a little unsure of herself.

"Honey, are you okay?" The lady's name tag read 'Hello I am: Andrea'

"Yeah, just a little tired..." Sakura shuffled her feet and wished the interigation would end.

"You know, when I was you age, I dyed my hair the color yours is now." She scanned the box and looked at Sakura with sad eyes, "That'll be $8.34, darling."

"Here, thank you." Sakura handed her the money and left the store in a hurry.

She walked home, her heart a little heavy, knowing what her mother would say.

"Hey, mom." Sakura greeted her mother as she opened the door. She peaked around the cornner and saw her mother was talking to one of her friends again.

"Welcome home, Honey. I'd like you to meet one of my friends, Mikoto Uchiha." Sakura's mother smiled and began to intruduce Sakura, "And, Mikoto, this is my lovely daughter, Sakura. I believe she goes to school with your boy." Mikoto looked at Sakura and smiled, all Sakura could muster was a half smile.

"Hey. Yeah, Sasuke's...a great guy." Sakura shook Mikoto's hand and placed her bag on the floor. "What's for dinner?"

Her mother smiled. "We're going to Mikoto's house tonight, Darling. You're okay with that, arn't you?" The implied meaning that Sakura got was, 'We're going to their house, and I don't care how much you hate her son, she's my friend and if you love me, you'll do this for me.'

"Of course, mother..." Sakura left the room. She was afraid she would brake. Why couldn't this have happened a week or two ago? Why does it happen when I can't stand him?! Sakura paused on the staircase, and gripped the wood tighly, afraid if she held too loosely to the railing, she would fall. Dispare flooded her. The lump in the back of her throat swelled to an even bigger size and she let out a sob.

"Sakura, honey? Are you okay?" Her mother called from the living room. Sakura took a minute to make sure she was in total control of her voice, and called out, "Y-Yes, Mother. I'm going to get...ready now." and went up the wooden steps. It all came crashing down on her, relizing she would have to see him again was too much. She wasn't sure she could do it. But, if Sakura was anything at all, she was brave. She would have to get through the night with out killing that freak. She could do it. She did put up with Ino every day of her life.

Sakura went to the bathroom and applied a fresh coat of make up, and straitened her hair. She didn't want to look good for him. Normally, she would have curled her waist length cotten-candy hair in tight bannanna curls, but Sasuke wasn't that special any more, in her mind. To Sakura, he was a mere spider to be squashed. Next, Sakura picked out a pair of jeans and a hoodie. She didn't feel that Sasuke was important enough to see her in even semi-dress clothes.

"Sakura, baby, we're leaving! Hurry up!" She heard the voice from the front door.

"Oh, you go ahead! I'm taking a shower! I'll come over in my car!" Sakura yelled from the bathroom door, clad in only a towel. When she heard the door shut, she breathed a sigh of relife. She had a great surprise in store for them.

~~~Sasuke's House~~~

Mikoto and Sakura's mother were sitting with the two Uchiha boys in the sitting room when they heard it. It was the screeching of brand new tires on pavement.

"What was that?" Mikoto asked to no one special. Itachi, being the man of the house when their father was away on buisness trips, picked up one hand and got up. He would brave it and open the door. Surly it had to be their tardy guest.

"...Sweet!" Itachi raced outside at the sight of Sakura's car. It was a 98' sliver Camaro with T-tops.

"You like? My dad gave it to me before he died, the insurance is a bitch, though." Sakura commented. Soon both mothers were outside.

"Sakura...? What did you do to your hair?!" Her mother screamed. Sasuke heard the muffled screams and decided that he needed to know what was happening. Silently, as to not let anyone know he was curious, he creaked the door open and peaked out. What he saw surprised him. He'd never seen this side of the not-so-pink headed girl before. Sakura had never worn such baggy jeans in his presence before, or a hoodie, for that matter. And, the icing on the cake, her hair was now a violet color. This was unexpected.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted. This caught Sakura's attention and she turned toward him. She crossed her arms and smirked.

"Ah, if it isn't Mr. BigShot himself. And here I thought you said I wouldn't have the pleasure of seeing you for another three months. Yet, here we stand, and I believe you were wrong. I think people can change, Sasuke, and I also think that some people can't. Do you think I'm wrong?" Sakura pushed it and added a, "Hmmm?"

"Sakura! Don't be rude to your host!" Her mother scolded. Sakura had always been so well behaved. Her mother couldn't understand.

"Hn. I couldn't care less what that ray of sunshine thinks. The fact is, cherry blossoms can't pass as violets." Sasuke turned around and went inside. He couldn't take anymore drama. This was going to be a long night...

Okay, So I Dyed Sakura's Hair... I Kinda Like It. Oh! And, Sasuke? I Think Cherry Blossoms Can Pass As Violets.

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