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Prologue: You Know It's a Thursday When…

There was just no way to get through to this boy, was there.

Of course, that was part of his charm. Natsu Dragonil was about as oblivious as they come to anything other than fighting, fire, dragons, fighting, destruction (check that, he was oblivious as to the downsides of destruction) Happy, and fighting with Gray (a category in itself). Yet he was also strong, loyal, adorable, sweet, and unbelievably optimistic – a virtue Lucy hadn't quite understood the importance of until she joined Fairy Tail. But stand him next to a girl, an attractive girl, (ranked second hottest in all of Fairy Tail); make that an attractive and willing and I'MRIGHTHEREGODDAMIT girl, and all he would do would be to sling his arm around her, offer up a grin that would split his face as well as light up his very being, and call her his nakama.

Lucy, the attractive, willing, and beyond frustrated girl in question, was approaching utter insanity. She had been turned down before, especially in the days when she had conveniently "forgotten" her surname of Heartphilia. She was more worried about what a confession would do to the group dynamics of The Quartet of Doom, as she liked to think of them in her darker moments. Tell Natsu that she lov-lik-oh to hell with it wanted to be with him forever and their stability would go up in flames. Erza would never let her hear the end of it. Gray would probably choke on his shock and die. Natsu would, after taking several days to ascertain her meaning, either ignore her (something he would never actually do, but a vague fear nonetheless), or simply treat her differently and that she couldn't take. Also, funeral costs were an expense she really couldn't cover at the moment.

Sigh. Thank the Stellar Spirits Kana was having a girls night tonight. It had been rough as of late and Lucy, as well as Kana, Levi, Mirajane, Erza, Jubia, and an assortment of other female fairy tailers (Jubia was under strict orders to let no male in, especially Makarov; and in case of an all-out male assault, she was to rain incessantly until the townspeople complained) were glad of the chance to let loose for a while. Kana had promised music, snacks, a heretofore-unknown level of girl time and of course, ridiculous amounts of alcohol.

You knew it was a Thursday when the alcohol option looked the most attractive.

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