I woke up to Jacob staring out the window of my bedroom. I glanced at the clock, 9:15? Jeez, I'm still too tired. I stretched and made a move to get out of bed but Jacob came and joined me.

"I had a dream last night." He looks at me seriously. Uh oh.

"Talk to me about it." I offer to him.

"Well, it's a reoccurring dream I had when I was away, this time it was all fuzzy and different. It scared me when I was gone." He tip-toed around the subject.

"Go on." I placed my hand on his shoulder and kissed it.

He smiled at me briefly, "I had dreams that you were pregnant. But they were so real, Bella. I was in the woods trying to find you and every time I got to you it was too late. They were awful. I started to believe that you were pregnant. It was like my subconscious was coming through in a dream. I even had the name in my head…" Bella cut him off.

"Annabelle!" Bella gasped.

Jacob looked like he just seen a ghost. "Oh my god, are you pregnant Bella?" He panicked and his gaze went to my flat stomach.

"No! That's the name I had picked out when I…" I looked down at my lap.

Jacob turned his whole body toward me, "When you what?"

"I had a pregnancy scare a few weeks after you were absent. My period was late and I was eating really weird things and I basically convinced myself I was. Alice was no help either since she wasn't able to halfway see anything because of your wolf genes. But when I went to take a pregnancy test I started my period. Sorry for talking about it so much."

"Don't be sorry. I wish I was here." Jacob looked at me with an endlessly sad face.

"Me too. But now you are." I nudged him softly. He responded by wrapping me up in his arms and falling back onto the bed.

"We came up with the same name and gender. That's so strange. Maybe we are more connected than we thought." Jacob mused.

"I think we are." I leaned in and kissed him passionately.

He grabbed both of my hands with only one of his and pinned them above me. Still clad in only his briefs, he pulled the blanket over us and ground into my hips and kissed me practically with just his tongue. It all lasted about thirty seconds until he collapsed beside me and smiled, dignified at me.

I was still trying to catch my breath and find my will to not tear off his briefs off, I knew he would let me if I tried.

"What. Was. That?" I gulped.

"Something I always wanted to try." He kept smiling.

"Try it some more, please?" I asked innocently.

"Later, maybe?" He cuddled closer to me and placed a light kiss on my lips.

"Uh huh." I nodded my head up and down like a little kid.

After a few minutes of cuddling I got up to get a glass of water. "We should just lay in bed all day." Jacob called out to me when I was in the kitchen. I smiled as I took a drink, my Jacob was coming back to me.

"That sounds perfect." I called back to him while I walked back to the bedroom.

"I want babies." Jacob sighed when I got back in bed.

I spit out my water, "Excuse me?!" My eyes bugged and my breath hitched.

"I thought about it a lot while I was gone and I really want to make babies with you." He was serious.

"Right now?" My heart started going into overtime. Where did my Jacob just go? This was not him!

"Yes." He answered like it was the most natural thing in the world. Well, babies were natural, but…

"I'm on the pill!" That was the only thing that fell out of my mouth.

"Stop taking it." He took the glass from my hand and sat it on the bed side table.

"And there is college, work, and…umm marriage to think about." I raced for quality reasons to come up with.

"I thought you didn't want to get married. You said something along the lines as it being, sacrificial?" Jacob lifted an eyebrow.

"True, but doesn't marriage become before babies?" Anything, anything to make him stop talking about babies!

"Not in the 21st century really. Besides if you were "single" and had children you get a lot of money from the state. People aren't getting married as much now." He reached out and clasped my hand with his.

"But I want to go through college and finding my first real job and settling a bit before we try for babies." All of this was true, valid, sound…all of the above!

His brows pulled together and he looked solemn for a moment. How does he want babies at a time like this? We just established we were still together not even 72 hours a go! "You're right. I don't want to take any of those experiences away from you." He gave my hand a little squeeze.

The sight of him so sad made me sad. I wanted to take all of his sadness away, right now. "Okay, let's make a baby." What did I just say? No, Bella, no! Before I knew it I was straddling him.

Jacob laughed, "No, not now. You are not ready. We can wait. Wait 'till after school and everything. I don't mind really." He put a smile back on his face and kept glancing up at my breasts.

I climbed off of him and cuddled up to him. "Thank you." I kissed him. "I'm still shocked that you are ready for kids."

"I was so set on coming home and finding you with a baby or pregnant with one that when I realized you weren't, I felt disappointed. I didn't think I would feel that way but I just did." He sighed. "Can we really spend the whole day together in bed?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Yes if we can do it without having sex." I smirked.

"Sure, sure." He grinned and held me close. "We should spend most of the day in bed and then at night we can go to Aberdeen. I can buy some food and cook dinner for us tonight." He looked at me eagerly.

"Wow, you thought a lot about this day haven't you?" I hadn't even thought about what I was going to do after I brushed my teeth.

"I feel really good today, Bella…I'm happy. Huh, I haven't felt this way in so long." He wouldn't stop smiling, and now I couldn't stop smiling.

"I love you so much." Those words felt fitting in the moment.

. .

"So, I'm really looking forward to some cooked steak tonight." Jacob playfully glared at me while he was driving my truck through the country roads back from Aberdeen.

Oh no! I fed him raw steak when he was stuck as a wolf. I literally pranced along the Cullen's front yard in Edward's suit jacket tossing pieces of raw meat at him. I even tried to make him beg. Shit.

I stared at him with my mouth hanging open. "Sorry…doesn't really cut it does it?" I glanced up at him under my eyelashes.

"No. But the saddest part was that I was that hungry to play along with your games!" His glare broke and a smile erupted.

"Well I'm glad you can laugh about it now." I tried smiling too.

His face turned grim, "Who's laughing about it?"

"Stop it! I'm sorry!" I covered my face with my hands.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. I forgive you." He wrapped his free arm around me and pulled me close.

Jacob took a more serious turn in conversation when he opened up to me about how he was treated under Victoria's hold. He talked about the disgusting food Riley brought him every day and how he hoped he never saw another navy bean in his life. I was really glad he was starting to open up to me. Today felt almost perfect besides the mentions about babies. It felt like we were becoming us again. I couldn't help to think that some of the reason we were was because of Edward's absence.

We were just outside of Forks when Jacob whispered huskily in my ear, "Do you still have the blanket in here?"

My eyes shot up to him as I reached behind me, uncovering our make-out blanket. Jacob took a sharp left onto a dirt road and cut the engine when we were right outside the tree line.

Jacob took no time taking off his shirt and jeans and my shirt and jeans, casually throwing them around the bed of the truck. We made out under the stars just like we always did and then my bra came off. "Are we going too far?" Jacob whispered in my ear before sucking on my earlobe.

"Mmm, no. Just no sex." I was almost reconsidering even that statement when Jacob slipped his fingers into my panties.

He started massaging me in circles while lapping and nipping at my neck. I got frustrated and pushed my panties all the way down and off of me.

"Oh, Bella!" He groaned as he ground himself against my now bare hip.

"Faster, please?" I begged him. My fingers trailed to his briefs and underneath. His fingers left my sex for a few seconds as he squirmed out of his briefs, freeing himself for my disposal. When his finger returned two entered me and I arched my back in pleasure.

I grabbed him and slowly started stroking him up and down. He pushed into my hand as he picked up the pace, pumping in and out of me. We soon started a fast paced rhythm with each other. I was on the hilt of climaxing and I could tell Jacob was too by the way he was groaning and grinding against me. I found my release, moaning Jacob's name over and over, which then brought him to his own release. He called out my name and rolled on top of me coming on my hips and up to my navel.

"Baby, that was amazing." Jacob breathed against my breast.

"Uh huh." Was all I could muster out.

We were tangled up in each other for the next few minutes on the bed of the truck before we cleaned each other off and got dressed. We sat there for a few more minutes when we were dressed, kissing and whispering words like I and love and you.