Chapter Title: Jealousy

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From across the room Kyoya could see as Tamaki and Haruhi messed around, Tamaki being his usual annoying self with Haruhi completely blowing him off. It always seemed to amuse the black-haired second-year to watch the two go at it. Of course, sometimes the things that Tamaki did to try and get Haruhi's affection irritated Kyoya, who wasn't one to mess around with things, especially when they may very well jeopardize the host club.

On that particular day the host club had just closed and Tamaki was trying desperately to get Haruhi to agree to where the maid outfit for the next day. She was resisting of course, never being one to go willingly along with the host club king's crazy antics. Kyoya somewhat admired Haruhi for her resistance to Tamaki's charms. She was much more levelheaded than anyone he had ever known and he always silently congratulated her for that. To think that she had even been able to logically disable Kyoya's advances on her when the host club had gone to the beach earlier. She really was quite the extraordinary girl and Kyoya knew it.

He also knew that Tamaki was absolutely crazy for her.

Not really having a romantic interest in the girl, Kyoya wasn't exactly inclined to get annoyed at that. He most definitely wouldn't show it if he ever acquired such feelings for the younger student, but what really bugged him wasn't his jealousy towards Tamaki, but more towards Haruhi herself. It was actually quite puzzling to him. Before Haruhi Fujioka had entered Ouran Academy, Tamaki's main interest was Kyoya. He had always been around to cheer Kyoya on or to simply be there with a smile for him when he came to school on a bad day. It had been nice, though at the time Kyoya had found it weird and slightly creepy. Now, though, it left a small hole in Kyoya's being and he missed it with a passion. You really don't know what you've got until it's gone, as the saying goes.

But Kyoya rarely showed his jealousy towards the two. Though he dearly missed the way Tamaki would always have a special welcome just for him, Kyoya would never show a weakness such as jealousness or greed. It just wasn't his style.


Tamaki's voice sent a little jolt of consciousness through Kyoya, who had apparently been zoning out. Looking down at his computer, which sat in front of him on the table, the Shadow King realized that he hadn't written a single thing down in the schedule he had decided to prepare for the host club's events over the course of the next week. He sighed, slightly annoyed at himself, and started pressing the keys on the laptop, acting like he was typing something important but really the words on the screen were complete gibberish.

Once again Tamaki's voice reached Kyoya's ears as the king of the host club shouted at his best friend from across the room and, once again, Kyoya ignored him. He didn't know why he was doing it. Normally, Kyoya would've just answered Tamaki's call so as to get whatever he wanted over with, but at the moment he was still a little annoyed with the attention that Haruhi was receiving from the king and selfishly wanted to keep some of it for his own. So he simply continued typing, acting like he was doing something important while really just waiting for Tamaki to come over, which he knew he would eventually do.


Tamaki was becoming slightly irritated at Kyoya. Why was he ignoring him? Thinking for a moment, Tamaki tried to recall if he had done anything to annoy his friend and fellow classmate. Not being able to think of anything, Tamaki became even more irritable and started over towards the table where the Shadow King was sitting. He passed the twins, who were snickering at Tamaki's anger, and glanced over to spot Honey and Mori sitting together eating cakes and playing with Usa-chan not far away.

When Tamaki finally reached the table where Kyoya was sitting, he slammed his palm down onto the table, causing the laptop to shudder slightly and Kyoya's fingers to stop their constant tapping on the keys. Gray eyes turned to look into vibrant violet ones as Kyoya returned the glare that Tamaki was sending him. His hand still set on the tabletop, Tamaki clenched his fist slightly as he and Kyoya had a showdown. Sparks were flying between the two's eyes and it didn't really look like either was going to give in very easily. But, eventually Tamaki couldn't take the tension between the two and let out an over exaggerated sigh, his fist opening up so that his palm was simply sitting on the table. He looked down at his friend with the same look you would expect from a mother who was disappointed in their child. Kyoya didn't seem to notice or rather, react, to Tamaki's obvious annoyance and simply let his hard gaze soften up slightly.

"What is it?" the Shadow King questioned, his finger tapping a rhythmic pace as he waited impatiently for the answer.

Tamaki's mouth opened as he was about to reply, but then the blonde realized that he really couldn't remember what he had come to complain about. It had something to do with Haruhi, and yet Tamaki couldn't bring his brain up to speed on what was going on. It was like he was having short-term memory loss or something and he furrowed his brow in annoyance as he tried desperately to think up the reason he had come over to stand by Kyoya instead of staying over by Haruhi.

"Well…" Tamaki said thoughtfully as he cupped his chin in his right hand and glared down at the floor as he shifted through his thoughts. "It had something to do with Haruhi."


Kyoya had to tell himself not to break his laptop in half over Tamaki's head for risk of losing his files and possibly going to jail. Still, the thought was tempting. To think that Tamaki would be dense enough to come over to Kyoya, taking time out of his work (though he hadn't actually been doing much) just to forget something. Or course, the notion that the memory lost was about Haruhi gave Kyoya some comfort. He held a faint hope that it had been because of himself that Tamaki had momentarily forgotten about the girl who was standing on the other side of the room talking to the twins.

"If you can't remember," Kyoya said, exasperated. "Why are you still standing here? Leave me to my work."

The look on Tamaki's face almost made Kyoya regret what he had said. Almost. The Shadow King was still slightly ticked off that Tamaki seemed to only ever think of Haruhi, and he wasn't one to let go of a grudge very quickly, especially when it involved one of Kyoya's biggest weaknesses. Actually, as he thought about it, Kyoya realized that Tamaki himself was his biggest weakness. The black-haired student couldn't think of a time where he hadn't eventually fallen under Tamaki's charms. Though he seemed to always be manipulating the blonde, Kyoya was actually the one being manipulated most of the time. But that was just another thing to add to the "Never Tell Anyone" list. It really was a long list.

"Well you don't have to be so rude about it!" Tamaki huffed, spinning around and crossing his arms, also unintentionally pulling Kyoya out of his little thought trance.

The latter looked up at his friend and let out another low sigh, deciding that it was probably best to stop this stupid "fight" and get things moving. Though it was nice getting Tamaki's attention and keeping it, Kyoya didn't want to push it too far. He was smart enough to know that even someone like Tamaki had his limits to how far he was going to be pushed before finally diving off the deep end and Kyoya didn't want to test how far that was exactly. So, turning in his chair so he was facing Tamaki's half turned back, Kyoya left his laptop and turned his full attention to his best friend.

"I'm sorry Tamaki," he apologizes, though inwardly cursing himself for being so weak as to actually go as far as making Tamaki angry just to get his attention. "I was just annoyed that you had interrupted my work. I didn't mean to sound so rude."

It was an overly formal apology, but an apology nonetheless. Kyoya rarely gave them out so any he was willing to give should be appreciated, whether extremely formal or not. He jumped hoped that Tamaki wouldn't make a big deal about it. Of course, he knew Tamaki and he knew that he made a big deal over everything, being the drama king he was. And, just as Kyoya had predicted and dreaded, Tamaki over dramatized his apology, spinning back so he was completely facing Kyoya with speckles of tears at the corners of his eyes. His hands were clasped together and Tamaki's cheek leaned against them lazily as he sparkled in Kyoya's direction. The latter let out a quiet groan at the blonde's reaction and just waited to see what he would do next.

Kyoya had been expecting Tamaki to simply start ranting about what a good person Kyoya was and how polite and formal he always seemed to be so imagine his surprise when Tamaki pulled him up, out of his seat, and wrapped him in a hug. Actually, it was more like Tamaki wrapping himself around Kyoya, who stood there awkwardly. Tamaki's legs as well as hands were wrapped around his shorter friend who thankfully enough was able to hold up the six-foot blonde.


"You're great Kyoya!" Tamaki exclaimed, leaning his cheek against his friend's and hugging him tightly. "You've got a temper issue, but you never mean it and I know that! You're just the best!"

The bubbly blonde probably would've stayed like that for another hour or so if Kyoya hadn't eventually untangled himself from his grasp and sat back down in the chair, straightening his glasses, which had been tousled during the hug. Tamaki stood before his friend with a wide grin on his face, showing the happiness and excitement that had come back into him at Kyoya's apology.

It was strange how Kyoya always seemed so different around Tamaki, and the blonde noticed it. Everyone always seemed to think that Kyoya was a mean, sadistic person which, actually, wasn't all that off base. But when he was dealing with Tamaki, he seemed to change. It confused the blonde slightly, but he pretty much decided that it was because the two were best friends and had been for a long while. Still, because of Kyoya's different behavior around Tamaki, he somewhat felt like he was special, being the closest person to the black-haired boy.

"You really should stop doing that," Kyoya commented, straightening his hair before turning back to the blonde. "Every time you make a scene it's more work that needs to be taken care of."

Tamaki's happy emotions falter slightly as he realizes that he must be quite the hindrance to Kyoya at times, but he pops out of it as he also remembers that, even though Tamaki annoys him, Kyoya still sticks around and does what he can to help the host club. Tamaki really can always rely on him. Standing up straight, Tamaki gives Kyoya a mock salute before responding.

"Sorry Mom!" the blonde says cheerfully. "I'll leave you alone now."


As Tamaki turns away, Kyoya feels a tiny pang of jealousy as he realizes that the blonde is probably going to go over to talk with Haruhi. Without thinking, Kyoya blurts out a quick sentence to keep Tamaki's attention on him for just a second.

"Don't forget," he says, causing Tamaki to turn back and face him slightly, "you're staying after school with me so we can discus some of the club's upcoming events."

"Oh yeah," Tamaki replies, his mouth becoming an "O" shape as his memory comes back of agreeing to that earlier in the day. "I'll remember, don't worry."

And with that Tamaki walks off towards the area where Haruhi is standing, still discussing something with the twins. Kyoya watches him go, trying to hide the slight amount of anger and jealousy that has welled up inside of him. Why was he being so stupid? Why was he longing for Tamaki's attention so much? He was just Tamaki after all. The King of the host club and Kyoya's so-called best friend. Sure, that entitled Kyoya to become a little jealous when Tamaki's attention wasn't completely on him, but why was he being so overdramatic about it? Not wanting to think about it, Kyoya tried to get back to work, but found himself not able to concentrate very easily. Eventually he gave up and started playing minesweeper as the club members went about their business around him. His mind was somewhere else though. He was thinking about after school, when he would be able to be alone with Tamaki, his attention completely taken by the black-haired boy. What is wrong with me? Kyoya thought, sighing quietly under his breath.

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