Chapter Title: Friday

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"We'll see you when you return home Master Suoh!" the maids and butlers at Tamaki's home said in unison as Tamaki climbed into one of the Ootori family's cars. Tamaki smiled at them happily and nodded in response before closing the door behind him. The blonde let out a sigh of relief once the door was closed, though his moment of quiet reprieve was interrupted by a little chuckle from across him.

Tamaki glanced over and saw Kyoya sitting there cross-legged, smirking at Tamaki with his arms crossed. The blonde-haired teen felt his pulse speed up at the sight of Kyoya, though he tried not to let the black-haired boy see any of that. Kyoya felt the same, though, and the moment the car started moving he moved forward towards Tamaki and kissed him. The blonde, in return, kissed back, trying not to smile and break the kiss, though not succeeding really. They pulled back and Kyoya just watched Tamaki for a moment, a small smirk on his lips. Tamaki felt the blood rush to his features as he pouted a little at Kyoya.

"What?" the blonde questioned, squinting at Kyoya defensively.

"Nothing," Kyoya responded, chuckling lightly and shaking his head slightly. "You're just really cute right now."

As Kyoya kissed him then, Tamaki's eyes widened slightly. Kyoya had just called him cute. Cute. When had Kyoya ever said anything like that? Tamaki couldn't honestly remember when he had heard Kyoya ever even utter the word. But he just had. Kyoya had just called Tamaki cute. He had sat there, complimented Tamaki, and was now kissing him as they headed off for a romantic weekend at the beach. Kyoya was all his for the next two days. All his and no one else's. It would be a good weekend, that's for sure.

Grasping Kyoya's shirt and starting to unbutton it, Tamaki kissed back hungrily.

Kaoru could tell that something was wrong with Hikaru, or at least that something was bugging him. Since he had gotten back from the bathroom before starting club activities he had seemed distant, even to Kaoru, and now at home that distance seemed even greater. Hikaru hadn't spoken to Kaoru on the ride home and he had only said a few quiet hellos to the maids, whom he was rather vocal with.

Kaoru lounged on their bed, having just changed out of his school uniform and into a stylish, relaxing outfit of his mother's creation. It was an a-list outfit, like everything he and his brother wore, and it had only recently been brought to the public's notice. The redhead watched his brother, who sat on the opposite edge of the bed, staring out of a nearby window and obviously contemplating something. Kaoru stared sadly at Hikaru, wanting to help, but not knowing what the problem was. The King and Kyoya had walked in a few moment before Hikaru had during the school day, did that have something to do with it?

With a little, almost sad sigh, Kaoru pushed himself up and went over to where Hikaru was sitting. He wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck from behind and snuggled up to him. They stay silent for a moment and Hikaru did lift his hand and set it on Kaoru's forearm. This made Kaoru a little happier, knowing that his brother was at least acknowledging his existence.

"What's wrong?" Kaoru asked, a hint of worry coating his words. Hikaru heard the hint and grimaced a little. He didn't mean to cause his brother so much trouble, but he couldn't wrap his mind around what he had heard. Were Kyoya and Tamaki… were they really gay? Were they in love? What were they going to do this weekend? Were they going to… Hikaru stopped himself before thinking any further, not wanting the mental image.

"Kaoru, do you trust Tono and Kyoya?" Hikaru questioned, grasping Kaoru's arms just a little tighter.

Kaoru was confused by the question. Trusted them? Well of course he did. Sure, they both had their secrets, but everybody in the host club had some. Was this what was bothering Hikaru? Had Tono and Kyoya done something untrustworthy? Kaoru couldn't think of anything they could've done. Kyoya had told the twins that he would detain Tamaki for the weekend, but that couldn't be what Hikaru was talking about, right?

"Yeah, I suppose. Why?"

Something seemed to come over Hikaru and he went rigid beneath Kaoru, who instinctively wrapped his arms tighter around his brother protectively. The two were silent for a long time and Kaoru started getting rather nervous because of it, though he didn't dare break it. Since they were children, Hikaru had always been the rash one. He didn't think before he acted usually and he often let his emotions get the better of him. Kaoru had always been more quiet and contemplating and rather manipulative. He knew that when his brother was holding something in that pained him that it would take some patience before Kaoru was able to understand. He was, of course, willing to wait.

Finally Hikaru let out a little, defeated sigh. "Tono and Kyoya are together."

Kaoru cocked an eyebrow at this. Together? Of course they were together. Kyoya had said that he would take Tamaki away and distract him for the weekend so that Hikaru could get closer to Haruhi. But that wasn't what Hikaru meant and after a few seconds of thinking about it Kaoru understood. His arms went loose around Hikaru's neck as he thought about this development. He immediately understood why Hikaru was so emotional at the moment. He felt like he had been betrayed by the two older teens. They hadn't trusted the twins enough to tell them anything.

"Wow…" Kaoru mumbled out, his mind racing. Hikaru stayed silent, but nodded in response.

The two sat in silence a little longer and during that time Kaoru started to realize that they hadn't, indeed, been betrayed. If Tamaki and Kyoya had said anything, the entire host club would go awry. Though Kaoru guessed that most of the club members would be accepting of the two, he knew that it would dishearten a few of them to know that the two hadn't come to the club members before. Kaoru was worried, however, since he knew that it would take much more to convince Hikaru that he had not been betrayed.


Both twins turned to look over at the maid that had spoken from the doorway. She was dressed in a dark blue maid outfit with her hair perfectly wrapped into a loose bun. She stared at them with no true emotion on her face and though that normally was a welcoming sight, today it was unnerving to look at. The girl bowed.

"Miss Fujioka has just arrived and is waiting down in the parlor."

And with that the young maid left. Kaoru remembered that he had initiated a day out between his brother and Haruhi. Haruhi, naïve as ever, agreed, thinking that it was just an outing with a friend. At the time Kaoru had thought it a good idea and exactly what Hikaru wanted, but now with this predicament spread before them, Kaoru doubted his judgment. If Hikaru went out with Haruhi she would most definitely realize that he was upset about something. Bringing it up might cause some problems between the two and then who knows what could happen with the relationship between all of the host club members.

Then again, Kaoru thought to himself, maybe Haruhi could help Hikaru deal with all of this. It was a long shot, but Kaoru was willing to go with it. He turned his full attention back to Hikaru, who had simply been staring absently out the window. Kaoru gave his brother one last tight, warming hug before pulling back and slipping off of the bed, attempting to bring Hikaru with him.

"Okay, well we shouldn't let this bring you down today," Kaoru said cheerfully and Hikaru grudgingly got off of the bed. "You have a date with Haruhi today and it would be rude to stand her up!"

As he said this Kaoru pushed his brother towards the bedroom door. Hikaru finally cracked a bit of a smile and allowed Kaoru to lead him out of the room. Though Kaoru didn't go as far as guiding Hikaru down the stairs and to the parlor, he did watch him as he walked down towards the staircase. Kaoru let a small smile flit across his lips as he watched his brother, now confident that Haruhi would be able to help. Once his brother was out of sight, Kaoru thought about Tamaki and Kyoya.

With his arms crossed and a small, knowing smile spreading across his lips, he said to no one in particular, "Huh, so they actually did it."

Kyoya and Tamaki arrived at the Ootori family beach house soon enough, though Kyoya wouldn't have minded staying in the car for a longer amount of time. In such a confined space he had been able to feel the full force of Tamaki's affections and though it nearly blew him away, Kyoya's own feelings towards the blonde almost overpowered them. The entire car ride had been laced with kisses, warm laughter, and soft touches. The two teens had just finished straightening their clothes when the car door was opened and they were motioned out. Kyoya slipped a few bills to the driver on his way out following Tamaki just to be sure that the driver hadn't heard anything. Kyoya wanted to be in control of when he and Tamaki's relationship – lord was that not the most wonderful word ever created – became public.

Tamaki seemed thoroughly excited for the weekend trip and he strolled in front of Kyoya with a bright smile always shining. When he would glance back at Kyoya while exclaiming about how excited he was, something would flash in his eyes that sent shivers coursing through Kyoya's body. They entered the beach house and after they had dropped off the teens' suitcases, the servants dispersed to their quarters, leaving Tamaki and Kyoya alone.

"So?" Kyoya questioned, standing near the doorway and watching Tamaki look around the room with interest.

"How about a tour," Tamaki replied, walking over to Kyoya and giving him a little peck on the lips. Kyoya shuddered with the feelings that simple little gesture poured through him. Tamaki drove him crazy with every movement, every breath, every secretive side-glance, every smile.

"Alright," Kyoya said in a quiet voice, feeling rather than seeing Tamaki's face so close to his own. He felt the blonde's warm breath on his lips.

The dark-haired boy grasped Tamaki's hand in his own and instantly the blonde interlaced their fingers together, letting Kyoya lead him wherever. Kyoya showed Tamaki the large beach house with its dining room, sitting room, and numerous bedrooms and verandas. They reached the master suite last and Kyoya hesitated opening the door. He had been planning on spending a lot of time in the room over the course of the weekend, and yet he had suddenly become quite embarrassed. It was strange for him to ever be embarrassed by anything and he despised the light redness he could feel on his cheeks.

"Mommy?" Tamaki questioned, leaning closer to Kyoya and squeezing his hand slightly. "What's wrong?" Tamaki reached his hand – the one not grasping Kyoya's – out towards the door and twisted the handle. The door pushed open easily and Tamaki smiled as he noticed Kyoya's redness. "The bedroom?"

"Yes," Kyoya replied, walking briskly into the room with a giggling Tamaki following closely behind.

"I never took you to be one to get embarrassed by things like this," Tamaki commented, teasing Kyoya as he gave the younger boy a small peck on the corner of his lips. Kyoya, pushed on by the teasing, turned and kissed Tamaki full on, causing the blonde to let out a little yelp, though it quickly died away into a contended sigh.

Even with their eyes closed, the two teens easily made it over to the bed and Kyoya pushed his partner down onto it, straddling him. Tamaki felt the cushioned blanket and pillows beneath him and having a steady base, he kissed Kyoya hungrily, already feeling himself harden below the belt. Kyoya felt this as well and his hunger for the other teen only grew as he thought about the older boy's erection. His hand almost instinctively slid down and traced over Tamaki's member through his slacks. Tamaki let out a low moan of want and Kyoya felt how restraining the black pants were to his loved one.

At the same time that Kyoya was undoing his belt and relinquishing Tamaki of his pants, the blonde was unbuttoning Kyoya's shirt and pushing it off of his shoulders. They breathed heavily and almost in unison, only coming up for air when needed before going back to the passionate kissing. Tamaki's pants were pushed off of him as well as his boxers and he stood at full attention beneath Kyoya. The dark-haired boy's hand grasped his partner's cock and began to slowly stroke it, causing loud moans of passion to escape Tamaki's mouth. Kyoya could feel the juices already starting to slip out of Tamaki and he felt his own member fighting against the restraints of his pants.

Kyoya could barely control his need for the teen beneath him and as their tongues swirled together, their dance only interrupted by Tamaki's moans, Kyoya started reaching for the bedside table drawer, where he knew the lube to be. Tamaki, realizing what the younger boy was doing, instantly worked to get off his shirt and then moved to start undoing Kyoya's pants. In a moment boy young men were completely naked atop the bed and Kyoya had the lube in hand. He squeezed some of it onto his palm and then lathered his penis with it.

"Turn over," Kyoya commanded in a firm voice, though Tamaki could hear the softness in it that was only ever present just for him.

Tamaki did as commanded, his cock pounding with want. Kyoya moved about Tamaki and the blonde felt the other teen's cock press against his most private of areas. It pressed against his anus, longing to be thrust into it, and all the while Tamaki was trying to control his throbbing member. Kyoya leaned down towards Tamaki's ear and whispered a request. Tamaki in return turned his head back towards Kyoya and kissed him quickly, letting that be his answer.

In a moment Kyoya was thrusting into the blonde beneath him. The first thrust sent a gasp cascading out of Tamaki's mouth. Kyoya started the thrusts slowly so that Tamaki could get used to his size, but soon enough the two were moving in a rhythm that sent ripples of pleasure pulsing through both of them. Kyoya reached around Tamaki and as he thrust into the blonde he started stroking his cock in the same rhythm.

"Nnnng… Oh god Kyoya!"

Tamaki moaned out his name numerous times and Kyoya felt himself moving closer and closer to release. His thrusts were faster and he stroked Tamaki with more fervency. He came inside of Tamaki with a long, intensely pleasurable shudder and soon after Tamaki came into his hand. Kyoya pulled out of the blonde as Tamaki fell down against the sheets, his breathing coming heavy gasps. His naked buttocks was aimed towards Kyoya and the dark-haired boy kissed it before leaving butterfly kisses all the way up the blonde's back until he was suckling lovingly on his neck, his body pressed against Tamaki's. Tamaki let out a little chuckle and closed his eyes, obviously warn out by what had just occurred.

"I love you," Kyoya muttered into Tamaki's ear, spying the closed lids. Tamaki, already half-way asleep, merely muttered something in response that Kyoya couldn't make out. The teen didn't mind, though, because for once in his life he didn't feel like he had to prove anything to anyone. He was with Tamaki, who he was madly in love with. He felt his own lids start to droop and deciding that the first few hours of their weekend beach adventure would be spent napping, Kyoya fell down onto the bed besides Tamaki, his arms wrapping around the blonde and pulling his body closer as he faded into a deep sleep.

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