Yami Ryo: This just sorta popped into existence in my mind so I'm not entirely serious about this but I had to write it down and share it so just bare with me.

Harry: Hey Yami-chan. So what are you writing this time? Will I be paired with another man?

Yami Ryo: Of course you will. I'm just not sure if I should make it the oc that I've prepared or if it should be Remus or someone.

Harry: Well, I like your oc's but I trust your decision. You always fit the man to me. *smiles cutely*

Yami Ryo: *stares* You are so adorable.

Harry: *blush* Thanks Yami-chan. I'll do the disclaimer for you. Yami Ryo does not own Harry Potter or any songs done.

Yami Ryo: Yes you heard right. Songs will be sung. Why you ask. Because I was inspired by this one song I found and it made me think of Harry. It's Free Me by Goldfinger.

Visiting Redmond Valentine

Harry hummed lightly a sad smile on his lips as he walked quickly to the hospital just outside of London. He took a cab most of the way but did not have enough money for the entire ride there or back so he divided it enough so he could walk and still go back before dark. In his hands he held a thick book pressed against his chest. He hoped very much that his dear friend would like it and that the doctors would let him have it in the first place.

He smiled at the woman sitting in the entrance desk who nodded back with her own smile already knowing him quite well. Harry stepped into the elevator and went up to the sixth floor. The doors opened and he walked past the sign labeled 'psychiatric/psychological treatment ward' and up to the heavy locked doors and pushed the button on the intercom.

/Yes? Who is this and who are you here to see?/ A crackling feminine voice asked clearly.

"This is Harry Potter to see Redmond Valentine." Harry answered just as clearly.

/Just a moment, enter at the buzz./ The voice replied. Harry prepared himself for the buzz not wanting to miss it and entered just as the buzz started. He walked up to the desk and placed his book on the desk for approval. The doctor picked it up inspecting it carefully for any hidden items before giving it back with a smile of approval.

"Hello again Harry." She said lightly.

"Hello Diane. How is Red?" Harry asked carefully, Diane sighed.

"He's been so furious and depressed since you've been gone. Sometimes he sobs that you've been kidnapped or that you've been killed and other times he's furious that someone took you from him. He's very convinced that you would not leave of your own free will." Diane said softly. Harry nodded sadly.

"My poor Red can jump to so many conclusions," Harry sighed. "I've told him so many times that I have to go to boarding school."

"It's remarkable how much you both love each other," Diane said softly causing Harry to look up at her in curiosity. "Most people give up. His family gave up, but you remain by his side." Harry smiled at her beautifully.

"I love him. How could I not stay. It hurts me that he has so little control but I love him with all my heart." Harry said picking up the book just in time to be swept into strong warm arms.

"Harry, my light, my love you're back!" Redmond cried in delight sweeping him into a harsh kiss bruising Harry's soft lips. Harry allowed the kiss without protest and hugged Redmond tightly. When their lips broke apart Harry gave him a loving smile and nuzzled his neck much like a kitten.

"How could I not come back my beloved? I love you far too much to stay away." Harry told him softly. Redmond frowned and held him a little tighter making it a little difficult for Harry to breath.

"Then why do you leave me? They take you away so much. I miss you. Can't we go home together?" Redmond asked softly. Harry tapped Redmond's shoulder in a small gesture of warning that he could not breath and Redmond loosened his arms quickly. Harry breathed deeply and calmly used to such things.

"Oh, my love. I explained to you why I cannot stay. Please understand. I don't want to leave you here but you are ill and I still need to learn." Harry told him gently. Redmond sighed sadly. Harry wrapped his arms around the taller boys neck. "I have a secret that I will share with only you my love." Harry whispered. Redmond's interest was peaked.

"What is it my light?" Redmond asked softly. Harry shook his head.

"Not here. In your room. I brought you a presant." Harry told him softly. Redmond nodded walking toward his room while Diane watched them go with a giggle. Redmond easily carried Harry away to his room and Harry lightly swung his feet his arm around Redmond's neck and the book trusting Redmond not to drop him.

Yami Ryo: Okay that's it for now.

Harry: That was really short.

Yami Ryo: Sorry, I got distracted.

Harry: So what's my secret?

Yami Ryo: ...Actually I forgot.

Harry: ...Seriously?

Yami Ryo: Ya, sorry. I'll remember eventually.

Harry: Well, alright. Leave a review or she might never remember.