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1432 hours: Earth: Four days later

She had not slept. She had kept her mind too busy for that. Since her return from Gourian V, Nyota Uhura was either in class or in the lab non-stop. She avoided his office and his classroom. Her mind was full of syntax and phonemes of alien languages and not of his hands or his kisses.

It was better this way.

Uhura took in a breath as she walked her way down to her doorway to take a small break before heading back into her work and listening to the different songs of species. She pressed her finger on the identification padd and walked through her door…

Only to find Commander Spock slowly rising to greet her. He had been sitting on her bed more than likely without touching any of her stuff. Nothing was out of place. None of her magazines and PADDs were turned or discarded. Nyota dropped her bag.



So this was definitely a personal visit. She wasn't in the mood for personal.

"Commander, I have my studies to get to so whatever you need to say I hope for you to make it quick."

"You are displeased with me."

No shit, she thought. She swallowed and tapped her foot, her eyes rolling to heaven.

"You made your feelings clear when you refused to see me after you were injured and after we got back to the Academy. I think that explains enough."

"My reasoning is and was logical."

"Did Gaila let you in?"

"She did." Spock face hinted at no emotion and Nyota felt nothing but wrapped in her own. "She seemed as if she were on her way to copulate."

Uhura gave a small chuckle. "Well at least someone in this room is getting laid."

Spock's expression remained as if it were stone. It was so different from the side of him that she had seen on Gourian V. Different but the same.

"Nyota, you look near exhaustion. Several of my collogues have approached me…."

"You don't have to worry about that, Commander. You aren't my instructor anymore, remember?"


Nyota took in a breath. "And then you had the nerve to have Captain Ailes do your dirty work for you and tell me."

"What happened in those caverns will not be on your public record nor on mine. You have received an exemplary replacement in Lieutenant Lorne."

"Maybe I didn't want Lieutenant Lorne. Maybe I wanted you."

When Spock lowered his eyelids she knew she had struck a direct hit. She picked up her satchel bag and was about to make her way out of the door when she felt his hand on hers.

"Nyota…It was not my idea. It was thought because of my actions on Gourian V that I would be compromised because of my…response to you and causing injury to Ensign Carter."

"And what about the Terellium-D exposure? You weren't responsible for that."

Spock raised his eyebrow and Nyota cursed herself for not realizing that he didn't know that she knew about what had pushed him into a hormonal madness. Ensign Carter, in his apology to her for his actions below the surface, had revealed that Spock's reaction had been triggered by a mineral called Terellium-D, a substance that was innocuous to humans but caused absolute madness in Vulcans.

"The caverns were full of the stuff, Uhura. I'm surprised Commander Spock didn't kill us all."

"I was fortunate that my physiology is part human. It minimized the effects of the mineral in my bloodstream."

"But it triggered your Pon Farr."

"Indeed, it did."

Spock let go of her hand and stood straight once again. She dropped her bag again.

"Spock listen, if you are here because you think I hold what happened in the caverns against you…"

"I am merely here to explain my absence from you."

Nyota walked past him and sat on her own bed. "I'm not going to stop you."

Spock turned to face her, his hands behind his back, and she very much felt as if she were in one of his classes again. Before the other Spock in the caves of Gourian V, there was this one, and standing there Nyota was reminded of why she was attracted to this version as well.

"Nyota, I needed to find balance. Our telepathic link was unusually potent and being around you would make it difficult for me to make logical decisions."

"That's too bad." Nyota said, her temperament showing on her face. "You think you were the only one who needed perspective? I feel like I have a whole other person in my head."

"As do I."

His memories were not complete but they were there as if a shadow consciousness had taken residence in her mind. She would be taking notes in class and suddenly be confronted by Vulcans taunting her in a weirdly analytical way. His memories would impose on her without asking and without permission.

"I can assist you in making the memories less overwhelming."

"Gee, thanks."

"I cannot take back what I have given you, Nyota. I can merely suppress it."

"So this might be with me for life?"


Nyota rested her head in her hands and took in a deep breath. She felt the bed slouch down with his weight and knew that he was beside her.

"I regret that I have caused you pain. If I could I would abolish our bond forever."

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "I don't want it abolished."

Spock looked at her with genuine surprise. The tears fell.

"I just want you. Why is that so hard to understand?"

"You… you wish to remain my mate?"

Nyota gave him a small grin and touched the inside of his ear to the point. "I just want to see where this goes. Can you give me that? I just…just want to go slow. Maybe a couple of dates. Some movies."

"You mean human courting?"

Nyota gave a loud laugh. "Only you would make dating sound like a thesis paper."

"I am sorry if…"

"And stop apologizing."

She leaned up to put her closed lips to his. His human half wanted to give her the moon, the stars, and the entire galaxy. His Vulcan side wished for a logical conclusion of copulation after several mating rituals.

Nyota stopped kissing him and leaned her forehead against his and rubbed her cheek against his.

"I just want you to give us a chance."

Spock closed his eyes and took in a deep breath of her. His thoughts traveled to a cavern on the planet of Gourian IV and her two fingers connected to his.

"From you I recieve all that I am. I will give all that I am, Nyota. I will give you all that I am."


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