Beauteous story, written by my brilliant buddy!


"Are you scared of me? Girl?" His voice was questioning and soft. Not emotionless and cynical like that first time. He reached his pale hand out, no longer furry and clawed, body turning to dust around him. Her eyes softened.

"I'm not scared." She remembers the first time he asked her that question. She responded the same; that she wasn't scared, but that was a lie, and her knew it, she new it. She felt her throat tighten and her heart speed. She was scared, but she was at peace. To know that the hearts of her friends were with her, and she with them, made her fear subside somewhat, but not now. She was not scared of him, not anymore, and he knew that. He could see it so clearly in her eyes, even as she reached out her own hand to grasp his.

"I see." His own eyes softening ever so slightly. But strange, why did her eyes look so… sad?

It was just an instant, just a brush. But it was enough. It was enough for her to feel. His hand wasn't cold anymore.