Chapter 2

"Well done," Rose patted my wet head. "I'm glad you found the Piplup, but… it's a Prinplup though."

"I thought you said I could keep it?" I blinked.

"Oh yeah, I think I did say that." I looked up at him and at all of the Pokémon. They seemed to be quite attached to me.

"Hey Michelle… not sure if you can hear me… but it's me, Chimchar," it said; it was now a she. "I don't want to stay here." I stared blankly at her.

"Me neither…," everyone else except Prinplup said.

"I'm bored of this place," Aipom groaned. I blinked.

"Rose… your Pokémon are talking to me…," I blinked again.

"Huh…? What are they saying then…?" He asked, in a stupefied manner.

"They're saying that they are bored, literally," I shrugged.

"And I want to go on an adventure!" Turtwig cried.

"Turtwig wants to go on an adventure," I nodded. He twitched.

"I guess I have no choice but to let you keep them," he sighed. Everyone cheered, but I could not understand. "Well… you take care," he smiled. "I suppose I will see you along the way someday."

"I suppose so – thank you very much – words cannot even describe what you just did."

"No problem, no need to be formal… please call me Chad, I prefer it," he nodded and smiled. He sat down on his knees and rubbed all of the Pokémons' heads. "And I will miss you guys," he grinned. "Please take care, all of you," he stood up. "I better not see anything crazy or weird in the media," he said sarcastically.

"Right…," I blinked. "Goodbye," I hugged him and he hugged me back; so tight that I could barely breathe. "Umm… you can let go now…," I wheezed.

"Oh, sorry about that," he let go. "Bye."

"Bye," I smiled and waved. I stepped outside, only to be confronted by fierce wind. It stung my face and I yelped in pain. I was also confronted by David.

"'Sup, bitch?" he smirked. "I already have five Pokémon, what about you?" he was oblivious to the six Pokémon standing in front of me.

"How dare he ignore us," Prinplup stood up proudly. I smirked.

"I have six, dumbass, are you retarded? Can you not see them in front of your face?" I retorted. I knew he was being arrogant. He let out a Pikachu. I smirked and Prinplup stood his ground. "Are you sure?" He nodded and I smiled. "Let's start off with a Whirlpool then!" Prinplup's body to begin to glow light blue as he raised his flippers and beak into the air; he opened his beak and the whirlpool formed in front of him. He threw the whirlpool at the Pikachu.

"Quick, use Iron Tail!" he hollered. It tried to break up the water with its tail but the water was too powerful… maybe too powerful – it caused Pikachu to faint.

"That's what happens when you don't train, Dumbass," I smirked. He growled and let out a Zigzagoon. The small Pokémon barked. "All right, Prinplup, show your stuff! Let us use a Double Team with a Brick Break!" I smiled.

"Right on," Prinplup replied and started to make copies of him. The flippers of the copies began to glow as they closed in on Zigzagoon. It attempted to bite the copies, but this failed. All of the copies' flippers slammed down on Zigzagoon. It instantly fainted. The copies disappeared and I smirked. He let out a Grotle next.

"Go Chimchar," I smiled. She screeched happily and started with a Flame Wheel. It bashed up against Grotle, causing it to grunt and nearly bash into a tree. The Grotle regained itself and tried to use Energy Ball but Chimchar Mach Punched it. This made Grotle angry and somehow used Leaf Storm. This seemed to have caused a domino effect, making Chimchar angry enough to burn up all of the leaves using a Flame Wheel. When the flames disappeared, Chimchar had evolved and Grotle had fainted. David growled and let out a Stunky.

"Stunky, Night Slash!" Stunky's claws began to glow purple as it ran up to Monferno. I just laughed – dark types aren't as effective against fighting types! "What are you laughing at?"

"Because you don't know your types very well!" I sniggered. Monferno used a Mach Punch, sending the small carnivore flying. Monferno ran up and used Mach Punch repetitively until the small skunk fainted. I smirked.

"You beat me, but next time we battle, I'll make sure I win!" he growled.

"Loser," I sneered. He growled again and ran off. I sighed and looked at everyone. "Come on; let's find some place to rest for awhile. I wouldn't mind practising for the contests though, it sounds nice."

"Ooh contests – that sounds fun!" Buizel barked happily. I smiled.

"All right, how should we start?" I looked at everyone.

"You can start out with me!" A voice said. She walked out in the open while she smiled. "The name's Kimberly but most people call me Kimi," she held out her hand. I smiled and shook her hand. She was tall, lean, and long-legged with a short torso. Her hair and eyes were brown; her skin was soft and pale.

"I'm Michelle, nice to meet you," I smiled. Her handshake was vigorous and strong. This surprised me. I wasn't used to women having such strong handshakes. I looked at a pamphlet. "Looks like the first contest is a tag-teamed battle with two trainers using one Pokémon each; this should be interesting…" Kimi nodded slightly. "Shall we practice now?"

"Sure thing," she walked a few feet away from me. She held out a poke ball that had a seal case over it. She threw it in the air and a bunch of lightning bolts burst out of the seal case. A Pokémon spun around in the air and roared. It landed on the ground, facing us. "It's a Cergriff; they're rare here in Oriss." The creature was large; it had white fur, golden-yellow wings, large blue eyes, three heads, and a long muzzle with a black nose. It looked at me with dignity and respect. Its golden wings seemingly glowed in the sunlight. It was too beautiful even to describe.

"Kimi… it's so beautiful," I blinked.

"Thank you; her name is Angel," she smiled.

"Thank you," Angel bowed. I smiled and rubbed the top of one of her heads. It was probably the softest thing I had ever felt. It felt like velvet or velour.

"You're welcome…," I smiled. "Wow, she's so soft," I looked at Kimi. "What other Pokémon do you have, I'd love to see them!" Kimi just smirked and threw five poke balls into the air. Out came a Staraptor, a Garchomp, a Flametross, a Luxray, a Lucario and a Fragmory. They looked so perfect and well groomed. They were just as beautiful as Angel. "Wow… they are so beautiful…"

"Thank you…," she smiled. "So, let's begin…"

A/N: I had to do that. I love cliff hangers. :P

Oh yeah, Flametross is the fully evolved form of the Oriss fire starter (it looks like an albatross with flames on its wings, back, tail and head) and Fragmory is the evolved form of Skarmory (it looks similar except it's taller and has two prongs growing out of its crest).