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Teddy plucked nervously at the collar of his robes. He had to admit, James's plan was brilliant, especially since it had come from a seven-year-old, but the burden did fall rather heavily upon himself. The easy part was over. All he'd had to do was tell his Gran that he was off to the Burrow, where he was going to meet Fred, Roxanne and Victoire to play Quidditch, which was a very solid alibi. Fred and Roxanne were the Gryffindor Beaters, Victoire was the Ravenclaw Seeker, and he, Teddy, had been a Hufflepuff Chaser since his second year. Despite playing for different teams, Teddy and the eldest Weasley cousins always spent a good portion of their summer holidays playing Quidditch in the paddock by the Burrow, and sometimes Dominique, Louis, and Lucy joined in. None of them were on House teams yet, but they all had the Weasley Quidditch gene.

Teddy thought back to the previous weekend, when the whole Weasley family had gotten together for a reunion at the Burrow. It had been incredible. Teddy and his Gran had come as usual, and she and Gran Weasley had cooked up a feast to rival the work of the Hogwarts house-elves on Halloween. Uncle Harry, Auntie Ginny, Uncle Ron, Uncle George, Auntie Angelina, and Uncle Charlie had put on an excellent three-a-side Quidditch match for the rest of the family, and the whole thing had finished off with a spectacular display of Uncle George's newest line of magical fireworks, which hadn't even been released at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes yet. After a family reunion like that, Teddy wasn't surprised that James was desperate to escape a boring, magic-free afternoon with his Muggle relatives.

Still feeling nervous, Teddy checked himself in the mirror again. Looking back at him was not the tall, turquoise-haired fourteen-year-old boy he usually saw. Instead, he was staring at the reflection of Uncle Percy. He made a face, and it was so unusual to see that expression on Uncle Percy's features that he almost laughed, but the thought of what he had to do was enough to keep him serious. He felt uncomfortably stretched in this disguise. Pretending to be an adult much larger than himself was a lot harder to hold for extended periods of time than something like changing his hair color or nose.

Taking a deep breath, Teddy grabbed a pinch of glittering powder from the pot he'd painted for his Gran when he was five and threw it into the fireplace. He then stepped forward into the emerald green flames and cried, "the Ministry!" in Uncle Percy's pompous, nasally voice. After spinning dizzyingly through the network of wizarding fireplaces, he staggered out into the Atrium of the Ministry of Magic and almost fell over. The fact that he had inherited his mother's clumsiness was not helped by being Percy-shaped. There was an extra ten inches of his body that he had to figure out how to coordinate somehow.

Several Ministry workers greeted him as he passed them, and he gave them curt nods, which satisfied them, until one man did a double take. "But didn't you already come in, Mr. Weasley?" he asked, confused.

"I forgot a report at home," said Teddy stiffly, holding up a briefcase. The man nodded and moved on. Nobody else questioned him as he made his way to the lifts. He got in one of them, punched the number six button, and waved a few airplane memos away from his head as the grilles closed behind him. He knew the real Percy Weasley was on level five, doing whatever boring thing the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation normally did, so hopefully they wouldn't run into each other.

"Level six," said a cool female voice once the lift reached Teddy's level, "Department of Magical Transport, incorporating the Floo Network Authority, Broom Regulatory Control, Portkey Office, and Apparition Test Center." The golden grilles rattled open, and Teddy walked forward, then looked up and down the corridor in which he stood. It was deserted except for an old bald wizard whose nose was buried in a long report that was trailing onto the floor as he walked, so Teddy dodged quickly into the bathroom next to the lifts.

As he did so, he opened the briefcase and pulled out, not a report for Uncle Percy's department, but an application for the temporary addition of the fireplace of one Dudley Dursley to the Floo Network, which had the forged signature of Harry James Potter at the bottom. Teddy walked to the slightly grimy mirror, screwed up his face in concentration, and watched as his reflection changed smoothly into that of his godfather, complete with the lightning scar on his forehead.

Teddy placed the briefcase on top of the sink and opened it again, this time pulling out a pair of round glasses, which he traded for the horn-rimmed ones he had been wearing. Having successfully switched disguises, he left the bathroom and headed down the corridor towards the offices of the Floo Network Authority, clutching the application in one slightly sweaty hand, the briefcase in the other.

Obviously, if Teddy had gone into the Ministry as Harry from the start, it would have drawn much more attention. And if he'd gone as Arthur, a lot of people might have tried engaging him in friendly conversation. I don't think many of them would want to do more than say hi to Percy, though, so he was the logical choice. But it wouldn't have made sense for Percy to apply to have Dudley's house added to the Floo Network, so that's where Harry comes in.

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